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The Turn of the Screw | Chapter Summaries

See Chapter Summaries Chart

Timeline of Events

  • June

    The governess arrives at Bly.

    Chapter 1
  • Summer

    The governess learns about Miles's expulsion.

    Chapter 2
  • Summer

    The governess sees Peter Quint for the first time; he's standing on the tower.

    Chapter 3
  • Rainy Sunday

    The governess sees Peter Quint for the second time, through the dining-room window.

    Chapter 4
  • One afternoon

    The governess sees Miss Jessel for the first time, with Flora at the lake.

    Chapter 6
  • One night

    The governess sees Peter Quint for the third time, on the staircase.

    Chapter 9
  • Another night

    Miles sneaks out onto the lawn at night.

    Chapter 10
  • Early autumn; Sunday

    Miles asks when he will go back to school.

    Chapter 14
  • Same Sunday

    The governess sees Miss Jessel for the second time, in the schoolroom.

    Chapter 15
  • Same Sunday

    The governess writes to the uncle.

    Chapter 17
  • Next morning

    Flora disappears.

    Chapter 18
  • Soon thereafter

    Flora and Mrs. Grose leave Bly.

    Chapter 21
  • After Flora's departure

    Miles confesses the reason he left school.

    Chapter 24
  • Early autumn

    Miles is possessed by Peter Quint and dies.

    Chapter 24
  • Several years later

    The governess tells her story to Douglas.

  • Several years later

    The governess dies.

  • 40 years later

    Douglas reads the governess's story aloud.


Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Prologue Near the end of the 19th century, an anonymous narrator spending Christmas with friends at an English country house tell... Read More
Chapter 1 The governess narrates the rest of the novella. She arrives at Bly, the uncle's country estate, in June. She's pleasantl... Read More
Chapter 2 Two nights before Miles arrives at Bly, the governess receives an unexpected letter from the children's uncle. The uncle... Read More
Chapter 3 Miles returns to Bly, and the governess finds him as loving, pure, and angelic as his younger sister. She becomes outrag... Read More
Chapter 4 The governess keeps the incident to herself at first. She's afraid to worry Mrs. Grose. She wonders if the Bly residents... Read More
Chapter 5 Mrs. Grose is concerned; the governess looks "white as a sheet." The governess explains she's been seeing "an extraordin... Read More
Chapter 6 The governess and Mrs. Grose, both shaken, discuss how they'll protect the children. The governess is certain Peter Quin... Read More
Chapter 7 When the governess and Flora return to the house, the governess tells Mrs. Grose the children know all about the ghosts ... Read More
Chapter 8 The governess still wants to prove to Mrs. Grose she's really seeing ghosts. If she were making them up, she says, how c... Read More
Chapter 9 The governess wonders if the children suspect her private worries. She remains convinced of their innocence, though skep... Read More
Chapter 10 The governess waits for a while at the top of the staircase and then goes back to her room. She notices Flora's bed is e... Read More
Chapter 11 The governess relates the events of the night to Mrs. Grose the next day: she went outside to bring in Miles and lead hi... Read More
Chapter 12 While talking to Mrs. Grose, the governess fixes on something Miles said: "Think, you know, what I might do!" Despite Mi... Read More
Chapter 13 For a month the governess continues to feel uneasy. She senses Miles and Flora know the reason for her discomfort. The a... Read More
Chapter 14 On a Sunday morning in early autumn, the governess is walking to church beside Miles. Miles is wearing a waistcoat and l... Read More
Chapter 15 Shocked by what Miles has just said to her outside of the church about wanting to return to school, the governess consid... Read More
Chapter 16 Mrs. Grose and the children return from church and don't mention the governess's absence. The governess goes to Mrs. Gro... Read More
Chapter 17 In the evening, before Miles goes to bed, the governess joins him in his room. She asks Miles what he's thinking about; ... Read More
Chapter 18 The next morning the governess has her letter to the children's uncle in her pocket. She plans to mail it later that day... Read More
Chapter 19 Mrs. Grose and the governess go straight to the lake, to the spot where Flora previously saw a spirit. The governess alw... Read More
Chapter 20 Flora's face changes like "the smash of a pane of glass" when the governess says Miss Jessel's name. The governess immed... Read More
Chapter 21 The next morning Mrs. Grose tells the governess Flora has a high fever. The governess is still resentful about the way F... Read More
Chapter 22 After Mrs. Grose leaves the governess realizes she's alone in a crisis, "face to face with the elements." She acts calm,... Read More
Chapter 23 The governess says they're not completely alone; they have "the others." Miles says yes, but the others don't count. ... Read More
Chapter 24 Before the governess can process Miles's reaction to her question, she has a renewed sense of Peter Quint's presence. Sh... Read More
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