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To Kill a Mockingbird | Chapter Summaries

See Chapter Summaries Chart

Timeline of Events

  • Summer 1933

    Dill arrives and befriends Scout and Jem.

    Chapter 1
  • September 1933

    Scout begins school.

    Chapter 2
  • Spring 1934

    The children begin finding gifts in the knot-hole.

    Chapter 4
  • October 1934

    Knot-hole is cemented.

    Chapter 7
  • November 1934

    Tom Robinson is arrested.

    Chapter 7
  • December 1934

    Miss Maudie's house burns down.

    Chapter 8
  • February 1935

    Atticus shoots the rabid dog.

    Chapter 10
  • Spring 1935

    Mrs. Dubose dies.

    Chapter 11
  • Summer 1935

    Dill runs away from home and comes to Maycomb.

    Chapter 14
  • Summer 1935

    The Finches stop the lynch mob.

    Chapter 15
  • July/August 1935

    Tom Robinson's trial begins.

    Chapter 16
  • August 1935

    Tom Robinson is found guilty.

    Chapter 21
  • August/September 1935

    Tom Robinson is shot trying to escape.

    Chapter 24
  • October 1935

    Boo saves Scout and Jem from Bob Ewell's Halloween attack.

    Chapter 28

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 To Kill a Mockingbird opens with Scout recalling the events leading up to when her brother, Jem, broke his arm when he w... Read More
Chapter 2 September comes and Dill leaves for home in Meridian, Mississippi, just before school starts for Jem and Scout. Scout is... Read More
Chapter 3 In the playground Scout takes her frustrations out on Walter Cunningham for the morning's mishaps. Jem stops her, realiz... Read More
Chapter 4 The author whisks Scout through much of the school year, which she sums up as no better than Scout's first day. By this ... Read More
Chapter 5 As Jem and Dill's friendship grows, Scout finds herself excluded more frequently from their activities. She starts spend... Read More
Chapter 6 On the night before Dill returns home at the end of summer, he and Jem plan to peek into the windows of the Radley house... Read More
Chapter 7 School starts again and Scout is worried about Jem's quiet demeanor ever since their misadventure at the Radley house th... Read More
Chapter 8 The weather turns unseasonably cold in Maycomb, and Jem and Scout get their first glimpse of snow. School is canceled, s... Read More
Chapter 9 Christmas is near, and Scout and Jem learn that Atticus has taken the case of Tom Robinson, a black man accused of rapin... Read More
Chapter 10 Jem and Scout can't make sense of why people are so critical of Atticus just because of the Tom Robinson case when Attic... Read More
Chapter 11 Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose is a nasty woman who harasses Jem and Scout every time they walk past her house. Her behavio... Read More
Chapter 12 Summer is back and Jem will be turning 12 in a few weeks. It's apparent that Jem's adolescent angst is starting to show.... Read More
Chapter 13 Aunt Alexandra assumes a leading role in the Finch household and Maycomb society. She tells Atticus he needs to instill ... Read More
Chapter 14 Scout mentions to Aunt Alexandra and Atticus that she and Jem went to Calpurnia's church with her. While Atticus is amus... Read More
Chapter 15 In the week following Dill's appearance, things seem to be looking up for Scout: Dill gets to stay for the summer; she's... Read More
Chapter 16 After a run-in the night before at the county jail between Atticus and a mob looking to kill Tom Robinson, the Finch hom... Read More
Chapter 17 The trial begins with testimony from Sheriff Tate. Tate says that Bob Ewell came to his office, saying his daughter had ... Read More
Chapter 18 The trial picks up with 19-year-old Mayella taking the stand. Like her father and brother, introduced earlier, Mayella i... Read More
Chapter 19 Atticus calls Tom Robinson to the stand. Through his questioning Atticus reveals what most everyone knows to be true: To... Read More
Chapter 20 In the square Scout and Dill talk with Dolphus Raymond. Raymond has a black girlfriend and several mixed-race children, ... Read More
Chapter 21 Calpurnia passes Atticus a note, which Atticus quickly reads. Atticus reports to the judge that the note is from his sis... Read More
Chapter 22 Feeling defeated, Atticus, Jem, Scout, and Dill trudge home. Jem in particular is crushed by the verdict because he can'... Read More
Chapter 23 Jem, Scout, Dill, and Aunt Alexandra are worried about Atticus when Bob Ewell threatens him the day after the trial. Att... Read More
Chapter 24 With summer nearly over, school will soon be back in session. Before Dill has to leave he and Jem go to Barker's Eddy wh... Read More
Chapter 25 On the way to Helen Robinson's to inform her of Tom's death, Atticus and Calpurnia come upon Jem and Dill, who are just ... Read More
Chapter 26 Once school starts the children find themselves passing the Radley house again. Scout, now in third grade, reflects on t... Read More
Chapter 27 By October life begins to settle down for Jem, Scout, and Atticus. Even so, Bob Ewell continues to weigh on their minds.... Read More
Chapter 28 When Scout learns that Atticus and Aunt Alexandra can't come to the pageant, she performs her small part for them in the... Read More
Chapter 29 Sheriff Tate has Scout relate everything she can remember about the attack. Between her details and the sheriff's examin... Read More
Chapter 30 The doctor ushers everyone out of the room. Though nervous, Scout guides Boo through the house to the porch. There the d... Read More
Chapter 31 With the legal details settled, Boo makes Scout understand that he wants to see Jem one more time before leaving. Togeth... Read More
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