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Lewis Carroll

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Through the Looking-Glass | Characters

Character Description
Alice Alice, a young girl, is the center of the story. She enters a looking-glass and has a series of odd encounters as she proceeds to the Eighth Square, where she will be made queen. Read More
Red Queen The Red Queen is the more coherent of the two queens. She acts both as Alice's mentor and opponent. Read More
White Queen Plump, untidy, and distracted, the White Queen initially seeks her child (a pawn). Her actions throughout the story are odd, even in the nonsensical Looking-glass world. At one point she transforms into a sheep. Read More
White King The White King is the only king who takes any action in the story. However, he is more observer than active participant. Read More
Daisy Daisy is one of the talking flowers. Her only comment is a joke.
Fawn The Fawn cannot remember its name, and it travels through the woods with Alice briefly—during a time in which she also cannot recall her name.
Frog The Frog meets Alice at the door labeled "Queen Alice" and speaks to her briefly. He is dressed in bright yellow and wears enormous boots.
Gnat The Gnat tells Alice jokes and identifies other insects for her.
Guard The Guard is on the train; he brusquely asks for Alice's ticket.
Haigha Haigha is one of the White King's messengers. He is a recurring character from Alice in Wonderland, where he was called the March Hare. In Through the Looking-Glass, he watches the Lion and Unicorn fight and serves refreshments.
Hatta Hatta is another of the White King's messengers. He is a recurring character from Alice in Wonderland, where he was called the Mad Hatter. In Through the Looking-Glass, he and Haigha watch the Lion and Unicorn fight and serve refreshments. See an illustration of his character in Chapters 5 and 7.
Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty is a talking egg. His persona is surly and self-important, and Alice's encounter with him ends abruptly when he says "Good-bye" quite suddenly. The loud crash at the end of Chapter 6 is Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall.
Larkspur Larkspur is one of the talking flowers. Her one remark is to warn them the Red Queen is coming.
Lily Lily is a pawn and the daughter of the White Queen and White King. Alice takes Lily's place in the chess game when Lily is deemed too young to play the game.
Lion The Lion battles the Unicorn for the crown. The Lion asks Alice what she is, and afterward refers to her as "Monster."
Red King The Red King is loudly snoring early in the story, and Alice notes at the end that he's been asleep the entire time.
Red Knight The Red Knight is one of the two knights not sent out with the king's army. He battles the White Knight and gallops away.
Rose Rose is one of the talking flowers. She is particularly focused on manners, and her attitude is somewhat disdainful.
Sheep The White Queen transforms into a Sheep, who knits with a remarkable number of needles and makes jokes that Alice doesn't understand.
Tiger-lily Tiger-lily is one of the talking flowers. Her persona is snobbish but helpful.
Tweedledee Tweedledee is Tweedledum's twin. He says "contrariwise" regularly. Like his brother, he is a bit ridiculous, reciting a long poem, dancing, and insisting on a battle.
Tweedledum Tweedledum is Tweedledee's twin brother.
Unicorn The Unicorn battles the Lion for the crown. The Unicorn and Alice discuss their surprise, noting they each though the other was a "fabulous monster."
Violet Violet is one of the talking flowers. Her only remark is cruel.
White Knight The White Knight spends some time traveling with Alice, seeing her to the Eighth Square. Along the way, the reader learns he is an inventor, and he has a difficult time staying astride his horse.
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