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Twilight of the Superheroes | Characters

Character Description
Nathaniel Nathaniel is the 28-year-old protagonist of the story "Twilight of the Superheroes." Read More
Lucien Lucien is Nathan's widowed uncle in the story "Twilight of the Superheroes." Read More
Otto Otto is the protagonist of "Some Other, Better Otto." Read More
Kate Kate, a high school biology teacher on vacation in Italy, is the protagonist of "Like It or Not." Read More
Kristina Kristina is the aimless protagonist of "Window." Read More
Lulu Lulu is the self-centered protagonist of "Revenge of the Dinosaurs." Read More
Oliver's mother Oliver's mother is the unnamed, first-person narrator of "The Flaw in the Design." She is also its protagonist. Read More
Alma Alma is Kristin's half sister in "Window."
Bob Alpers Bob Alpers is an old family friend in "The Flaw in the Design." He is under investigation for shady government dealings.
Caroline Alpers Caroline Alpers is Bob Alpers's wife in "The Flaw in the Design."
Amity Amity is Nathaniel's friend and roommate in "Twilight of the Superheroes." A former stockbroker, she wrote a memoir based on her time working at a makeup counter.
Artie Artie is a waiter with whom Kristina once had a fling in "Window."
Baker Baker is Kate's ex-husband in "Like It or Not."
Barbara Barbara is Nana's day nurse in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs."
Mr. Berman Mr. Berman is one of Nana's former suitors in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs." Bill used to call him the Great Big Jew.
Bill Bill is Lulu's brother in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs." He takes care of Nana's bills and medical care.
Blair Blair is Kate's adult daughter in "Like It or Not."
The little boy The little boy in "Like It or Not" is the son of Franz and Mrs. Reitz. He wants to ride the train instead of traveling by Porsche.
Brice Brice is Kate's adult son in "Like It or Not."
Charlie Charlie is Lucien's deceased wife, Rose's younger sister, and Nathaniel's aunt in "Twilight of the Superheroes." Her spirit visits Lucien in his art gallery.
Corinne Corinne is Otto's bossy younger sister in "Some Other, Better Otto." She persuades him to attend his first family Thanksgiving in years.
Captain Corporation Captain Corporation is a comic strip character in "Twilight of the Superheroes." He is Passivityman's archnemesis.
Dad Dad is Lulu's and Bill's father in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs." He is a violent drunk whom they don't see anymore.
Delphine Delphine is Nathaniel's crush in "Twilight of the Superheroes." A wealthy, bohemian foreigner, she leaves New York City shortly after September 11, 2001.
M. Dubzhinski M. Dubzhinski is Harry's client in "Like It or Not."
Eileen Eileen is Nana's night nurse in "Twilight of the Superheroes."
Eli Eli is Kristina's mysterious and abusive boyfriend in "Window."
Kate Erickson Kate Erickson (also known in the story as "Katie") is Oliver's girlfriend in "The Flaw in the Design."
Diandra Felton Diandra Felton is Otto's former colleague in "Some Other, Better Otto." Otto once brought her as a guest to a family Christmas before he began dating William.
Frank Frank is Kristina's boss in "Window." He owns a bar called The White Rabbit.
Gerry Gerry is Alma's date in "Window."
The girl The girl, as she's referred to, is Mrs. Reitz's daughter in "Like It or Not." In her late teens, she has a secret tryst with Harry.
Giovanna Giovanna is Kate's friend from college. Kate visits her in "Like It or Not."
Harry Harry is Kate's tour guide in "Like It or Not."
Hollis Hollis is Eli's business partner in "Window."
Jeff Jeff is Lulu's partner in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs." Lulu has absorbed most of his opinions about everything.
John John is the narrator's husband in "The Flaw in the Design."
Juliette Juliette is Lulu's friend from art school. Lulu stays at her apartment in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs."
Isaac Isaac is Nathaniel's father in "Twilight of the Superheroes."
