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L. Frank Baum

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Day 1

    A cyclone sweeps away Dorothy's house—with Dorothy and Toto inside.

    Chapter 1
  • Next day

    Dorothy's house crushes the Wicked Witch of the East. Dorothy awakens in the Land of Oz.

    Chapter 2
  • Two days later

    Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion set out for the Emerald City.

    Chapter 7
  • A few days later

    The Wizard of Oz assigns Dorothy and her friends the task of killing the Wicked Witch of the West.

    Chapter 11
  • Next day

    The Wicked Witch of the West captures Dorothy, Toto, and the Lion.

    Chapter 12
  • Many days later

    Dorothy kills the witch with a bucket of water.

    Chapter 12
  • Two days later

    The Winged Monkeys fly Dorothy and her friends back to the Emerald City.

    Chapter 14
  • Later that day

    The Wizard is revealed as a fraud.

    Chapter 15
  • Next day

    The Wizard grants everyone's wish except Dorothy's.

    Chapter 16
  • Four days later

    Learning that her silver shoes are the secret to getting home, Dorothy leaves Oz for Kansas.

    Chapter 23

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Author's Note In a brief introduction dated to "Chicago, April, 1900," L. Frank Baum describes the fun children derive from "folklore,... Read More
Chapter 1 An orphaned girl named Dorothy lives in a small, drab house with her uncle and aunt. The Kansas prairie landscape is bar... Read More
Chapter 2 Dorothy and Toto wake with a jolt to find that the cyclone has set the house down in "a country of marvelous beauty." A ... Read More
Chapter 3 As Dorothy prepares for her journey, she decides to wear the dead witch's silver shoes, which fit perfectly and won't we... Read More
Chapter 4 As they walk the Scarecrow and Dorothy learn more about each other. Dorothy explains why she wants to return to "dry, gr... Read More
Chapter 5 In the morning the travelers leave the cottage and head for the yellow brick road. Before they've gotten far, they hear ... Read More
Chapter 6 Dorothy and her friends are stumbling fearfully through the woods when a huge lion suddenly springs at them, knocking ov... Read More
Chapter 7 The group of friends make camp for the night. Dorothy and Toto are almost out of food, so the Scarecrow brings them a ba... Read More
Chapter 8 The travelers cross the river in the Tin Woodman's raft—all but the Scarecrow, who gets stuck clinging to a pole in the ... Read More
Chapter 9 As the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman wait for sleeping Dorothy to wake up, a wildcat chases a mouse right past them. The Tin... Read More
Chapter 10 The Lion finally wakes up, and once again the four friends and Toto set off down the yellow brick road. The houses and f... Read More
Chapter 11 The Guardian of the Gates leads Dorothy and her friends through the dazzling Emerald City. Everything is green, includin... Read More
Chapter 12 The next morning the travelers leave the Emerald City and head west. The land is rough, treeless, and unoccupied. Doroth... Read More
Chapter 13 The Winkies—freed from their bondage to the Wicked Witch—are happy to help rescue and repair the Tin Woodman and the Sca... Read More
Chapter 14 There's no road, "not even a pathway," from the witch's castle to the Emerald City. It's heavy going for the travelers, ... Read More
Chapter 15 When Dorothy and her friends at last reach the Emerald City, they wait for several days before Oz agrees to see them—whi... Read More
Chapter 16 Although Oz makes it quite clear that he's not a real wizard, Dorothy and her friends make it equally clear that they're... Read More
Chapter 17 Oz keeps Dorothy waiting for three days. Finally he summons her to the Throne Room to say that he thinks that a hot-air ... Read More
Chapter 18 Dorothy can't help being relieved not to be floating around in a balloon, but she still wants to get home to Kansas. The... Read More
Chapter 19 The next morning Dorothy and her friends leave the Emerald City and set out for the Land of the South. On their first da... Read More
Chapter 20 Since the china wall seems endless, the Woodman builds a ladder to scale it. The travelers are amazed at the sight on th... Read More
Chapter 21 Dorothy and her friends climb down the china wall to find themselves in a boggy, unpleasant landscape. When they reach s... Read More
Chapter 22 One last hurdle awaits Dorothy and her friends. Before they can reach the Witch of the South, they need to deal with the... Read More
Chapter 23 Seated on a ruby throne, the beautiful Glinda welcomes the travelers. Dorothy explains that she must get back to Kansas ... Read More
Chapter 24 Aunt Em has "just come out of the house to water the cabbages" when she spots Dorothy running toward her. She hugs and k... Read More
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