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The Sandman | Characters

Character Description
Morpheus Morpheus (also known as Dream and Prince of Stories) is the third oldest of the Endless, anthropomorphic beings who represent core concepts. Read More
Daniel Daniel is the child of Lyta and Hector Hall (former superhero version of The Sandman). He first appears in Season of Mists. Read More
Death Death is the sister of Dream, second eldest of the Endless. She is the anthropomorphic personification of death. She appears in Preludes and Nocturnes. Read More
Desire Desire is the sibling of Dream, twin to Despair, and one of the Endless. Read More
Lyta Hall Lyta Hall is the wife of Hector Hall (former superhero version of The Sandman). She lives in Jed's dreaming mind after the death of Hector. She is pregnant during this time and Morpheus lays claim to the child. She appears in The Doll's House, Season of Mists, Fables and Reflections, The Kindly Ones, and The Wake. Read More
Orpheus Orpheus is the son of Morpheus and Calliope. He was a famed bard in ancient Greece who lost his wife, Eurydice on their wedding night. He first appears in Fables and Reflections. Read More
Rose Walker Rose Walker is Unity Kincaid and Desire's granddaughter. She is a dream vortex, capable of destroying the world if left unchecked. Morpheus must kill the vortex to save the world. She appears in The Doll's House, The Kindly Ones, and The Wake. Read More
Andros Andros is the latest man in a long family line of people who take care of the head of Orpheus in Brief Lives.
Azazel Azazel is one of the three ruling beings in the triumvirate of Hell. He attends the meeting of gods and beings to petition Morpheus for the key to Hell in Season of Mists.
Barbie Barbie is a woman who lives with her husband, Ken, in the building in which Rose rents a room in The Doll's House. She has a very intense dream life that is detailed in A Game of You.
Barnabas Barnabas is a talking dog who once belonged to Destruction before being given to Delirium in Brief Lives.
Urania Blackwell Urania (also known as Rainie, Blackwell, and Element Girl) is a superhero who has become a shut-in due to her powers and wishes to die in Dream Country.
Alex Burgess Alex Burgess is Roderick Burgess's son. He inherits the captive Dream King after his father's death. His punishment is Eternal Waking in Preludes and Nocturnes and again in The Kindly Ones and The Wake.
Roderick Burgess Roderick Burgess is an occultist. He summons and captures Morpheus instead of Death at the beginning of Preludes and Nocturnes.
Augustus Caesar He is the ruler of the Roman Empire and nephew of Julius Caesar. He plots the downfall of the empire in Fables and Reflections.
Cat This is the Siamese cat who met the Dream Cat and now seeks to inspire other cats to dream of a change in the world in Dream Country.
Chiron Chiron is a centaur from Greek myth. He is among the travelers waiting out the reality storm in Worlds' End.
Cluracan Cluracan is an emissary from the realm of Faerie who joins others in asking for the key to Hell in Season of Mists. He is Nuala's brother.
Johanna Constantine She is an ancestor of John Constantine and a thief, spy, and rogue. She first appears in The Doll's House and later in Fables and Reflections.
John Constantine John Constantine is an occult magician and con man from his own comic, Hellblazer. He once possessed Morpheus's pouch of dream sand before it was stolen by his ex-girlfriend. He appears in Preludes and Nocturnes.
The Corinthian The Corinthian is Morpheus's creation, meant to be the ultimate nightmare. He escapes the Dreaming during Morpheus's captivity and becomes a serial killer. Morpheus unmakes him in The Doll's House. Morpheus recreates him for an errand in The Kindly Ones.
The Cuckoo The Cuckoo is a creature that nests in dreams of others before flying away when grown. It is the main antagonist in A Game of You.
John Dee John Dee is a super-villain known as Dr. Destiny from the Justice League comics. He possesses Morpheus's ruby and uses it to try and destroy him in Preludes and Nocturnes.
Delight Delight (also known as Delirium) is the youngest of the Endless, sister of Dream. She used to be Delight, but no one knows why she changed. She first appears in Season of Mists.
Ruby DeLonge Ruby DeLonge is hired as Morpheus and Delirium's guide by Pharamond to drive them as they seek out Destruction in Brief Lives. She dies from smoking in bed.
