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The Souls of Black Folk | Glossary


barony: (n) estate and rank of a baron, an English lord

captious: (adj) tending to find fault

casuistry: (n) resolving moral questions by applying ethical or religious principles

debauch: (v) to corrupt

decry: (v) to denounce publicly

defalcation: (n) embezzlement, a misappropriation of funds

deprecate: (v) to express disapproval of

dilettante: (n) one with only superficial interest in a variety of subjects

disconsolate: (adj) unable to be consoled

facetious: (adj) in jest

flout: (v) to disregard with contempt

gibe: (n) insult

guerdon: (n) reward

parvenu: (n) newly wealthy person not yet accepted by other successful people

perquisite: (n) anticipated privilege or bonus

shibboleth: (n) a widely accepted belief by which a group of people is easily recognized

unwonted: (adj) unusual

vicissitudes: (n, pl) unpredicted fluctuations in state or condition

whilom: (adv) previously

wraith: (n) a ghostlike specter of a living person

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