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Salman Rushdie

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The Satanic Verses | Characters

Character Description
Gibreel Farishta Gibreel Farishta, visionary dreamer, transforms from Bollywood actor to archangel. Read More
Saladin Chamcha Saladin Chamcha, born Salahuddin Chamchawala, is a man of many voices. He takes on devilish characteristics as he struggles to put the pieces of his identity back together. Read More
Alleluia Cone Alleluia Cone, also known as Allie, is a British mountain climber who falls in love with Gibreel Farishta. Read More
Pamela Lovelace Pamela Lovelace, Saladin Chamcha's wife, becomes pregnant by Jumpy Joshi shortly after she learns (erroneously) that Saladin had been killed. Read More
Mahound Mahound, based on Mohammed, is a Prophet who receives messages from the archangel Gibreel and uses these to begin a monotheistic and restrictive religion called Submission. Read More
Ayesha of Titlipur Ayesha of Titlipur is an orphan girl in the village of Titlipur who becomes a prophetess and leads the village on a tragic pilgrimage. Read More
Mirza Saeed Akhtar Mirza Saeed Akhtar is a leader in Titlipur who never believes in the pilgrimage even though it is his wife they intend to save.
Mishal Akhtar Mishal Akhtar is Mirza Saeed's wife, whose breast cancer diagnosis sparks the pilgrimage meant to save her life.
Al-Lat Al-Lat, a goddess mentioned in the satanic verses, is killed by Gibreel in a spectacular battle.
Amin Amin works at the Shaandaar Café.
Ayesha of Desh Ayesha of Desh is the Empress of Desh and the Imam's mortal enemy.
Ayesha of Jahilia Ayesha of Jahilia is a prostitute who takes on the role of Mahound's young wife Ayesha.
Baal Baal is a satirical Jahilian poet who writes verses ridiculing Mahound and his followers. He is one of Hind Simbal's illicit lovers, and is hunted by Mahound when the city converts to Submission.
Doctor Babington Doctor Babington is a doctor who appears in Rosa Diamond's memories of Argentina.
Baby Baby is Hal Valance's wife.
Billy Battuta Pakistani Billy Battuta is a con man who dates Mimi Mamoulian.
Bibiji Bibiji is a long-dead saint who has become part of Titlipur legend.
Bilal Bilal is one of the first of Mahound's devoted followers.
Bilal X Bilal X is one of the Imam's devoted followers.
Pimple Billimoria Pimple Billimoria, Indian movie actress working alongside Gibreel on a movie, is angry at his sudden disappearance, but later plays a role in his film The Parting of the Arabian Sea.
Jack Brunel Jack Brunel is a family friend of the Cone family.
Officer Bruno Officer Bruno is one of the officers who arrest Saladin and mistreat him.
Changez Chamchawala Saladin Chamcha's overbearing father, Changez Chamchawala, is a successful businessman whose uncaring attitude drives a wedge between himself and his son.
Nasreen Chamchawala Saladin Chamcha's mother, Nasreen Chamchawala, chokes on a fish bone and dies when Saladin is a teen.
Alicia Cone Alicia Cone is Alleluia's mother, and takes a dislike to Gibreel.
Elena Cone Elena Cone is Alleluia's sister, who dies of a drug overdose in the midst of a successful modeling career.
Otto Cone Otto Cone is Alleluia's father, who survived a WWII concentration camp before emigrating to England.
Martín de la Cruz Martín de la Cruz is a dashing, ruthless ostrich hunter who may have had a sexual relationship with Rosa Diamond.
Don Enrique Diamond Don Enrique Diamond is the late husband of Rosa Diamond who is an important presence in Rosa's enchanting stories.
Rosa Diamond Rosa Diamond is an old woman who allows Saladin Chamcha and Gibreel Farishta to stay with her after they wash up on shore near her house. She later ensnares Gibreel by telling him stories of her life in Argentina.
Sarpanch Muhammad Din Sarpanch Muhammad Din is leader of Titlipur's council; his wife Khadija dies on the pilgrimage.
Eugene Dumsday Eugene Dumsday is a missionary who talks with Saladin Chamcha on Flight 420.
Salman Farsi Salman Farsi is a follower of the Imam who guards the door of the building where the broadcasts take place.
Bhupen Gandhi Bhupen Gandhi is a friend of Zeeny Vakil's who becomes acquainted with Saladin Chamcha in Bombay.
Hamza Hamza is the uncle of Mahound who kills Hind Simbel's brothers and is later killed by Hind as an act of revenge.
Ibrahim Ibrahim is a butcher in Jahilia who sells pork on the black market once it is forbidden by Mahound.
The Imam The Imam is a conservative religious leader who opposes the Empress Ayesha and orders Gibreel to fight the goddess Al-Lat.
Jalandri Jalandri is a passenger aboard Flight 420 who is killed by hijacker Tavleen.
Hanif Johnson Hanif Johnson is a lawyer who is seeing Mishal Sufyan.
Jumpy Joshi Nervous Jumpy Joshi has an affair with Saladin Chamcha's wife Pamela.
Juan Julia Juan Julia ("the Vulture") is Aurora del Sol's lover who is killed by Martín de la Cruz, a crime that Rosa and her husband help conceal.
Kasturba Kasturba is the wife of Vallabhai, housekeeper for the Chamchawalas. She dresses as Saladin's mother Nasreen as part of a sexual relationship with Changez Chamchawala.
Khadija Khadija is the wife of Sarpanch Muhammad Din, an old man who goes on Ayesha's pilgrimage. She dies on the way.
