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Professor Bradley Greenburg from Northeastern Illinois University explains characters in Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

To Kill a Mockingbird | Characters

Character Description
Scout Scout Finch is the child narrator of the novel and an intelligent tomboy. Read More
Jem Jem Finch is Scout's older brother who becomes disillusioned with the idea of justice. Read More
Atticus Atticus Finch is an honorable and well-respected lawyer who believes in doing the right thing. Read More
Calpurnia Calpurnia is the cook and housekeeper for the Finch family. She helps care for the children and also provides insight into the black community. Read More
Boo Radley Boo Radley is a reclusive neighbor and the object of the children's fascination. Read More
Dill Dill is a young friend of the Finch children; he protects his vulnerable emotions with a vivid imagination. Read More
Bob Ewell Bob Ewell is one of many racists in Maycomb and is Tom Robinson's accuser. Read More
Tom Robinson Tom Robinson is the black man Atticus defends against charges of raping a white woman. Read More
Aunt Alexandra Aunt Alexandra (Hancock) is Atticus's sister who moves in and helps raise the children during Tom's trial.
Dick Avery Dick Avery is the boarding neighbor down the street who has sneezing attacks.
Miss Caroline Miss Caroline (Fisher) is Scout's first-grade teacher who interacts with Burris Ewell and Walter Cunningham.
Stephanie Crawford Stephanie Crawford is the gossipy neighbor on the block.
Walter Cunningham Jr. Walter Cunningham Jr. is Scout's poverty-stricken classmate who is embarrassed by Miss Caroline.
Walter Cunningham Sr. Walter Cunningham Sr. is the father of Scout's classmate and a member of the lynch mob.
Mrs. Dubose Mrs. Dubose is the intimidating widow and morphine addict Jem is forced to read to.
Burris Ewell Burris Ewell is Bob Ewell's son and Mayella Ewell's brother. He is also Scout's bullying classmate who has little self-awareness.
Mayella Ewell Mayella Ewell is the daughter of Bob Ewell who makes a false rape accusation against Tom Robinson.
Cousin Francis Cousin Francis (Hancock) is Aunt Alexandra's grandson. He and the Finch children do not get along, and Scout fights with him after he badgers her about Atticus's defense of Tom Robinson.
Miss Gates Miss Gates is Scout's third-grade teacher who deplores Hitler for his persecution of the Jews. Yet when Tom is convicted she states, "It's time somebody taught 'em a lesson."
Mr. Gilmer Mr. Gilmer is the prosecuting attorney in Tom Robinson's trial.
Rachel Haverford Rachel Haverford is the Finches' next-door neighbor and Dill's aunt.
Uncle Jack Uncle Jack (Finch) is Atticus's childless younger brother, who he supported through medical school.
Cecil Jacobs Cecil Jacobs is Scout's classmate who lives at the end of the street. He and Scout get into a fight when Cecil makes fun of Atticus for defending Tom Robinson.
Uncle Jimmy Uncle Jimmy (Hancock) is Aunt Alexandra's husband.
Chuck Little Chuck Little is Scout's classmate who calms Miss Caroline when the teacher is frightened by Burris Ewell's head lice.
Miss Maudie Miss Maudie (Atkinson) is the widowed neighbor across the street whose house burns down.
Grace Merriweather A member of Aunt Alexandra's Missionary Society, she is concerned with the plight of the Mruna tribe in Africa but oblivious to the African American community in Maycomb.
Nathan Radley Nathan Radley is Boo's older brother who shoots at the Finch children when they trespass on his property.
Dolphus Raymond Dolphus Raymond is a property owner who lives on the outskirts of town with his mixed-race family. He pretends to be an alcoholic to discourage prying comments about his family.
Dr. Reynolds Dr. Reynolds is a local doctor and progressive thinker.
Helen Robinson Helen Robinson is the wife of Tom Robinson; she is harassed by Bob Ewell.
Reverend Sykes Reverend Sykes is the head of the church Calpurnia attends.
Heck Tate Heck Tate is the sheriff of Maycomb County.
Judge Taylor Judge Taylor presides over the trial of Tom Robinson; Bob Ewell later attempts to break into the judge's house.
Braxton Underwood Braxton Underwood is the publisher of the local paper.
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