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Alexandre Dumas

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The Three Musketeers | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • April 1625

    D'Artagnan leaves home.

    Chapter 1
  • Late September 1625

    The cardinal interrogates Bonacieux.

    Chapter 14
  • October 3, 1625

    The king throws a ball.

    Chapter 16
  • September 10, 1627

    D'Artagnan's company arrives at La Rochelle.

    Chapter 41
  • December 3, 1627

    The cardinal signs Milady's carte blanche.

    Chapter 45
  • August 23, 1628

    The duke is assassinated.

    Chapter 59
  • August 10, 1628

    The queen orders the relocation of Madame Bonacieux.

    Chapter 60
  • August 25, 1628

    Rochefort drops Milady's paper containing the word Armentieres.

    Chapter 60
  • October 28, 1628

    La Rochelle surrenders.

  • December 23, 1628

    The king returns triumphant to Paris.


Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Author's Preface In spite of their names ending in "-os" and "-is," Dumas says the characters of this story are not from mythology. Dumas... Read More
Chapters 1–3 The setting is France, the first Monday of April 1625. The arrival of a young Gascon named d'Artagnan causes a stir in... Read More
Chapters 4–7 As d'Artagnan hurries from Treville's chamber, he bumps Athos's injured shoulder. They argue about manners and schedul... Read More
Chapters 8–11 Money is tight, so the Musketeers take turns providing for each other. D'Artagnan tries to think of ways four good men... Read More
Chapter 12 Mme. Bonacieux and the duke have no problem entering the palace because she works there and he is dressed as a Musketeer... Read More
Chapters 13–14 At the Bastille, Bonacieux is taken to the examination room and accused of high treason. Bonacieux wishes he had not m... Read More
Chapters 15–17 Porthos and d'Artagnan inform Treville that Athos is missing. Treville makes inquiries until he discovers where he is ... Read More
Chapters 18–20 D'Artagnan will take the queen's letter. When Mme. Bonacieux—whose name, he learns, is Constance—confides in him, it i... Read More
Chapters 21–22 D'Artagnan and the duke return to London, where the duke realizes two of the 12 diamonds have been stolen. The duke re... Read More
Chapters 23–24 D'Artagnan's letter specifies a time and place to meet, signed "C.B." or Constance Bonacieux. It is still morning when... Read More
Chapters 25–27 Instead of going straight home, d'Artagnan asks Treville for advice. Treville urges d'Artagnan to leave Paris. Meanwhi... Read More
Chapters 28–29 D'Artagnan and Athos lose their horses gambling. They ride their servants' horses to collect Aramis. Planchet and Grim... Read More
Chapters 30–31 D'Artagnan follows Milady when she leaves the church, but he is on foot and cannot keep up with her carriage and horse... Read More
Chapter 32 Porthos goes to dinner at his mistress's home: thin soup with crusts, not enough wine, and a tough old fowl. The clerks ... Read More
Chapter 33 Against the advice of his friends, d'Artagnan falls in love with Milady. When he arrives to visit Milady, Kitty intercep... Read More
Chapter 34 After Kitty leaves with the letter to Milady, d'Artagnan sets out for Athos's house. The four friends are reunited only ... Read More
Chapters 35–38 D'Artagnan pays his nightly visit to Milady at 9 p.m., knowing she expects the Comte de Wardes at 11. He leaves at 10 ... Read More
Chapters 39–40 The four friends meet at Athos's apartment. Planchet brings d'Artagnan two letters. One letter from a lady says go to ... Read More
Chapters 41–42 La Rochelle—the last holdout of all the Calvinist cities given by Henry IV to the Huguenots, and the last port still o... Read More
Chapters 43–45 France succeeds in pushing back the English, and the cardinal continues the siege. Intelligence is obtained regarding ... Read More
Chapters 46–47 The three Musketeers and d'Artagnan go to an inn called Parpaillot to speak privately. Even though it is morning, sold... Read More
Chapter 48 D'Artagnan finally wears the uniform of a Musketeer. The friends meet to discuss what the two letters—one to Madam... Read More
Chapters 49–50 Milady sails for England, her fury abating only slightly throughout the journey. When the vessel lands, an English off... Read More
Chapter 51 The siege drags on. The starving inhabitants of La Rochelle hold fast, waiting for the duke to save them. The cardinal w... Read More
Chapters 52–57 Milady blames d'Artagnan: fortune, freedom, and even her very life are threatened because of him. Only he knew all the... Read More
Chapters 58–59 Today is the last day before Milady's departure. With the arrival of breakfast, Felton does not appear. At dinnertime,... Read More
Chapters 60–63 Charles I, the king of England, closes the ports to prevent news of the duke's death from discouraging the inhabitants... Read More
Chapters 64–66 Athos instructs the servants to take different routes to Armentieres. Assuming one finds Milady, three will guard her ... Read More
Chapter 67 The king must return to La Rochelle to fulfill a promise he made to the cardinal. He stops for birding, and the four fri... Read More
Epilogue October 28, 1628: The surrender of La Rochelle is signed. The king is greeted in Paris as a hero. D'Artagnan takes... Read More
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