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The Outsiders

S. E. Hinton

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The Outsiders | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Sometime in the 1960s

    While walking home alone, Ponyboy is jumped by a carload of Socs. The greasers chase them off.

    Chapter 1
  • The next night

    Cherry and Marcia befriend the greasers at a drive-in movie.

    Chapter 2
  • Later that night

    Socs almost drown Ponyboy. To defend him, Johnny knifes Bob.

    Chapter 4
  • Later that night

    Johnny and Ponyboy flee the crime scene. Dally helps them hide.

    Chapter 4
  • The next five days

    Ponyboy and Johnny hide out in an abandoned church. Dally visits them.

    Chapter 5
  • On the fifth day

    Johnny rescues children from the burning church and gets severely injured.

    Chapter 6
  • The next night

    The greasers and Socs have a rumble, and the greasers win.

    Chapter 9
  • Later that night

    Johnny dies.

    Chapter 9
  • Later that night.

    Dally robs a grocery store and is chased and killed by the police.

    Chapter 10
  • Later that night

    Ponyboy passes out and wakes up three days later at home.

    Chapter 10
  • The next week

    Ponyboy recuperates in bed, in denial about Johnny's death and Bob's murder.

    Chapter 11
  • At the end of that week

    Ponyboy is acquitted at his hearing and allowed to continue living with his brothers.

    Chapter 12
  • Sometime later

    Ponyboy starts to write his story.

    Chapter 12

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Readers are introduced to Ponyboy as the first-person narrator, and to both his brothers as well. Readers get a lot of c... Read More
Chapter 2 Ponyboy and Johnny meet up with Dally and go to the drive-in movie theater. On the way, they stop in a store where Dally... Read More
Chapter 3 When the movie ends, the group walks over to Two-Bit's house to pick up his car so he can drive Cherry and Marcia home. ... Read More
Chapter 4 Ponyboy and Johnny go to the park to cool off and calm down. Bob, Randy, and three other Socs show up there in the blue ... Read More
Chapter 5 When Ponyboy wakes up on the floor of the abandoned church, he imagines he is still at home with his brothers. He discov... Read More
Chapter 6 While eating together in the car Dally borrowed, Dally informs Ponyboy and Johnny that Cherry feels like "the whole mess... Read More
Chapter 7 Ponyboy, Darry, and Soda wait in the hospital for news of Dally and Johnny. Reporters come, take a lot of pictures, and ... Read More
Chapter 8 Two-Bit and Ponyboy go to the hospital to visit first Johnny, then Dally. Initially the nurse won't let them in, but the... Read More
Chapter 9 Ponyboy, Soda, and Darry eat dinner together at home. They shower, change their clothes, and grease their hair to look g... Read More
Chapter 10 Dally's sudden departure leaves Ponyboy stranded at the hospital, a long way from home. Ponyboy wanders around in a stup... Read More
Chapter 11 Ponyboy is on bed rest for a week. Bored, he browses through Soda's high school yearbook and finds a photo of Bob, the "... Read More
Chapter 12 The hearing is attended by Randy and his parents, Cherry and her parents, "a couple of the other guys that had jumped Jo... Read More
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