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William Shakespeare

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Troilus and Cressida | Characters

Character Description
Troilus Troilus is the youngest son of King Priam, brother to Hector, and a prince of Troy. Read More
Cressida Cressida is a young Trojan woman and the lover of Troilus. She is traded to the Greeks in exchange for the warrior Antenor. Read More
Pandarus Pandarus is Cressida's uncle and the go-between for Troilus and Cressida. Read More
Hector Hector is the son of King Priam and a prince of Troy. A fearless and noble warrior, he is Troy's greatest hero. Read More
Achilles The Greek army's greatest hero, Achilles is prideful and difficult to deal with. At the beginning of the play, he refuses to fight. Read More
Aeneas Aeneas is a Trojan general and a great warrior.
Agamemnon Agamemnon is the commander of the Greek army and the brother of Menelaus.
Ajax Half Greek, half Trojan warrior, and cousin to Hector, Ajax fights on the Greek side.
Alexander Alexander is Cressida's servant.
Andromache Andromache is the wife of Hector.
Antenor Antenor is a Trojan warrior who was captured by the Greeks. He is traded back to the Trojans in exchange for Cressida.
Bastard The bastard is the illegitimate son of King Priam of Troy.
Calchas Calchas is a Trojan priest who defects to the Greek side of the war. He is Cressida's father.
Cassandra The daughter of King Priam and sister to Hector and Troilus, Cassandra is a princess of Troy. She is also a prophetess whose warnings and predictions are doomed never to be believed.
Deiphobus Deiphobus is another son of King Priam of Troy.
Diomedes Diomedes is a general in the Greek army.
Diomedes's servingman Diomedes's servingman is an unnamed servant to Diomedes.
Helen Helen is the Greek wife of Menelaus who was abducted by Paris, causing the Trojan War.
Helenus Helenus is another son of King Priam of Troy.
Menelaus Menelaus is a Greek warrior, the husband of Helen, the king of Sparta, and Agamemnon's brother.
Myrmidons The Myrmidons are Achilles's soldiers.
Nestor Nestor is a wise, older Greek commander.
Paris Paris is a son of King Priam of Troy and the man who stole Helen from Menelaus, thus starting the Trojan War.
Paris's servingman Paris's servingman is the unnamed servant of the Trojan prince.
Patroclus Patroclus is a Greek warrior and Achilles's close friend and companion.
Priam Priam is the king of Troy.
Thersites Thersites is Ajax's fool or jester.
Troilus's boy Troilus's boy is a young boy in the service of Troilus.
Troilus's man Troilus's man is Troilus's servant.
Ulysses Ulysses is the king of Ithaca and one of the commanders of the Greek army. He is the wisest and most cunning of the generals.
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