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Stephen Jay Gould

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The Mismeasure of Man | Chapter Summaries


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Chapter Summary
Introduction to the Revised and Expanded Edition In this lead to the 1996 edition, Gould explains that he originally wanted to call the book Great Is Our Sin. This ide... Read More
Chapter 1 The introduction to the section that is the original 1981 edition begins with a story about the ancient Greek philosophe... Read More
Chapter 2 Did the science of craniometry add valid data to support racial ranking or was the interpretation of data influenced b... Read More
Chapter 3 The war between monogeny and polygeny ended with broad acceptance of the theory of evolution in the scientific communi... Read More
Chapter 4 The concept of evolution altered not only the landscape of science but of all thought in the late 19th century. Creati... Read More
Chapter 5 Alfred Binet was the director of the psychology lab at the Sorbonne, a university in Paris. He began his study of inte... Read More
Chapter 6 Sir Cyril Burt was a British educational psychologist and for 20 years was in charge of intelligence testing for Londo... Read More
Chapter 7 Gould does not wish merely to show why biological determinism is wrong, he wants to go beyond that to show what biolog... Read More
Epilogue Gould shifts his focus from scientists to two of their subjects in this fleeting chapter. He quotes from a 1980 Washingt... Read More
Critique of The Bell Curve From the outset, Gould blasts Herrnstein and Murray's book for offering no new arguments and no new data to support it... Read More
Three Centuries' Perspectives on Race and Racism This section is about the 17th-century English physician Sir Thomas Browne. He was what we would call today a debunker... Read More
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