Despair Despair is the sister of Dream, twin of Desire, and one of the Endless.
Destiny Destiny is the brother of Dream, and oldest of the Endless. He is the anthropomorphic representation of destiny or fate. He first appears in Season of Mists.
Destruction Destruction is the fourth "born" of the Endless and the representation of destruction. He leaves his duties and place among his siblings. He first appears in Fables and Reflections.
Duma Duma is the angel of silence. He leaves the Silver City to meet with Morpheus in Season of Mists. He is the current coruler of Hell.
Euryale Euryale is one of the three Gorgon sisters from Greek myth. She tries to get Lyta Hall to join her and her sisters in The Kindly Ones.
Fiddler's Green Fiddler's Green is a physical place within the Dreaming that escaped into the waking world during Morpheus's captivity and takes the form of a man. In the waking world, Fiddler's Green (also known as Gilbert) is a rotund man who goes with Rose when she leaves to find Jed in The Doll's House. He also appears in Fables and Reflections, The Kindly Ones, and The Wake.
Foxglove Foxglove is Hazel's girlfriend and a neighbor of Barbie in A Game of You. She was formerly known as Donna Cavanaugh. She accompanies Thessaly and Hazel into the Dreaming to look for Barbie.
Erasmus Fry Erasmus Fry is the author who originally captured the Muse, Calliope in Dream Country. He trades her to Richard Madoc.
Robert "Hob" Gadling Robert "Hob" Gadling is a man who believes you can choose not to die. Death and Morpheus encounter him in a 14th-century tavern and give him what he wants. He and Morpheus meet every 100 years, and he is one of Morpheus's mortal friends. He appears in The Doll's House, Season of Mists, World's End, The Kindly Ones, and The Wake.
George George is a young man who lives in Barbie's building in A Game of You. He is an agent of the Cuckoo in the Waking World. Thessaly kills him.
Geryon Geryon is the three-headed serpent Lyta talks to in the apple tree at the Gorgons' house in The Kindly Ones.
Gwen Gwen is Hob Gadling's most recent girlfriend. She works at a Renaissance fair in The Wake.
Haroun-al-Raschid Haroun-al-Raschid is the caliph of ancient Baghdad in Fables and Reflections. He trades away the glory of the city to Morpheus so it will live on in dreams forever.
Hazel Hazel is Foxglove's girlfriend. She discovers she is pregnant after a one-night stand in A Game of You. She accompanies Thessaly and Foxglove into the Dreaming to find Barbie.
Hostess of the inn at the End of Worlds The hostess appears in Worlds' End. The inn is where lost travelers stop during the "reality storm."
Ishtar Ishtar is a former Babylonian love goddess who works as a stripper in Brief Lives. She is also a former lover of Destruction.
Ben Jonson Ben Jonson is a contemporary of Shakespeare's and a playwright. He appears in The Wake.
Unity Kinkaid Unity Kinkaid is Rose Walker's grandmother. She was raped by Desire in Preludes and Nocturnes when she fell under the sleeping sickness after Morpheus's capture. She also appears in The Doll's House.
Lachesis Lachesis is one of the three Fates of Greek mythology. Her job is to measure a mortal's thread of life. She appears in The Kindly Ones.
Master Li Master Li is a former adviser of the emperor who has been exiled for the crimes of his son. He meets Morpheus and Daniel while wandering during The Wake.
Lucien Lucien is the librarian of the Dreaming and one of Morpheus's most loyal servants. He appears in Preludes and Nocturnes, The Doll's House, Season of Mists, Brief Lives, The Kindly Ones, and The Wake.
Luz Luz is a parrot who betrays Barbie to the Cuckoo in A Game of You.
Richard Madoc Richard Madoc is a writer who suffers from writer's block after publishing his debut novel to great acclaim. He gets Calliope from Erasmus Fry and uses her for ideas in Dream Country.
Wanda Mann Wanda Mann (also known as Alvin) is a transgender female and friend of Barbie in A Game of You. She stays behind to protect Barbie's body and is killed when a hurricane collapses their building.
