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The Republic | Glossary


aporia: insoluble dilemma, or dead end

aristocracy: rule of the state by the nobility

democracy: rule of the state by the people

dialectic: discussion that seeks to identify the truth through the use of reason, often through a process of question and answer

dialogue: conversation involving two or more people

elenchus: refutation; argument that shows a claim to be false

forms: ideal, eternal exemplars in the intelligible world

guardians: elite stratum of society in the ideal state, appointed to guide and rule the people

gymnastic: educational regimen pertaining to the exercise and training of the body

irony: striking contrast between what is said and what is really meant, or between what a person expects and what actually happens

justice: condition in which the different classes of society, or the different parts of the individual soul, are in harmony with each other

mimesis: copy, imitation, or replication of an idea or object

monarchy: rule of the state by a king or queen

music: educational regimen pertaining to harmony, melody, or poetry

oligarchy: rule of the state by the few

philosopher: lover of wisdom devoted to a quest for the discovery of wisdom, truth, and goodness

poetry: in ancient Greece the traditional corpus of epic, lyric, and drama

timocracy: rule of the state by those who seek honor and prestige

tyranny: rule of the state by an individual who has come to power unconstitutionally and who is often autocratic or authoritarian

utopia: ideal land, country, or republic

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