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The Shining | Characters

Character Description
Overlook Hotel The Overlook Hotel is a Colorado resort brought to life by malicious supernatural forces. Read More
Danny Torrance Danny Torrance is a five-year-old boy who possesses extraordinary psychic powers, or shine; he becomes the Overlook Hotel's target when his father, Jack Torrance, moves the family there for a winter job. Read More
Jack Torrance Jack Torrance is a disgraced former teacher and aspiring writer with a history of heavy drinking and violence; he takes a job as winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel in a last-ditch effort to salvage his career and keep his family together. Read More
Wendy Torrance Wendy Torrance, Jack's wife and Danny's mother, tries to support Jack and keep her son safe until she realizes it is impossible to do both. Read More
Dick Hallorann Dick Hallorann, the head chef at the Overlook Hotel, shares Danny's powers of shine, which allows him to befriend and encourage the boy. Read More
Aileen Aileen is Wendy Torrance's sister; she dies after being hit by a car during childhood.
Mrs. Brant Mrs. Brant is a demanding guest at the Overlook; Danny's powers allow him to hear Mrs. Brant as she thinks about getting into the valet's pants.
Howard Cottrell Howard Cottrell nearly runs Dick Hallorann off the road with his snowplow near Sidewinder, but he makes up for it by offering him mittens and advice on renting a snowmobile.
Horace Derwent Horace Derwent is a millionaire entrepreneur who owns the Overlook Hotel from 1946 to 1952 and feeds its reputation for glamorous debauchery.
Sylvia Hunter Derwent Sylvia Hunter Derwent is Horace Derwent's ex-wife; she briefly assumes ownership of the Overlook Hotel.
Larry Durkin Larry Durkin owns a gas station in Sidewinder; he rents Dick Hallorann a snowmobile and invites him to return to his house after Dick completes his rescue mission at the Overlook Hotel.
Bill Edmonds Bill Edmonds is a doctor in Sidewinder who examines Danny and believes his visions may be a form of autism.
Vittorio Gienelli Vittorio Gienelli is a mob boss murdered in the Overlook's Presidential Suite in 1966.
Charles Grondin Charles Grondin purchases the Overlook from Horace Derwent in 1952 and later heads High Country Investments, which buys the hotel in 1963.
Delbert Grady Delbert Grady is a winter caretaker at the Overlook; he kills his wife and two young daughters with an axe.
George Hatfield George Hatfield is the student Jack assaults at Stovington Academy after George slashes Jack's tires.
Lloyd Lloyd is the Overlook Hotel's bartender; he may be one of Jack's delusions, a ghost, or a manifestation of the hotel's power.
Mrs. Massey Mrs. Massey is a middle-aged New York socialite who commits suicide in the bathtub in Room 217 after being abandoned by her much-younger lover.
Scott Scott is Danny's friend in Vermont. His father drinks a lot, like Jack, and after he hits Scott's mother the couple gets divorced.
Al Shockley Al Shockley, Jack's friend and former drinking buddy, owns controlling stock in the Overlook Hotel in the 1970s and helps Jack get the caretaker job.
Tony The narrator implies Tony is an older version of Danny; he brings Danny visions of future dangers. Jack and Wendy think Tony is Danny's imaginary friend.
Becky Torrance Becky Torrance is Jack's older sister.
Brett Torrance Brett Torrance is one of Jack's older brothers.
Mark Torrance Mark Anthony Torrance is Jack's abusive and alcoholic father; he terrorizes the family through Jack's childhood, but Jack gets his ideas of manhood from him.
Mike Torrance Mike Torrance is one of Jack's older brothers.
Stuart Ullman Stuart Ullman is manager of the Overlook Hotel; he hires Jack as the winter caretaker and covers up the Overlook's many scandals.
Delores Vickery Delores Vickery is the Overlook Hotel chambermaid who first sees the ghost in Room 117.
Robert Townley Watson Robert Townley Watson is founder of the Overlook Hotel; he is forced to sell the property due to financial difficulties.
Watson Watson is head of maintenance at the Overlook Hotel in the 1970s and grandson of the hotel's founder.
Wendy's mother Wendy's mother is not mentioned by name, but she alienates Wendy by viciously criticizing her every decision.
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