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The Return of the Native | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Guy Fawkes Day, November 5

    Thomasin Yeobright's wedding to Damon Wildeve is postponed.

    Book 1, Chapter 2
  • Guy Fawkes Day, November 5

    Damon Wildeve meets with Eustacia Vye.

    Book 1, Chapter 6
  • December

    Clym Yeobright arrives home in time for Christmas.

    Book 2, Chapter 3
  • Christmas Day

    Eustacia Vye disguises herself to take part in the mummers' play and meets Clym Yeobright.

    Book 2, Chapter 6
  • Winter

    Damon Wildeve and Thomasin Yeobright are married.

    Book 2, Chapter 8
  • June 25

    Clym Yeobright and Eustacia Vye are married.

    Book 3, Chapter 7
  • June 25

    Christian Cantle loses to Damon Wildeve the money that Mrs. Yeobright intended for Thomasin and Clym.

    Book 3, Chapter 7
  • June 25

    Diggory Venn wins the money back from Damon Wildeve, then mistakenly gives it all to Thomasin Yeobright.

    Book 3, Chapter 8
  • July

    Eustacia Vye and Mrs. Yeobright have a row.

    Book 4, Chapter 1
  • July

    Clym Yeobright suffers an ailment of the eyes and must stop his studies.

    Book 4, Chapter 2
  • Late August

    Eustacia Vye attends the gypsying festivities and meets Damon Wildeve there, reviving his interest in her.

    Book 4, Chapter 3
  • August 31

    Mrs. Yeobright journeys across the heath and dies from an adder's bite.

    Book 4, Chapter 7
  • August 31

    Damon Wildeve inherits a substantial sum of money.

    Book 4, Chapter 8
  • October

    Clym Yeobright discovers his wife's role in his mother's failed visit.

    Book 5, Chapter 2
  • October

    Clym and Eustacia Yeobright separate from each other.

    Book 5, Chapter 3
  • Guy Fawkes Day, November 5

    Damon Wildeve meets Eustacia Vye at her bonfire as he did last year; he agrees to help her leave Egdon Heath.

    Book 5, Chapter 5
  • November 6

    Eustacia Vye signals to Damon Wildeve to take her away.

    Book 5, Chapter 7
  • November 7, after midnight

    Eustacia Vye jumps into Shadwater Weir; Damon Wildeve and Clym Yeobright jump in after. Eustacia and Wildeve drown.

    Book 5, Chapter 9
  • Summer, two years later

    Thomasin Yeobright Wildeve is married to Diggory Venn.

    Book 6, Chapter 4
  • Summer, two years later

    Clym Yeobright begins his new career as an itinerant preacher.

    Book 6, Chapter 4

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Book 1, Chapters 1–2 The opening scene of the novel is set on Egdon Heath, a wild, sparsely inhabited, open expanse of countryside in south... Read More
Book 1, Chapters 3–4 In this chapter Hardy begins his portrayal of two of the most characteristic aspects of his Wessex novels: the role of... Read More
Book 1, Chapters 5–6 Mrs. Yeobright questions her niece about how the wedding was postponed. Unsatisfied, she interrogates Damon Wildeve, w... Read More
Book 1, Chapters 7–8 Chapter 7 is almost purely descriptive. Hardy devotes this section to an extensive, rather static portrayal of Eustaci... Read More
Book 1, Chapters 9–11 In this chapter Hardy provides some background on the strange, perhaps unfamiliar history of reddlemen, touching on th... Read More
Book 2, Chapters 1–2 Shortly before Christmas, Eustacia overhears Sam and Humphrey talking with her grandfather about Clym Yeobright's impe... Read More
Book 2, Chapters 3–4 On the edge of the heath, Eustacia eyes Thomasin and Mrs. Yeobright at a distance. She suddenly hears a male voice bid... Read More
Book 2, Chapters 5–6 On the night of the mummers' first performance, Eustacia poses as her cousin, replacing Charley in the role of the Tur... Read More
Book 2, Chapters 7–8 The morning after the Yeobrights' party, Eustacia converses briefly with her grandfather and tells him of her adventur... Read More
Book 3, Chapters 1–2 In this chapter Hardy expands the point of view, stepping back to consider Clym Yeobright's local reputation. At their... Read More
Book 3, Chapters 3–4 At Captain Vye's house, a half dozen of the heath people try to retrieve a bucket that has fallen into the well. Clym ... Read More
Book 3, Chapters 5–6 At Blooms-End, Mrs. Yeobright returns from a visit to Thomasin and confronts Clym, having heard at the Quiet Woman of ... Read More
Book 3, Chapters 7–8 It is June 25, exactly six months after the mummers' play celebrating Christmas and the return home to Egdon Heath of ... Read More
Book 4, Chapters 1–2 July is the single month of the year in which the Egdon Heath landscape is truly beautiful. Clym and Eustacia live on ... Read More
Book 4, Chapters 3–4 It is now late August, and Eustacia has become almost apathetic. Attempting to cheer her up, Clym agrees that she may ... Read More
Book 4, Chapters 5–6 It is the last day of August, and Egdon Heath bakes like a kiln in the heat. Mrs. Yeobright has chosen this day to cro... Read More
Book 4, Chapters 7–8 At his small cottage, Clym awakens from his slumber and tells Eustacia about his dream. Eustacia says nothing about hi... Read More
Book 5, Chapters 1–2 Shattered by his mother's death, Clym lies ill in the house at Alderworth for several weeks. Neither Eustacia nor Thom... Read More
Book 5, Chapters 3–4 The showdown between Clym and Eustacia unfolds with Clym in a towering rage. Clym moderates his violence to a degree b... Read More
Book 5, Chapters 5–6 Once again, it is the Fifth of November, Guy Fawkes Day, exactly one year after the beginning of the story. Charley be... Read More
Book 5, Chapters 7–9 Restless on the eve of her escape, Eustacia walks on the heath that night in the vicinity of her grandfather's house a... Read More
Book 6, Chapters 1–2 This epilogue to the novel extends some 18 months beyond the events of Book 5. Thomasin, now a widow, has decided to l... Read More
Book 6, Chapters 3–4 Clym ponders with typical earnestness what his duty to Thomasin and her young child might be. He recalls that his moth... Read More
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