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Chapter 2

Professor Bradley Greenburg from Northeastern Illinois University explains Chapter 2 in Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

To Kill a Mockingbird | Chapter 2 | Summary



September comes and Dill leaves for home in Meridian, Mississippi, just before school starts for Jem and Scout. Scout is entering first grade, and she's looking forward to it after many days of watching the other schoolchildren from her treehouse. However, her first day starts off rough.

Her teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher, becomes frustrated when she discovers Scout is already an avid reader and writer. She tells Scout that her father should stop teaching her because he doesn't know how to teach. New to Maycomb, Miss Fisher knows little about the town's social structure, resulting in an awkward confrontation with Walter Cunningham, a student who comes from an extremely poor family. Miss Caroline offers to buy him lunch since he didn't bring any, but he has no means of paying her back. Scout explains to Miss Fisher that the Cunninghams don't take anything they can't pay for. Although Scout's explanation is well intended, Miss Caroline sends her to stand in the corner, confusing Scout about what she thought was a helpful interruption.


Chapter 2 captures what an observant and intelligent six-year-old Scout is. Scout can read and write, something her new teacher Miss Caroline doesn't appreciate. As the story is told from Scout's perspective, we learn that reading came about as naturally as breathing for her.

Another interesting aspect of this chapter is Scout's young and inexperienced teacher, Miss Caroline. A parallel can be drawn here between Miss Caroline's unwillingness to understand the people of Maycomb and the town's unwillingness to understand each other.

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