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The Spanish Tragedy | Characters

Character Description
Hieronimo Hieronimo is the middle-aged to elderly Knight Marshal of Spain and Horatio's father. Read More
Ghost of Andrea Andrea was a knight in the Spanish forces and Bel-Imperia's lover in life. Read More
Revenge Revenge has been charged by Persephone to reveal the workings of vengeance in the play to the Ghost of Andrea. Read More
Horatio Horatio is Hieronimo's son and Deputy to the Knight Marshall of Spain. Read More
Bel-Imperia Bel-Imperia is the daughter of the Duke of Castile and Lorenzo's sister. Read More
Balthazar Balthazar is the son of the Viceroy of Portugal (Portingale). Read More
Lorenzo Lorenzo is the son of the Duke of Castile, nephew to the King of Spain and Bel-Imperia's brother. Read More
Alexandro Alexandro is an honest Portuguese nobleman.
Ambassador of Portugal The Ambassador of Portugal serves as the emissary between the Viceroy of Portugal and the King of Spain.
Attendants The attendants serve in the Portuguese court.
Bazardo Bazardo is a painter who comes to meet Hieronimo.
Bazulto Bazulto is an old man who petitions for redress for the murder of his own son.
Characters in Hieronimo's play Suleiman (Balthazar) is the emperor; Erasto (Lorenzo) is the Knight of Rhodes; The Pasha (Hieronimo) serves Suleiman; Perseda (Bel-Imperia) is the chaste wife of the Knight of Rhodes.
Christophil Christophil is one of Lorenzo's servants.
Don Pedro Don Pedro is the brother of the Viceroy of Portugal.
Duke of Castile The Duke of Castile is the father of Lorenzo and Bel-Imperia and brother to the King of Spain.
General The general is commander of the Spanish Army.
Hangman The hangman is employed to execute criminals.
Hymen Hymen is a character in the Second Dumb Show.
Isabella Isabella is Hieronimo's wife and mother of Horatio.
Jacques Jacques is Hieronimo's French servant.
Jerome Jerome is Lorenzo's page boy.
King of Spain The King of Spain is Lorenzo and Bel-Imperia's uncle and the brother of the Duke of Castile.
Maid The maid serves Isabella.
Nobles The nobles are members of the Portuguese court.
Officers The officers serve in the Portuguese Army.
Pedringano Pedringano is Bel-Imperia's servant.
Pedro Pedro is Hieronimo's Spanish servant.
Serberine Serberine is Balthazar's servant.
Soldiers The soldiers serve in the Portuguese Army.
Three citizens Three citizens present petitions to Hieronimo.
Three kings Three kings perform in the First Dumb Show.
Three knights Three knights perform in the First Dumb Show.
Three watchmen Three watchmen are assigned to patrol Saint Luigi's Park.
Two noblemen The two noblemen are Portuguese courtiers.
Two Portuguese The two Portuguese citizens are visitors to Spain from Portugal.
Two torchbearers Two torchbearers appear in the Second Dumb Show.
Viceroy of Portugal The Viceroy of Portugal is Balthazar's father.
Villuppo Villuppo is a Portuguese nobleman who falsely accuses Alexandro of murdering Balthazar.
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