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To the Lighthouse | Characters

Character Description
Mrs. Ramsay Beautiful, kind, maternal, conventional Mrs. Ramsay is the novel's central character, with her influence extending to all others. Read More
Mr. Ramsay A metaphysical philosopher, insecure Mr. Ramsay can be unpleasant, harsh, and demanding. Read More
Lily Briscoe An independent and introverted artist, Lily Briscoe is Mrs. Ramsay's good friend and is painting a portrait of her and her youngest son, James. Read More
James The youngest of the Ramsays' eight children, James is fascinated by and wants to visit the lighthouse. Read More
Cam Free-spirited Cam Ramsay is the youngest of the Ramsays' daughters. Read More
Paul Rayley Serious, agreeable Paul Rayley is Minta Doyle's fiancé. Read More
Minta Doyle Outgoing, carefree, and charming, Minta Doyle stays with the Ramsays and becomes Paul Rayley's fiancée. Read More
William Bankes A childless widower, scrupulous William Bankes is a botanist, Mr. Ramsay's estranged friend, and Lily Briscoe's close friend; he is secretly in love with Mrs. Ramsay.
Mrs. Bast Old Mrs. Bast helps Mrs. McNab clean the Ramsay house during its abandonment.
George Bast George Bast is Mrs. Bast's son, who helps prepare the Ramsays' summer house after 10 years.
Mrs. Beckwith Mrs. Beckwith, an elderly woman who sketches, is staying at the Ramsays' summer house in "The Lighthouse."
Aunt Camilla Aunt Camilla is Mrs. Ramsay's beautiful aunt, who had a tendency to exaggerate.
Augustus Carmichael Elderly, opium-smoking poet Augustus Carmichael, with his lack of grooming and inattention to others, is the only guest seemingly unaffected by Mrs. Ramsay; devastated by Andrew Ramsay's death, Carmichael writes war poetry that brings him fame.
Mrs. Carmichael Although her name is not mentioned, Mrs. Carmichael is Augustus Carmichael's wife, who kicks him out and, in Mrs. Ramsay's opinion, turns her husband against her [Mrs. Ramsay].
Mrs. Doyle Mrs. Doyle is Minta Doyle's mother, who hesitates to allow Minta to stay with the Ramsays, having heard Mrs. Ramsay is authoritarian and tyrannical.
Edward Edward sends James a boar skull, which James nails to the wall.
Ellen Ellen works for the Ramsays in the kitchen and brings Augustus Carmichael another plate of soup.
Elsie Elsie is the impoverished woman Mrs. Ramsay visits in town.
Miss Giddings Miss Giddings is a silly woman whom Mr. Ramsay once frightened when he shouted.
Uncle James Mrs. Ramsay's Uncle James brought Mrs. Ramsay an opal necklace from India.
Kennedy Kennedy is the Ramsays' former gardener, whom Mrs. Ramsay thought handsome but lazy; he was injured falling off a cart.
Macalister Macalister accompanies Mr. Ramsay, James, and Cam on the excursion to the lighthouse.
Macalister's son Macalister's quiet son fishes on the excursion to the lighthouse.
Davie Macdonald Davie Macdonald is a former unreliable gardener for the Ramsays.
Carrie Manning A friend of William Bankes, Carrie Manning is Mrs. Ramsay's estranged friend and Herbert Manning's wife, who has built a new billiard room.
George Manning George Manning is a famous guest of the Ramsays, who liked Mrs. Ramsay.
Herbert Manning Herbert Manning is Carrie Manning's successful husband and William Bankes's friend.
Marie The Ramsays' Swiss maid, Marie cannot leave her job to be with her father, who is dying of cancer in Switzerland.
Marthe Marthe works in the Ramsays' kitchen and serves the boeuf en daube at dinner.
Mrs. McNab Mrs. McNab is the elderly caretaker for the Ramsays' summer house.
George McNab George McNab is Mrs. McNab's son, who helps restore the Ramsays' summer house.
Nursemaid The nursemaid tells Cam to give William Bankes a flower, and she refuses.
Mr. Paunceforte A painter, Mr. Paunceforte visited and influenced landscape painting.
Andrew Ramsay Gifted in mathematics, Andrew Ramsay is the Ramsays' oldest son; he is killed instantly during the war.
Jasper Ramsay A bird hunter, Jasper is Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay's son.
Nancy Ramsay Nancy Ramsay is the Ramsays' daughter, who accompanies Paul Rayley and Minta Doyle when he proposes and later forgets to order lunches for the lighthouse trip.
Prue Ramsay The Ramsays' eldest and beautiful daughter, Prue, dies shortly after childbirth.
Roger Ramsay Roger Ramsay is Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay's son.
Rose Ramsay Rose Ramsay is Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay's daughter, who enjoys selecting jewelry for her mother to wear.
Sorley Sorley is a father and the lighthouse keeper.
Sorley's son Mrs. Ramsay knits stockings for Sorley's son, who has a tuberculous hip.
Charles Tansley Narrow-minded, abrasive, sexist Charles Tansley admires Mr. Ramsay and comes to admire Mrs. Ramsay because of the attention she gives him and her embodiment of womanhood; his remarks that women cannot create art anger Lily.
Mr. Wallace Mr. Wallace is a famous guest of the Ramsays, who liked Mrs. Ramsay.
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