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Robert Louis Stevenson

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Treasure Island | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Mid-1700s

    Billy Bones moves into the Admiral Benbow Inn and pays Jim to watch for a one-legged, seafaring man.

    Part 1, Chapter 1
  • Months later, in January

    Billy Bones skirmishes with former crewmate Black Dog and wins but suffers a stroke.

    Part 1, Chapter 2
  • A few days later

    Billy Bones dies of a stroke when a blind pirate named Pew slips him the black spot.

    Part 1, Chapter 3
  • That night

    Jim finds Billy's packet with the treasure map just before pirates break in and ransack the inn.

    Part 1, Chapter 4
  • Later that night

    Jim shares the packet with Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney, who then plan a treasure hunt.

    Part 1, Chapter 6
  • Several weeks later

    Arrangements for a voyage are complete, and the Hispaniola sets sail from Bristol.

    Part 2, Chapter 10
  • Sundown, near the island

    While hiding in an apple barrel, Jim overhears Long John Silver and two crewmen plotting a mutiny.

    Part 2, Chapter 11
  • Later that night

    The island is sighted, and Jim reveals the mutineers' plot to the doctor, squire, and captain.

    Part 2, Chapter 12
  • Next day, 1:30 p.m.

    Jim stows away when the pirates go ashore and then witnesses Silver kill Tom, an honest sailor.

    Part 3, Chapter 14
  • Later that day

    Jim meets maroon Ben Gunn, who vows to help him and his friends in exchange for safe passage home.

    Part 3, Chapter 15
  • In the meantime

    Dr. Livesey and the captain abandon the ship and move their party to the stockade on the island.

    Part 4, Chapter 16
  • Later that day

    The pirates launch their first attack against the stockade; Tom Redruth is killed.

    Part 4, Chapter 18
  • Afternoon of the next day

    A second attack leaves the captain wounded; Hunter, Joyce, and five pirates are killed.

    Part 4, Chapter 21
  • Later that day

    Jim slips out, takes Gunn's handmade boat out to the Hispaniola, and cuts the anchor line.

    Part 5, Chapter 23
  • Next day

    Jim takes charge of the Hispaniola, kills Israel Hands, and safely beaches the ship.

    Part 5, Chapter 26
  • That night

    Returning to the stockade, Jim is taken prisoner by the pirates who now occupy it and have the map.

    Part 5, Chapter 27
  • Morning of the next day

    Dr. Livesey visits the stockade and strikes a deal with Silver to protect Jim and earn clemency.

    Part 6, Chapter 30
  • The next day

    At the end of their treasure hunt, the pirates find the gold gone and accuse Silver of stealing it.

    Part 6, Chapter 32
  • Moments later

    The pirates move to attack Silver and Jim but are ambushed and crushed by Livesey, Gray, and Gunn.

    Part 6, Chapter 33
  • Three days later

    Filled with gold, the ship leaves the island, Silver disappears, and the others reach home safely.

