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The Tin Drum | Characters

Character Description
Oskar Matzerath Oskar Matzerath is born with the mind of an adult and purposely stops himself from growing at the age of three. He communicates with the aid of a tin drum and "sing-shatters" glass when he doesn't get his way. As he slowly matures emotionally, he wills himself to grow physically. Oskar narrates his own story from a mental institution. Read More
Agnes Koljaiczek Agnes Koljaiczek is Oskar's mother. She is a beautiful Kashubian woman who loves two men. Read More
Jan Bronski Jan Bronski is Agnes's cousin who carries on an affair with her throughout her marriage to Matzerath. He may be Oskar's biological father. Read More
Alfred Matzerath Alfred Matzerath is Agnes's husband and is assumed to be Oskar's father. He is a grocer who sides with Nazis. Read More
Anna Koljaiczek Bronski Anna is Oskar's grandmother. She is a potato seller and wears four skirts. Read More
Maria Truczinski Maria Truczinski is a young woman who works in Matzerath's shop and who helps take care of Oskar. He seduces her and regards her as his first love. Read More
Bruno Münsterberg Bruno Münsterberg is Oskar's keeper in the insane asylum. Read More
Agneta Agneta is a novice nun whom Oskar meets at the bunker, where Lankes has a brief sexual encounter with her.
Alexander Alexander is a baker. He is bald, talks too much, and licks his upper lip.
Bebra Bebra is a little person who runs a circus act. He serves as Oskar's mentor and later as his agent.
Billy Billy is Schmuh's wife, who shows up at The Onion Cellar and indiscreetly tells tales about Schmuh.
The Black Cook The Black Cook is a female witch in a German children's rhyme. Oskar thinks about her in the closing chapter as representing Death.
Crazy Leo Crazy Leo is a man at the graveyard who gives everyone condolences.
Dr. Dösch Dr. Dösch is Oskar's concert promoter.
Dückerhoff Dückerhoff is Joseph's boss at the docks. He turns Joseph in.
The Dusters The Dusters are a street gang that are fascinated by Oskar's ability to shatter glass by screaming. They serve as his disciples and vandalize the church.
Nuchi Eyke Nuchi Eyke is a kid who makes brick soup.
Herr Fajngold Fajngold is a Treblinka survivor who takes over Matzerath's grocery.
Felix Felix is an acrobat in Bebra's troupe.
Formella brothers The Formella brothers are lighting technicians for the Opera-in-the-Woods.
Fritz Fritz is Maria's brother; he raises rabbits.
Greff Greff is a a gay scoutmaster and greengrocer.
Lina Greff Lina is Greff's wife and Oskar's temporary lover.
Gregor Gregor is Joseph's brother. He is a heavy drinker and marries Anna after Joseph disappears.
Gretchen Gretchen is the wife of Alexander, the baker. She helps educate Oskar, introducing him to Rasputin and Goethe.
Guste Guste is Maria's sister. Following the war, Oskar, Maria, and Kurt live with her.
Hedwig Hedwig is Jan's wife.
Heilandt Heilandt is an elderly man who lives in Oskar's building and builds the casket for Mother Truczinski.
Herbert Herbert is Mother Truczinski's son. He has a scarred back that fascinates Oskar.
Herzog Herzog is a lieutenant at the bunker where Oskar performs with Bebra.
Dr. Hollatz Dr. Hollatz is Oskar's childhood doctor who writes a thesis on Oskar's glass-shattering abilities.
Joseph Joseph Koljaiczek is Oskar's grandfather. He is an arsonist who hides under Anna's skirts and later marries her.
Susi Kater Susi Kater is a neighborhood bully who force feeds brick soup to Oskar.
Auntie Kauer Auntie Kauer is Oskar's kindergarten teacher.
Kitty Kitty is an acrobat in Bebra's troupe.
Klepp Klepp is Oskar's friend and a musician who visits Oskar in the mental institution.