Kate's mother Kate's mother thinks Kate should have a more exciting social life in "Like It or Not."
Laurie Laurie is Martin's third wife in "Some Other, Better Otto."
Liz Liz is Hollis's wife in "Window."
Lyle Lyle is Nathaniel's friend and roommate in "Twilight of the Superheroes." He mopes around the apartment because he misses his boyfriend.
Madison Madison is Nathaniel's friend and roommate in "Twilight of the Superheroes." He quits his job and becomes a "bitter skeptic" after meeting a sister he never knew he had.
Margaret Margaret is Naomi's long-time partner in "Some Other, Better Otto."
Martin Martin is Otto's younger brother in "Some Other, Better Otto." A notorious womanizer, he is on the brink of being arrested for "misrepresenting the value of his client's stock."
Yoshi Matsumoto Yoshi Matsumoto is the businessman who owns the apartment in which Nathaniel and his friends live in "Twilight of the Superheroes." He and Lucien are old friends.
Melinda Melinda is Bill and Peggy's daughter in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs."
Molly Molly is Margaret and Naomi's adopted infant daughter in "Some Other, Better Otto."
Dr. Molnar Dr. Molnar is the psychiatrist Oliver refuses to see in "The Flaw in the Design."
Miss Mueller Miss Mueller is Lucien's elementary school history teacher. She is long deceased in "Twilight of the Superheroes," but Lucien has visions of her in his art gallery.
Munsen Munsen is Nonie's husband in "Window."
Nana Nana is Lulu's grandmother in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs." She recently suffered two debilitating strokes.
Naomi Naomi is Otto and William's upstairs tenant in "Some Other, Better Otto."
Noah Noah is the two-year-old boy Kristina cares for in "Window." He is Zoe and Eli's son.
Nonie Nonie is Kristina's friend and coworker in "Window."
Norman Norman is Baker's partner in "Like It or Not."
Oliver Oliver is the narrator's college-aged son in "The Flaw in the Design."
Passivityman Passivityman is a comic strip character and Nathaniel's alter ego in "Twilight of the Superheroes."
Peggy Peggy is Bill's wife in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs."
Peter Peter is Lulu and Bill's absent brother in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs."
Portia Portia is Otto's niece in "Some Other, Better Otto." She suspects she's mentally unbalanced like her mother Viola and her Aunt Sharon.
Princess Prudence Princess Prudence is a comic strip character in "Twilight of the Superheroes." She is Passivityman's girlfriend.
Franz Reitz Franz Reitz is a wealthy and boorish acquaintance of Harry's in "Like It or Not."
Mrs. Reitz Mrs. Reitz, whose first name is not given, makes overt attempts to flirt with Harry in "Like It or Not."
Roger Roger is a married father of two who just lost his job in finance. Kristina goes on a date with him in "Window."
Rose Rose is Nathaniel's fretful mother and Charlie's sister in "Twilight of the Superheroes."
Rowan Rowan is Kate's most recent ex-boyfriend in "Like It or Not."
Russell Russell is Amity's agent and suspected boyfriend in "Twilight of the Superheroes."
Schulte Schulte is the piano teacher with whom the girl had an affair in "Like It or Not."
Sharmila Sharmila is Lucien's assistant in "Twilight of the Superheroes."
Sharon Sharon is Otto's youngest sister in "Some Other, Better Otto." She is a mentally unstable genius who doesn't like being around people, even family.
Viola Viola is Martin's second wife and Portia's mother in "Some Other, Better Otto." Corinne says she's "psychotic."
Wendell Wendell is Juliette's argumentative boyfriend in "Revenge of the Dinosaurs."
Wesley Wesley is Corinne's loudmouthed husband in "Some Other, Better Otto."
William William is Otto's partner of more than 30 years in "Some Other, Better Otto."
Zoe Zoe is Eli's ex-girlfriend and Noah's mother in "Window."
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