Matthew Matthew is the latest in a long line of ravens who serve Morpheus. He was once a man (Matt Cable from Swamp Thing), but he now lives in the Dreaming with Eve in The Doll's House. He becomes Morpheus's friend and confidant throughout the series. He appears in Season of Mists, A Game of You, Fables and Reflections, Brief Lives, The Kindly Ones, and The Wake.
Mazikeen Mazikeen is a demon of Hell in Season of Mists. She joins Lucifer in the mortal world and works at his nightclub, Lux, in The Kindly Ones.
Charlene Mooney Charlene Mooney is a woman traveling with Brant Tucker. After a car crash, they wait out the reality storm in Worlds' End. She decides to remain at the Inn.
Nada Nada is a former queen and ex-lover of Morpheus. He sentenced her to eternal torment in Hell until the time he forgives her. She first appears in Preludes and Nocturnes, then again in The Doll's House, Season of Mists, and The Wake.
Emperor Joshua Norton I Emperor Joshua Norton I is a man at the center of a bet between Desire, Despair, Delirium, and Morpheus in Fables and Reflections. He believes he is the first emperor of the United States.
Nuala Nuala is a fairy maid given to Morpheus as a gift in Season of Mists. She stays in the Dreaming until she is sent back to Titania. She is Cluracan's sister.
Eblis O'Shaughnessy Eblis O'Shaughnessy is the being created by the remaining Endless. His aim is to fetch the burial cerements and ritual book for Morpheus's funeral in The Wake.
Peggy Peggy (also known as Jim) is a young woman pretending to be a boy so she can sail the seas in Worlds' End.
Petrefax Petrefax is an apprentice in the Necropolis Litharge under Klaproth. He is stuck with his master during the reality storm in Worlds' End.
Pharamond Pharamond is an ancient Babylonian god of travel who now works as a travel agent in Brief Lives. He handles the arrangements for Morpheus and Delirium's passage in the mortal world.
Marco Polo Marco Polo is the famous Italian explorer. He becomes lost in the desert of Lop when he is still a young man in Fables and Reflections.
Prinado Prinado is a monkey who is also one of Barbie's dream friends in A Game of You. He is killed in the forest by the Tweeners.
Mervyn Pumpkinhead Mervyn Pumpkinhead is a servant in the castle of Dream with a pumpkin for a head. He is always criticizing the way things are run in the Dreaming in Brief Lives.
Remiel Remiel is another angel sent to Morpheus to observe the proceedings of the meeting for the key to Hell in Season of Mists. Later he becomes a coruler of Hell along with Duma.
Charles Rowland Charles Rowland is a young boy who is killed while at a boarding school. He is killed by the souls that return once Hell closes in Season of Mists.
Judith Shakespeare Judith Shakespeare is the daughter of William Shakespeare in The Wake.
William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is the famous Elizabethan playwright. He makes a deal with Morpheus to write him two plays in exchange for his ideas in Dream Country.
Stheno Stheno is the second Gorgon Lyta Hall meets in The Kindly Ones. She lives with her sister Euryale.
St. Just St. Just is a member of the French Revolution who captures Johanna Constantine during Fables and Reflections. He loses his head to the guillotine.
Martin Tenbones Martin Tenbones is a large, loyal creature from Barbie's dreams who journeys to the waking world to find her in A Game of You. He is shot by police in front of her.
Thessaly Thessaly is a centuries-old witch who lives in the same building as Barbie in A Game of You. She kills George and goes into the Dreaming with Hazel and Foxglove to kill the Cuckoo.
Tiffany Tiffany is a stripper and cocaine addict who works with Ishtar in Brief Lives.
Brant Tucker Brant Tucker is a young man traveling with Charlene. They are stranded at the Inn during the reality storm after he crashes her car in Worlds' End.
Jed Walker Jed Walker is Rose's brother who went to live with their father when their parents split up. He ends up living in a basement with Brute and Glob—two escaped dreams—squatting in his head. He appears in The Doll's House and The Wake.
Wilkerson Wilkerson is a talking rat in a trench coat. He is one of Barbie's friends from The Land in A Game of You. He is killed by agents of the Cuckoo.
Zelda Zelda and her lover Chantal lived in the same building as Rose Walker when she was the dream vortex. Rose is taking care of her as she dies of AIDS in The Kindly Ones.
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