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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

L. Frank Baum

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz | Chapter 14 : The Winged Monkeys | Summary



There's no road, "not even a pathway," from the witch's castle to the Emerald City. It's heavy going for the travelers, who were flown to the castle by the Flying Monkeys. Dorothy and her companions wander for several days without finding a road.

Using a magic whistle that the Queen of the Field Mice gave her, Dorothy calls the mice for help. The Queen points out that Dorothy can summon the Flying Monkeys by using the Golden Cap. Dorothy finds the words of the necessary charm "written upon the lining" and follows the directions. Immediately the band of Winged Monkeys arrives, and their king agrees to fly the travelers to Emerald City.

As he flies Dorothy along, the king tells her the monkeys' history. Two generations before, the king's grandfather played a trick on the intended husband of a nearby princess/sorceress. As punishment the princess decreed that whoever owned the Golden Cap would become the monkeys' master. The Witch of the West managed to steal the cap and kept it until Dorothy took it for herself. The Cap will grant Dorothy three wishes; she's used the first wish to be flown to Emerald City.

And now they've arrived. The monkeys set down their passengers in front of the city gates and fly away.


This chapter again refers the reader to legends in which mice perform a favor for someone who has spared their lives. Dorothy's interaction with the mice also helps to restore the traveler's balance with nature. On the way to the castle the friends were forced to kill the first witch's armies of captive wolves, crows, and bees to save themselves. Now that the witch is dead, the travelers can coexist peacefully with the animals (and Winkies) around them.

Baum hasn't mentioned the Queen of the Mouse's magic whistle before this. In Chapter 9 the queen merely told Dorothy and her friends to call if they needed her. On the other hand the Wicked Witch of the West summoned her wolves, bears, and bees with a silver whistle. Perhaps Baum has confused the two chapters somehow—not his first inconsistency!

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