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Tom Jones | Characters

Character Description
Tom Jones Tom Jones is a handsome young man with a good heart who is born as a bastard and ends up getting into a lot of trouble because he lacks good judgment. Read More
Sophia Sophia Western is a beautiful, good, and sensible country heiress who falls in love with Tom Jones when they are teenagers. Read More
Mr. Allworthy Mr. Thomas Allworthy is a rich, upright, and moral philanthropist and benefactor to many people who informally adopts Tom Jones when he is an infant. Read More
Mr. Blifil Mr. Blifil is the child of Bridget Allworthy and Captain Blifil who grows up to be a spiteful and unscrupulous young man. Read More
Squire Western Squire Western is a rich country gentleman, a drunkard, and a sportsman, who loves his daughter but treats her like property. Read More
Mrs. Western Mrs. Western is the vain and silly sister of Squire Western who gets involved in trying to force Sophia to marry a man she despises. Read More
Mr. Partridge Mr. Partridge is a schoolteacher who is falsely accused of being the father of the foundling Tom Jones. Read More
Mr. Anderson Mr. Anderson is a poor man who tries to rob Tom Jones when he is on the road so that he can feed his family. He is a relative of Mrs. Miller.
Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Anderson is the loving wife of Mr. Anderson and the mother of his children.
Will Barnes Will Barnes is the former lover of Molly and Betty Seagrim and may be the father of Molly's child.
Lady Bellaston Lady Bellaston is an evil aristocrat who seduces Tom. She will stop at nothing to satisfy her sexual desires.
Betsy Betsy Miller is the 10-year-old daughter of Mrs. Miller.
Betty Betty is Sophia's maid after she is forced to give up Mrs. Honour.
Captain Blifil Captain Blifil is a fortune hunter who marries Bridget for her brother's estate, which he hopes to inherit.
Dr. Blifil Dr. Blifil is a hanger-on at Mr. Allworthy's house and arranges for his brother to meet Bridget Allworthy.
Bridget Miss Bridget Allworthy, also called Miss Bridget, is Mr. Allworthy's sister and Tom's mother who has him out of wedlock before she marries Captain Blifil. She later becomes Mrs. Blifil.
Mr. Dowling Mr. Dowling, a lawyer, becomes Mr. Allworthy's steward and Mr. Blifil's right-hand man.
Tom Edwards Tom Edwards is one of the liars in Mrs. Bellaston's club who tells Sophia a fib about Tom.
Captain Egglane Captain Egglane is hired by Lord Fellamar to advance his marriage proposal to Sophia and later to have Tom Jones abducted for naval service.
Mrs. Etoff Mrs. Etoff is Lady Bellaston's lady's maid.
Lord Fellamar Lord Fellamar is a rich suitor and friend of Lady Bellaston who falls in love with Sophia.
Mr. Fitzpatrick Mr. Brian Fitzpatrick is a fortune hunter who marries his wife, Harriet, for her money.
Mrs. Fitzpatrick Mrs. Harriet Fitzpatrick is Sophia's cousin; they live together at their Aunt Western's for a period of time. Harriet elopes with Mr. Fitzpatrick.
Black George Black George is a poor man with a big family; he is a poacher, a gamekeeper, and disloyal friend to Tom Jones. He is also called George Seagrim.
Mrs. Honour Mrs. Honour Blackmore is Sophia's maid. She is a single woman of an older age.
Mrs. Hunt Mrs. Arabella Hunt is a widow of fortune who falls in love with Tom Jones.
King of the Gypsies King of the Gypsies is the title for the man who rules over the gypsies; Tom Jones and Mr. Partridge meet him during their journey.
Lieutenant The lieutenant is an upright man who befriends Tom when he volunteers to go to war.
Mr. Maclachlan Mr. Maclachlan is an Irish friend of Mr. Fitzpatrick whom he meets at the inn at Upton when Fitzpatrick is pursuing his wife.
The Man of the Hill The Man of the Hill is the misanthrope that Tom Jones meets on his journeys. The Man has withdrawn from the world.
Mrs. Miller Mrs. Miller is a good friend of Mr. Allworthy's and a keeper of a boardinghouse where Tom Jones stays when he gets to London.
Molly Molly Seagrim is Tom Jones's first lover; she is pregnant with a child that belongs to either Tom or Will Barnes.
Nancy Nancy Miller is the 17-year-old daughter of Mrs. Miller who gets pregnant by Mr. Jack Nightingale.
Narrator Often speaking directly to the reader in the first person, the narrator can be assumed to be Fielding himself, since he reflects on the creation of the story and refers to his wife, Charlotte.
Nightingale Mr. Jack Nightingale is a boarder at Mrs. Miller's who begins having an affair with Nancy and later marries her.
Old Nightingale Mr. Nightingale Sr. is Jack Nightingale's father; he wants him to marry an heiress.
Uncle Nightingale Uncle Nightingale is a beloved uncle of Jack Nightingale who says children should make their own decisions about marriage but doesn't really believe that.
Northerton Ensign Northerton is a scoundrel who knocks Tom Jones on the head and almost kills Mrs. Waters.
Mrs. Partridge Mrs. Partridge is the nagging wife of Mr. Partridge who dies early in the story.
Peer The peer is a rich Irish lord who helps Mrs. Fitzpatrick escape from her husband and later becomes her lover.
Betty Seagrim Betty Seagrim is Molly's sister; she hates her sister because she stole her lover.
Square Mr. Thomas Square is one of the tutors of Tom Jones and Mr. Blifil; he calls himself a philosopher.
Mr. Supple Mr. Parson Supple is a good friend of Squire Western's who tries to rein him in when his behavior gets too passionate.
Susan Susan is a maid at the inn at Upton who provides Sophia with information about Tom.
Thwackum Rev. Roger Thwackum is the hypocritical clergyman who is the tutor of Tom Jones and Mr. Blifil. He constantly beats Tom when he is a child.
Mrs. Waters Mrs. Waters is the woman in distress whom Tom rescues from Northerton. Later she becomes the common-law wife of an army captain and is instrumental in shedding light on the identity of Tom's mother. She is also known as Jenny Jones, Tom's supposed mother.
Watson Watson is a thief and gambler that the Man of the Hill meets after he leaves school.
Mr. Whitefield Mr. Whitefield is the innkeeper at Gloucester where Tom Jones and Mr. Partridge stop.
Mrs. Whitefield Mrs. Whitefield is the wife of the innkeeper at Gloucester where Tom Jones and Mr. Partridge stop.
Mrs. Wilkins Mrs. Deborah Wilkins, also known as Mrs. Deborah, is a maid in Mr. Allworthy's household. She is a single woman of an older age.
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