Kobyella Kobyella is the custodian in the Polish Post Office.
Hans Kollin Hans Kollin is a child who bullies Oskar.
Korneff Korneff is a gravestone cutter who employs Oskar.
Köster Köster is a soldier and Guste's missing husband.
Kuchen Kuchen is an art teacher who hires Oskar as a model.
Kurt Kurt is Maria's son. Oskar thinks he fathered him.
Lankes Lankes is a corporal at the bunker where Oskar performs.
Laubschad Laubschad is a clockmaker, and a member of SPCA. He turns in Meyn for killing his cats.
Little Cheese Little Cheese is the youngest of the neighborhood bullies.
Löbsack Löbsack is the Nazi District Head of Indoctrination.
Marga Marga is Oskar's cousin, or perhaps his sister if Oskar is, in fact, Jan's son.
Markus Markus owns a toy store and supplies Oskar with his drums. He kills himself when the Nazis attack his store.
Maruhn Maruhn is a sculptor who hires Oskar as a model.
Meyn Meyn is a trumpeter, usually drunk, who kills his cats. Oskar sometimes accompanies him on his drum.
Axel Mischke Axel is one of the bullies in Oskar's apartment building who pins him down to force feed him brick soup.
Moorskiff Moorskiff is a member of the Dusters.
Pinchcoal Pinchcoal is a member of the Dusters.
Fräulein Pioch Fräulein Pioch is a woman who goes to The Onion Cellar to cry over her lost love.
PuttPutt PuttPutt is a member of the Dusters.
Raskolnikov Raskolnikov is a painter who paints Oskar and Ulla.
Luzie Rennwand Luzie is the sister of new members of the Dusters. She rats on them when they vandalize the church.
Roswitha Raguna Roswitha Raguna (she is called by both names) is Bebra's partner and Oskar's lover. She performs as a mind reader.
Schmuh Schmuh is the owner of The Onion Cellar, the tavern where Oskar's band plays.
Scholastika Scholastika is a Mother Superior who accompanies the nuns at the bunker.
Harry Schlager Harry is a neighborhood bully.
Scholle Scholle is a guitarist who joins Oskar's band.
Sister Beate Sister Beate is a jealous nurse who loves Dr. Werner and supposedly murders Sister Dorothea.
Sister Dorothea Sister Dorothea is a nurse with whom Oskar becomes sexually obsessed.
Sister Gertrud Sister Gertrud is a nurse who goes on one date with Oskar and runs off.
Sister Inge Sister Inge is Oskar's childhood nurse.
Fräulein Spollenhauer Fräulein Spollenhauer is a teacher who dislikes Oskar's drumming. Oskar shatters her glasses.
Stephan Stephan is Oskar's cousin, or perhaps his brother if Jan is, in fact, Oskar's father.
Störtebeker Störtebeker is the leader of the Dusters.
Thumper Thumper is a member of the Dusters.
Mother Truczinski Mother Truczinski is Oskar's childhood upstairs neighbor.
Tuschel Tuschel is the owner of a share in the Opera-in-the-Woods who invites Agnes and Oskar to attend.
Ulla Ulla poses with Oskar in art school.
Dr. Werner Doctor Werner writes Sister Dorothea letters, making Oskar intensely jealous.
Viktor Viktor is a half-blind postal worker. He is the only one of the postal workers who escapes death.
Vinzent Vinzent is the helpful brother of Anna who gets a priest to marry Anna and Joseph.
Vittlar Vittlar is Oskar's friend who testifies for him in court.
Weird Willem Weird Willem is a man in the graveyard in Düsseldorf who gives everyone condolences.
Dr. Werner Doctor Werner writes Sister Dorothea letters, making Oskar intensely jealous.
Father Wienke Father Wienke is the priest at Church of the Sacred Heart who administers Agnes's funeral rites.
Willy Willy, also known as Herr Volmer, is Fräulein Pioch's lost love.
Zeidler Zeidler is Oskar's landlord.
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