Khalid Khalid is one of Mahound's first devoted followers.
Inspector Stephen Kinch Inspector Stephen Kinch is London's chief of police.
Mimi Mamoulian Mimi Mamoulian is a Jewish voice actress. Mimi Mamoulian worked with Saladin Chamcha in London before becoming involved with scheming Billy Battuta.
Manticore The manticore is a transformed human who speaks at length with Saladin when he is in the hospital of mutated humans.
John Maslama John Maslama owns a nightclub and the record store at which Gibreel buys the trumpet he calls Azraeel.
Rekha Merchant Gibreel's deceased ex-lover Rekha Merchant vindictively haunts him during the novel.
Babasaheb Mhatre Wealthy Babasaheb Mhatre takes Gibreel in after his father dies.
Mrs. Mhatre Mrs. Mhatre is motherly enough to take care of her husband, Babasaheb Mhatre, as well as Gibreel.
George Miranda Communist George Miranda is a film producer who becomes acquainted with Saladin Chamcha in Bombay.
Uriah Mosely Uriah Mosely leaves Orphia Phillips to be with Rochelle Watkins.
Musa Musa is a Jahilian man who wonders why Mahound is allowed twelve wives rather than the four allowed other men.
Najmuddin Senior Najmuddin Senior, Gibreel's father, dies young after working hard as a lunch-runner.
Naima Najmuddin Naima Najmuddin , Gibreel's mother, dies when hit by a bus.
Nasreen the Second Nasreen "the Second" marries Saladin Chamcha's father Changez after the death of Saladin's mother Nasreen.
Officer Novak Officer Novak is one of the officers who arrest Saladin and mistreat him.
Osman Osman is a clown living in Titlipur who falls in love with Ayesha and goes on the pilgrimage, though he gradually loses heart.
Panikkar Panikkar is the doctor who cares for Changez Chamchawala as he is dying.
Hyacinth Phillips Hyacinth Phillips is the therapist who treats Saladin for pneumonia in the hospital.
Pinkwalla Pinkwalla is a deejay at London's Hot Wax Club and knows Mishal Sufyan and Hanif Johnson.
Orphia Phillips Orphia Phillips is the sister of Hyacinth and runs into Gibreel while he is wandering about London as the archangel.
Mr. Qureishi Mr. Qureishi is Mishal Akhtar's father.
Mrs. Qureishi Mrs. Qureishi is Mishal Akhtar's mother and goes with her on the pilgrimage.
Antoinette Roberts Antoinette Roberts is the mother of Dr. Uhuru Simba and actively opposes his arrest.
Salman the Persian Salman the Persian is one of Mahound's first followers, but later loses his faith.
Satan Satan (Shaitan), the devil, narrates the novel from the unusual first-person, yet omniscient, point of view.
Charlie Sellers Charlie Sellers is Saladin Chamcha's acting agent.
Dr. Uhuru Simba Uhuru Simba is a black man who is arrested as the Granny Ripper, who dies in jail, and who is exonerated when the real culprit is apprehended.
Hind Simbel Hind Simbel is the unfaithful and aggressive wife of Grandee Karim Abu Simbel. She pretends to convert to Submission when her husband surrenders Jahilia to Mahound.
Karim Abu Simbel Karim Abu Simbel is the Grandee of the council of Jahilia. He eventually converts to Mahound's religion, Submission, much to the dismay of his wife Hind.
Buta Singh Buta Singh is one of the male hijackers aboard Flight 420.
Dara Singh Dara Singh is one of the male hijackers aboard Flight 420.
Man Singh Man Singh is one of the male hijackers aboard Flight 420.
Sisodia S. S. Sisodia is a Bollywood movie producer who doesn't hesitate to take advantage of Gibreel's fame.
Sri Srinivas Sri Srinivas is a Hindu toy seller in a village near Titlipur, who goes along on Ayesha's pilgrimage.
Aurora del Sol Aurora del Sol is married to Martín de la Cruz and becomes Rosa Diamond's mortal enemy.
Officer Stein Officer Stein is one of the officers who arrest Saladin and mistreat him.
Anahita Sufyan Anahita Sufyan is the rebellious youngest daughter of Hind and Muhammad.
Mishal Sufyan Mishal Sufyan is the daughter of Hind and Muhammad. She is having an affair with Hanif Johnson.
Hind Sufyan Hind Sufyan is the opinionated, disgruntled wife of Muhammad Sufyan. She does all the cooking at the Shaandaar Café.
Muhammad Sufyan Muhammad Sufyan is the owner of the Shaandaar Café, where Saladin stays in London as he transforms.
Swatilekha Swatilekha is Bhupen Gandhi's girlfriend.
Tavleen Tavleen is the only female hijacker aboard Flight 420, but she is far more fanatical and committed than her male counterparts.
Zeeny Vakil Indian writer Zeeny Vakil becomes Saladin Chamcha's lover while he is in Bombay for an acting role. She tries to help him rediscover his Indian identity.
Hal Valance Hal Valance is the producer of The Aliens Show, the sitcom on which Saladin had portrayed an alien before the fateful flight.
Vallabhai Vallabhai, husband of Kasturba, is the housekeeper for the Chamchawalas.
Rochelle Watkins Rochelle Watkins is Uriah Mosely's lover and fiancee.
Maurice Wilson Maurice Wilson is a practitioner of yoga who dies trying to climb Everest 1934 and whom Alleluia sees in her visions on Everest and in London.
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