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The War of the Worlds | Characters

Character Description
Narrator The narrator is a philosopher from Woking, England, who tells the story of how he and his younger brother survive the Martian invasion of Earth. Read More
Martians The Martians are brown leathery creatures from Mars with huge heads and tentacles who land on Earth to make a new homeland. They have evolved into highly cerebral beings who build machines to accomplish what their bodies cannot do. Read More
Narrator's brother The narrator's brother is a young medical student living in London who experiences a harrowing journey—much of it with Miss and Mrs. Elphinstone—to escape the Martians. Read More
Artilleryman The artilleryman is a soldier who escapes death from the Heat-Ray through a lucky accident and uses his cunning to continue to evade the Martians, dreaming up a plan for a utopian community to preserve the human race. Read More
Curate A curate of the church in Weybridge is driven insane by the notion that the Martian invasion is God's judgment and the coming of the apocalypse. He is trapped in a collapsed house with the narrator for many days before being killed by the Martians. Read More
Ogilvy Ogilvy is the astronomer who, with the narrator, observes what turns out to the launch of a cylinder. He witnesses the fall of the first cylinder, but he is killed by the first firing of the Heat-Ray as he approaches the Martians. Read More
Albin Albin, who is presumably a scientist, observes a greenish streak that lingers behind the fall of the first cylinder.
Bearded man Clutching a bag of money, the bearded man is trampled to death in the traffic when he tries to pick up his money after the bag splits.
Blind man A blind man in a Salvation Army uniform stands at the crowded intersection and repeats the word "Eternity!"
Boatman A boatman hears the sound of gunfire near Chertsey.
Boy A boy runs away from the cylinder as it opens, telling the narrator he doesn't like it.
Captain The captain of the steamboat on which the narrator's brother, with Miss and Mrs. Elphinstone, seeks to escape cheers the destruction of two tripods by an ironclad ship.
Denning Denning is an authority on meteorites, estimating the distance and trajectory of the fall of the first cylinder.
Doctor A doctor's cart is ahead of the narrator's as they flee Woking, but the narrator overtakes the doctor in his haste to escape.
Drunken man A drunken man covered in black dust is incoherent and lunges at the narrator as he enters London.
Major Eden Major Eden is an officer in the second company to arrive at Horsell Common to defend people against the Martians, but he is said to be missing.
Ellen Ellen is an exhausted little girl whom the narrator's brother tries to help at the crowded intersection, but she runs back to her mother when called.
Miss Elphinstone Miss Elphinstone is a young woman escaping the Martians with her sister-in-law, who is rescued from thieves by the narrator's brother. She uses a revolver to assist the narrator's brother at a difficult crossing before they reach the coast.
Mrs. Elphinstone Mrs. Elphinstone is an older woman escaping the Martians with her sister-in-law. She needs to be rescued by the brother of the narrator from a group of thieves. She must be convinced to leave the shores of England on a boat.
Lord Garrick Lord Garrick is a Chief Justice who is dying and being carried on a stretcher by servants to the crossing near Barnet where they stop to look for water.
Lord Garrick's servant A servant of Lord Garrick asks the narrator's brother about the location of a source of water at the intersection near Barnet.
Gentleman An older gentleman complains about the train service in London to the narrator's brother.
Henderson Henderson is a London journalist who tries with Ogilvy to dig out the cylinder in an effort to help its occupants, sends a telegraph to his editors about its arrival, and dies from the Heat-Ray with the group of men who approach the Martians.
Landlord of the Spotted Dog The landlord of the Spotted Dog pub near the home of the narrator loans the narrator a horse and dog cart to escape. He is killed by Martians.
Lavelle of Java Lavelle of Java is an astronomer who shares his discovery of gaseous explosions hurtling from Mars toward Earth.
Lieutenant A lieutenant of the 8th Hussars encounters the artilleryman and narrator on the road to Woking. He finds their account of the Martians hard to believe.
Man from Byfleet A male refugee from Byfleet tells the narrator's brother Woking has been destroyed by the Martians.
Man in a blue and white blazer A man wearing a blue and white blazer asks the narrator's brother what he makes of reports coming out of the countryside that seem to contradict what they had understood about the Martians' inability to move out of the pit.
Man in a blue jersey A man in a blue jersey at Weybridge spots the approaching Martian tripods.
Man in evening dress A man in the flood of refugees at the crowded intersection dressed in evening clothes talks to himself.
Man who telegraphs Paris A man discovers the death of the Martians before the narrator and manages to telegraph the news to Paris.
Man with orchids An old man doesn't want to leave behind his valuable orchids as he is urged to evacuate. The narrator screams at him about the approach of death.
Markham Markham is a newspaper editor who is happy to find a photograph of Mars to use in his illustrated paper.
Men at the gate Two men at the gate know nothing more of the events at Horsell Common to tell the narrator.
Milkman The narrator's milkman tells him about the military surrounding the cylinder in Horsell Common. He says they have no intention of killing the Martians if it can be avoided.
Narrator's brother's fellow lodger The narrator's brother's fellow lodger is awakened by calls to evacuate the city and asks the brother what is going on.
Narrator's cousins The narrator leaves the care of his wife and servant to his cousins in Leatherhead. They return with the narrator's wife to Woking to find the narrator there.
Narrator's neighbor A neighbor of the narrator comments unfavorably on the Martians' appearance.
Narrator's neighbor who gardens The narrator's neighbor, from his garden, tells the narrator about the second cylinder, jokes about the damage and insurers, and regrets the death of Ogilvy.
Narrator's servant A servant to the narrator and his wife escapes Woking with them. The narrator fetches a box from the home to add a few of the servant's belongings to the escape cart.
Narrator's wife The unnamed wife of the narrator serves as the narrator's main motivation to survive.
People in London Unnamed people in London take the narrator into their home after they find him wandering and out of his mind. They give him news of Leatherhead and try to convince him not to go back to Woking.
Policeman A policeman awakens the narrator's brother as he warns residents to flee the Martians.
Schiaparelli Schiaparelli is a 19th-century Italian astronomer who records his observations of changes on the surface of Mars but does not recognize their meaning.
Sennacherib Sennacherib is an Assyrian king whose army was killed by the angel of God as it sought to invade Jerusalem at the time of King Hezekiah.
Shopkeeper A shopkeeper stands on the cylinder and falls into the pit. He is unable to escape when the Martians emerge and is killed.
Stent Stent is the Astronomer Royal who leads a group of men to try to excavate the cylinder and later joins a group of men who approach the Martians with a white flag only to be incinerated by the Heat-Ray.
Three thieves A group of three thieves tries to steal the horse and carriage of the Elphinstone ladies but are rebuffed by the narrator's brother and Miss Elphinstone.
Woman An unnamed woman screams a warning that the Martians are coming on the night of the first firing of the Heat-Ray.
Woman at the gate A woman at the gate believes the reaction about the events in the common to be "silly" and tells the narrator she's heard enough about the Martians.
Woman near the narrator at Weybridge A woman near the narrator at Weybridge expresses her confidence that the soldiers will stop the Martians.
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