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Charles Dickens

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The Pickwick Papers | Characters

Character Description
Mr. Pickwick Mr. Samuel Pickwick, the leader of the Pickwick Club, is a kindly and generous older man. Read More
Sam Weller Sam Weller is a lower-class Englishman who becomes Mr. Pickwick's loyal servant and protector. Read More
Mr. Jingle A former actor, Mr. Alfred Jingle lives off his wits and tries to make money by marrying a rich woman. Read More
Job Trotter Job Trotter is Mr. Jingle's servant, accomplice, and friend; he often wears livery or a servant's uniform. Read More
Mr. Winkle A member of the Pickwick Club, Mr. Nathaniel Winkle claims to be a sportsman, but he is not. Read More
Mr. Tupman A member of the Pickwick Club, Mr. Tracy Tupman is a romantic who loves to flirt with women. Read More
Mr. Snodgrass A member of the Pickwick Club, Mr. Augustus Snodgrass loves poetry. Read More
Arabella Allen A beautiful friend of the Misses Wardle, Arabella falls in love with Mr. Winkle and ultimately elopes with him, to the great dismay of her brother.
Arabella's aunt Also called "the old lady," she gives Arabella a place to stay. Arabella elopes from her house.
Benjamin Allen Ben is Arabella's brother. When Mr. Pickwick first meets him, he is a medical student; later he graduates and struggles to set up a medical practice.
Mr. Bantam Mr. Bantam is the Master of Ceremonies of Bath.
Mrs. Bardell Mrs. Bardell is Mr. Pickwick's landlady, a widow with a young son. She sues Mr. Pickwick for breach of promise when she thinks he has proposed to her.
Mr. Blotton Mr. Blotton is a member of the Pickwick Club, but not one of the traveling members. During club meetings, he repeatedly argues with Mr. Pickwick.
Dismal man The dismal man is an actor who tells the "Stroller's Tale."
Mr. Dodson Mr. Dodson is a lawyer in the firm of Dodson and Fogg, which encourages Mrs. Bardell to sue Mr. Pickwick. Along with his partner, he is known for his "sharp" and unethical practices.
Mr. Dowler The Pickwickians meet him and his wife in Bath. Mr. Dowler is a very jealous man.
Mrs. Dowler Mrs. Dowler is Mr. Dowler's wife. She is falsely accused of eloping with Mr. Winkle.
Horatio Fizkin Mr. Fizkin is the Buff candidate for Parliament from Eatanswill.
Mr. Fogg Mr. Fogg is a lawyer in the firm of Dodson and Fogg, which encourages Mrs. Bardell to sue Mr. Pickwick. Along with his partner, he is known for his "sharp" and unethical practices.
Joe Joe is Mr. Wardle's servant, the "fat boy" who often falls asleep at strange times and inappropriate locations.
Maria Lobbs Maria Lobbs is a beautiful young lady and the daughter of the wealthy Mr. Lobbs. She catches Nathaniel Pipkin's eye.
Mr. Lobbs Maria's father, Mr. Lobbs is known as a stern man who wants the best for his daughter.
Mr. Lowten Mr. Lowten is Perker's law clerk.
Mr. Magnus Magnus is a man Mr. Pickwick meets while traveling; he and Mr. Pickwick get into an argument when Magnus believes that Mr. Pickwick has a secret relationship with his fiancée.
Mary Mary is a pretty housemaid in the magistrate's house, where she first meets Sam, whom she later marries. She helps Arabella Allen elope with Mr. Winkle.
Middle-aged lady The middle-aged lady is the wife-to-be of Mr. Magnus, and the victim of Mr. Pickwick's nighttime wanderings at an inn when he mistakenly enters her room.
Mr. Nupkins Mr. Nupkins is the magistrate of Ipswich who is responsible for Sam and the Pickwickians being arrested.
Dr. Payne Dr. Payne is a friend of Dr. Slammer who looks forward to the duel.
Mr. Perker Perker is a lawyer; he works for Mr. Wardle and Mr. Pickwick and is also involved in the election at Eatanswill.
Nathaniel Pipkin Pipkin is a meek little man who admires Maria Lobbs from afar.
Mr. Pott Mr. Pott is the editor of the "Blue" paper in Eatanswill.
Mrs. Pott Mrs. Pott is Mr. Pott's wife. She is falsely accused of having an affair with Mr. Winkle.
Bob Sawyer Sawyer is a friend of Ben Allen, a medical student and aspiring physician. Ben wants him to marry his sister, Arabella, but she is uninterested.
Dr. Slammer Dr. Slammer is insulted by Mr. Jingle at a dance and mistakenly challenges Mr. Winkle to a duel, thinking that Mr. Winkle was the person who insulted him.
Samuel Slumkey Mr. Slumkey is a member of the Eatanswill Blue faction who is running for Parliament.
Mr. Slurk Mr. Slurk is editor of the Eatanswill Independent and Mr. Pott's rival.
Tom Smart The salesman who got advice from a chair; Smart is in a story told to Mr. Pickwick's friends.
John Smauker Smauker, Mr. Bantam's servant, invites Sam to attend a servants' party in Bath.
Serjeant Snubbin Snubbin is a famous attorney hired by Mr. Perker to argue Mr. Pickwick's case in court. He is supposed to be very persuasive, but Mr. Pickwick still loses.
Mr. Stiggins Mr. Stiggins, also referred to as the shepherd, is a supposedly religious man who develops a close relationship with Sam's stepmother.
Lieutenant Tappleton Lieutenant Tappleton is Dr. Slammer's second at the duel.
Mr. Trundle A guest at Mr. Wardle's house, Mr. Trundle later marries Bella Wardle.
Mr. Wardle A friend of the Pickwickians, Wardle lives at Manor Farm in Dingley Dell.
Mrs. Wardle Mrs. Wardle is Mr. Wardle's elderly mother and quite deaf. She is also described as "the old lady."
Bella Wardle Bella is one of Mr. Wardle's daughters; she marries Mr. Trundle.
Emily Wardle One of Mr. Wardle's daughters, Emily flirts with (and eventually marries) Mr. Snodgrass.
Miss Rachael Wardle Rachael—also known as "the spinster aunt"—is Mr. Wardle's sister. She is wooed by Mr. Tupman but is persuaded to elope by Mr. Jingle, until her brother and the Pickwickians stop it.
Mr. Weller Mr. Weller is a coachman and Sam's father; he has very original ideas on marriage, religion, and justice.
Mrs. Weller Mrs. Weller is Sam's stepmother who develops a preference for religion, Mr. Stiggins, and rum. She ultimately dies after catching an illness from being outside listening to Mr. Stiggins in bad weather.
Mr. Winkle, senior Mr. Winkle, senior, is Mr. Winkle's father. Mr. Pickwick tries to persuade him to forgive Mr. Winkle and Arabella for eloping.
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