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Robert Louis Stevenson

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Treasure Island | Characters

Character Description
Jim Hawkins Jim Hawkins is the son of the Admiral Benbow's innkeeper. He inherits a treasure map that leads to adventure on Treasure Island. Read More
Dr. Livesey Dr. Livesey, a respected medical doctor and local magistrate, joins Squire Trelawney and Jim Hawkins in their pursuit of buried treasure. Read More
Long John Silver Long John Silver (also known as Barbecue) is a one-legged seafaring man greatly feared by Billy Bones. He signs on as ship's cook aboard the Hispaniola and leads a mutiny as the ship nears Treasure Island. Read More
Squire Trelawney Squire Trelawney, a wealthy local landowner, buys the schooner Hispaniola and arranges the expedition to Treasure Island. Read More
Captain Smollett Captain Smollett is the Hispaniola's courageous captain. Before the ship leaves port, he predicts that there will be trouble during the voyage. Read More
Allen Allen is an honest sailor aboard the Hispaniola. When he will not mutiny, he is murdered, and his death yell is heard all over the island.
Job Anderson Job Anderson is boatswain on the Hispaniola and one of the leading mutineers. He is killed by Abraham Gray while attacking Jim.
Mr. Arrow Mr. Arrow is first mate on the Hispaniola, though not one of Silver's men. He mysteriously disappears before the ship reaches Treasure Island.
Blandly Blandly is an old friend of Squire Trelawney's and helps him find and purchase the schooner Hispaniola.
Billy Bones Billy Bones is an old seaman who takes up lodging at the Admiral Benbow and possesses the map to Treasure Island.
Mr. Dance Mr. Dance is the chief revenue officer in charge of the men who rescue Jim and his mother when buccaneers attack the Admiral Benbow.
Black Dog Black Dog is a pale man, missing two fingers on his left hand. He tries, but fails, to give Billy Bones the black spot and is later seen by Jim in Silver's tavern, the Spy-glass.
Dogger Dogger is one of Mr. Dance's revenue officers. He takes Jim Hawkins on horseback to find Dr. Livesey, following the buccaneers' attack at the Admiral Benbow.
Cap'n Flint Cap'n Flint is Long John Silver's parrot that screams "Pieces of eight! pieces of eight!" She is nearly 200 years old and has seen as much violence and wickedness as "the devil himself."
Captain Flint Captain Flint is the dead leader of the buccaneers who now crew the Hispaniola. Billy Bones's treasure map leads to the bloodthirsty captain's cache of gold on Treasure Island.
Abraham Gray Abraham Gray is an honest sailor who briefly falls in with the mutineers. Then, given the chance, he fights free and joins the honest party.
Ben Gunn Ben Gunn is a former member of Captain Flint's crew and has been marooned on Treasure Island. He promises to stand with Jim and his friends against the mutineers in exchange for passage home to England.
Israel Hands Israel Hands is the coxswain on the Hispaniola and a former member of Captain Flint's crew. Hands is shot by Jim as he tries to murder him.
Mr. Hawkins Mr. Hawkins is Jim's father and the owner of the Admiral Benbow. He's a timid, sickly man and dies at the beginning of the story.
Mrs. Hawkins Mrs. Hawkins, Jim's mother, helps manage the Admiral Benbow. She is courageous and protective of Jim when pirates threaten to invade and ransack the inn.
John Hunter John Hunter is Squire Trelawney's servant and accompanies him on the treasure hunt. He is hit in the head during the mutineers' attack on the stockade and dies of his injury.
John John is a mutineer and suffers a head injury during the attack on the stockade. Later he is killed at the site of the missing treasure.
Dick Johnson Dick Johnson is the youngest mutineer recruited by Long John Silver. A page of his Bible is used to make a black spot for Silver.
Richard Joyce Richard Joyce, Squire Trelawney's servant, accompanies him on the treasure hunt. He is shot dead when the mutineers attack the stockade.
George Merry George Merry is a volatile mutineer who challenges Long John Silver's authority. He is killed just before attacking Silver and Jim at the site of the missing treasure.
Tom Morgan Tom Morgan is an "old, grey-haired, mahogany-faced sailor" and ex-pirate who sailed with Flint. In the end, he is left on the island, marooned with two other mutineers.
O'Brien O'Brien is a mutineer and wears a distinctive red cap. He is killed by Israel Hands while acting as watchman aboard the Hispaniola.
Pew Pew is the deformed blind beggar who brings the black spot to Billy Bones and wants to kill Jim when he suspects the boy has taken the treasure map.
Tom Redruth Tom Redruth is Squire Trelawney's faithful gamekeeper. He takes charge of Jim before the sea voyage and is later killed on Treasure Island.
Tom Tom is an honest sailor who refuses to join the mutiny and is murdered by Long John Silver.
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