    Part 6, Chapter 34

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Part 1, Chapter 1 The narrator, Jim Hawkins, begins his story about Treasure Island with a brief explanation. The account, he says, is bei... Read More
Part 1, Chapter 2 One frosty January morning, while the captain is out for a stroll, a stranger comes to the inn looking for a man named B... Read More
Part 1, Chapter 3 In spite of the doctor's orders, Billy Bones eventually persuades Jim to bring him a glass of rum. He then confides to J... Read More
Part 1, Chapter 4 Jim and his mother are alone in the inn. Captain Flint's former crew could return at any time to seize whatever money th... Read More
Part 1, Chapter 5 Guided by the blind beggar, the pirates descend on the Admiral Benbow. As Jim watches from a safe distance, the men sear... Read More
Part 1, Chapter 6 Mr. Dance relates the events of the evening to Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney. The doctor and squire listen, intrigued... Read More
Part 2, Chapter 7 Preparations for the journey take longer than expected. At last a letter from Squire Trelawney announces that a fine shi... Read More
Part 2, Chapter 8 After breakfast Squire Trelawney sends Jim to the Spy-glass tavern. He is to deliver a note to the landlord, Long John S... Read More
Part 2, Chapter 9 As soon as Jim, Dr. Livesey, and Squire Trelawney are aboard the Hispaniola, the ship's captain, Smollett, asks to speak... Read More
Part 2, Chapter 10 Just before dawn the crew hauls up the ship's anchor, and the voyage begins. Passage to the island goes smoothly with a ... Read More
Part 2, Chapter 11 From his hiding place in the apple barrel, Jim overhears Silver, Israel Hands, and a young crewman named Dick discuss ho... Read More
Part 2, Chapter 12 At the cry of "Land ho!" everyone rushes to the Hispaniola's bow. In the distance is an island with three cone-shaped hi... Read More
Part 3, Chapter 13 By the next morning, the ship is close enough to the island to afford Jim a better look. It is far from the island parad... Read More
Part 3, Chapter 14 Having escaped Long John Silver, Jim is free to explore on the island. It seems uninhabited except for "dumb brutes and ... Read More
Part 3, Chapter 15 Someone or something is following Jim. When he first spies the creature, he's unsure if it is a bear, a man, or a monkey... Read More
Part 4, Chapter 16 At this point Dr. Livesey takes over the story's narration. He, Squire Trelawney, and a few honest men have been left ab... Read More
Part 4, Chapter 17 For the final journey to shore, the jolly-boat is dangerously overloaded with goods and five men. In addition the boat i... Read More
Part 4, Chapter 18 The doctor continues his narrative, describing the rush to reach the stockade. As he and the others arrive, seven mutine... Read More
Part 4, Chapter 19 Jim resumes his role as narrator, relating how he and Ben Gunn arrived at the stockade. Jim is unsure who might be insid... Read More
Part 4, Chapter 20 Silver and his lieutenant wade through early morning fog up to the stockade, carrying a flag of truce. Silver calls out ... Read More
Part 4, Chapter 21 Inside the block-house, the muskets are prepared and each man assigned a position. Jim, who is no marksman, is charged w... Read More
Part 5, Chapter 22 The pirates do not return to renew their attack. Dr. Livesey attends to the three wounded men; the first two die of thei... Read More
Part 5, Chapter 23 Jim takes Gunn's coracle (small round paddle boat) and heads out to the Hispaniola. The coracle proves hard to manage, b... Read More
Part 5, Chapter 24 It is broad daylight when Jim awakens to find he and the coracle are bobbing along the southwest end of Treasure Island.... Read More
Part 5, Chapter 25 Jim crawls over the Hispaniola's bowsprit to the safety of the deck. As the main boom swings to and fro, Jim catches sig... Read More
Part 5, Chapter 26 Israel Hands guides Jim as he navigates the Hispaniola and then suggests Jim go down to the cabin for a bottle of port. ... Read More
Part 5, Chapter 27 Jim is still pinned by the shoulder to the mizzenmast. His thoughts turn to the dirk in his shoulder and the idea of pul... Read More
Part 6, Chapter 28 The pirates are in possession of the block-house and Jim is their captive. Counting Silver, there are only six buccaneer... Read More
Part 6, Chapter 29 The buccaneers conclude their council and return to the block-house. They hand Long John Silver a piece of paper marked ... Read More
Part 6, Chapter 30 Jim awakes the next morning to the sound of a voice crying, "Block-house, ahoy! Here's the doctor." Indeed, Dr. Livesey ... Read More
Part 6, Chapter 31 Silver commends Jim for sticking by his word and not running off. This has, in essence, saved the pirate's life, as his ... Read More
Part 6, Chapter 32 The pirates stop to rest at the top of the plateau, which commands a sweeping view of the island. Suddenly, a high, trem... Read More
Part 6, Chapter 33 Before the other pirates can grasp that the treasure is truly gone, Silver turns his thoughts to surviving the situation... Read More
Part 6, Chapter 34 The next morning work begins on transferring the gold to the Hispaniola. It continues for three days, unmolested by the ... Read More
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