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True Grit | Characters

Character Description
Mattie Ross Mattie Ross is a 14-year-old girl who sets out to avenge the death of her father by capturing his murderer, Tom Chaney. Read More
Rooster Cogburn Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn is a federal marshal Mattie hires to capture Tom Chaney. He is "old" in Mattie's eyes (40), tall, fat, mustachioed, and missing one eye. Read More
LaBoeuf LaBoeuf is a Texas Ranger pursuing Tom Chaney for a murder committed in Texas. Read More
Tom Chaney Tom Chaney is a "short man with cruel features" who shows up at the Rosses' farm looking pitiful. He accepts a job from Frank Ross but then murders him, unprovoked, during an angry drunken tirade. Read More
Bagby Bagby is a storekeeper; he gives Reuben information about Chaney.
Mrs. Bagby Mrs. Bagby is a Native American, a Presbyterian, and the wife of Bagby.
Mr. Barlow Mr. Barlow is the prosecuting attorney in the murder trial of Odus Wharton, at which Rooster Cogburn testifies.
Billy Billy is an inexperienced boy who turns back to save Ned Pepper and is killed by Rooster or LaBoeuf.
Lawyer Daggett J. Noble Daggett is lawyer to Frank Ross and Mattie Ross.
Captain Boots Finch Captain Boots Finch is a captain in the Choctaw Light Horse, a police force that handles Native American crimes.
Mrs. Floyd Mrs. Floyd is the landlady at the Monarch boardinghouse in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
The General Named after Confederate officer General Sterling Price, the General is Rooster's pet cat.
Mr. Goudy Mr. Goudy is the defense attorney for Odus Wharton.
Haze Haze is a member of Lucky Ned Pepper's gang. He is killed in the shootout at the dugout.
Ross James Ross James is a historical figure who was a member of the Jesse James gang. When Mattie meets him he is a performer in a traveling Wild West show.
Chen Lee Chen Lee runs a Chinese grocery store in Fort Smith and rents a room to Rooster Cogburn.
George Maledon George Maledon is a hangman in Fort Smith. He is a Yankee who will not hang anyone who belongs to the Grand Army of the Republic, a fraternal organization of Union Army veterans.
J.J. McAlester J.J. McAlester runs a store in the Territory where Ned was seen.
Dr. J.R. Medill Dr. J.R. Medill sets Mattie's broken arm and tends to her while she recovers from the snakebite.
Moon Moon is a member of Lucky Ned Pepper's gang. He is murdered by Emmet Quincy.
Original Greaser Bob Original Greaser Bob is member of Ned Pepper's gang. He is called "Original" to distinguish him from a younger Greaser Bob.
Judge Isaac Parker Judge Isaac Parker presides over the trial of Odus Wharton.
Farrell Parmalee Farrell Parmalee is a member of Ned Pepper's gang and Harold Parmalee's brother.
Harold Parmalee Harold Parmalee is a member of Ned Pepper's gang and Farrell Parmalee's brother. He imitates the voices of animals and is regarded as "simple."
Lucky Ned Pepper Lucky Ned Pepper is a robber and murderer who runs a gang of outlaws.
Yarnell Poindexter Born in the free North but kidnapped and enslaved in Missouri, Yarnell Poindexter is a neighbor of the Rosses. He later becomes a house painter in Memphis.
Columbus Potter Columbus Potter is a federal marshal and Rooster's old buddy from the Civil War.
Emmett Quincy Emmett Quincy is a member of Ned Pepper's gang. He refuses to talk to Rooster.
Frank Ross Frank Ross is Mattie's father. Tom Chaney murders him before the story begins.
Little Frank Ross Never appearing in the novel, Little Frank Ross is Mattie's younger brother.
Mattie's mother Though Mattie's mother does not appear in the novel, she is not as capable or smart as her daughter Mattie, but, according to Mattie, she has the temperament of Mary, the Biblical sister of Martha and Lazarus.
Victoria Ross Never appearing in the novel, Victoria Ross is Mattie's younger sister.
Sheriff The "high sheriff" of Sebastian County, Arkansas, he cursorily investigates the murder of Frank Ross.
Colonel Stonehill Colonel Stonehill sells Frank Ross some Mustang ponies.
Grandma Turner Grandma Turner is an old woman Mattie must share a bed with at the Monarch boardinghouse
Odus Wharton Odus Wharton is part Creek Indian. He is tried and found guilty of murder on the strength of Rooster's testimony.
Cole Younger Cole Younger is a historical figure; he was a member of the Jesse James gang. When Mattie meets him he is performing in a traveling Wild West show.
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