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Tom Jones | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Henry Fielding's Tom Jones. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

tom-jones-a-foundling-henry-fielding Mr. Allworthy finds a baby in his bed. Blifil maliciously releases Sophiaspet bird, Tommy. Mr. Allworthy kicks Tom out of the housefor getting drunk and beating people. Lady Bellaston tries to tempt Tom away from Sophia. Despite Toms experience with other women, he and Sophia reconcile and agree to marry. Fitzpatrick accuses Tom of having anaffair with his wife; Tom stabs him in aduel and ends up in jail. 1 3 6 Main Characters Mr. AllworthyKind, generous, moral benefactor Mr. BlifilToms jealous, greedy half-brother SophiaBeautiful and determined country heiress; attracts Tom Mr. PartridgeFormer schoolmaster; self-appointed companion of Tom Lady BellastonMalicious sexual predator; tries to disrupt Toms life Tom JonesHandsome hero; cant resist a sexual invitation Tom Jones, the adopted bastard son of Mr. Allworthy, grows into a handsome, impetuous youth who is easily seduced by predatory women. Although good and kind, Tom lacks the discipline needed for a successful life. Through a series of trials, he learns some restraint and wins back his soulmate, Sophia, and the regard of his uncle. A Good Bad Boy Makes Good OVERVIEW Words in the novel, making it one of the longest for its time Year the Academy Awardwinning film adaptation starring Albert Finney as Tom Jones was released Women who seduce Tom Jones in the novel Suitors who pursue Sophia against her will 2 ~346,000 1963 3 Tom Jonesby the Numbers Themes Dogma vs. Virtue True goodness based on natural morality is better than empty rhetoric based on religious or philosophical theory. Appearance vs. Reality People present a pleasing appearance that covers up their true motives. Love & Desire Sexual desire is natural but should be accompanied by constant love. Sources: ABE Books, Encyclopaedia Britannica, The Guardian, IMDb, New World Encyclopedia Copyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc. HENRY FIELDING1707–54 Author One of the early English novelists, Fielding is best known for his comic masterpiece, Tom Jones, which incisively observes human nature while depicting peoples frailties with humor and compassion. Working as a lawyer, magistrate, journalist, and political pundit helped Fielding hone his skills as a master of satire. Author, Dedication t is much easier to make good Men wise, than to make bad Men good. Henry Fielding 1749 English Novel Author Year Published Original Language Comedy Tom Jones

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