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Ulysses | Characters

Character Description
Bloom Kindhearted, optimistic, 38-year-old Leopold Bloom dotes on his wife, Molly, although she is having an affair. Read More
Molly Sensual, sexy, and a talented singer, 33-year-old Molly Bloom is somewhat baffled by her doting and slightly perverted husband. Read More
Stephen Educated, imaginative, and poetic, Stephen Dedalus has literary ambitions and resists authority. Read More
A.E. An actual historical figure, the Irish poet George Russell (pseudonym: "A.E.") expounds a vision of a national renewal through art and culture.
Almidano Artifoni Stephen's voice teacher, Artifoni praises Stephen's singing.
Mrs. Yelverton Barry The wife of a judge, Mrs. Barry tries to have Bloom arrested in the "Circe" episode because Bloom once wrote her an erotic letter.
Philip Beaufoy The author of a story Bloom reads in the outhouse, Beaufoy accuses Bloom of plagiarism in the "Circe" episode.
Richard Best An actual historical figure, Best was assistant director of the National Library in Dublin. Best joins the conversation about Hamlet, quoting a French poem that mentions him.
Ellen Bloom Born Ellen Higgins, she was the wife of Rudolph Bloom and mother of Leopold Bloom. She appears in the "Circe" episode praying for her son.
Milly Bloom Milly is an adventurous, kind, somewhat frivolous 15-year-old girl who left Dublin for the summer to work for a photographer. She is the daughter of Leopold and Molly Bloom.
Rudy Bloom The only son of Leopold Bloom, Rudy died at 11 days.
Edy Boardman Edy is one of the young women Bloom sees on the beach at Sandymount. Cissy Caffrey thinks Edy is jealous of her.
Denis Breen Breen suffers from mental illness and thinks people are out to get him. He exhausts his wife with schemes for getting even.
Josie Breen Josie is a former flame of Bloom's and now the long-suffering wife of the mentally ill Denis Breen.
Blazes Boylan Blazes Boylan is a red-headed rogue of great sexual prowess who has an affair with Molly.
Cissy Caffrey A defiant and carefree young woman, Cissy asks Bloom for the time on the beach.
Jacky Caffrey Jacky is a lively four-year-old boy and the brother of Cissy Caffrey; his twin is Tommy Caffrey.
Tommy Caffrey The twin brother of Jacky, four-year-old Tommy is impudent toward his sister Cissy in the "Nausicaa" episode.
Nurse Callan Nurse Callan tries to keep the drunk, unruly party of medical students in line at the maternity hospital in the "Oxen of the Sun" episode.
Private Carr A British solider who takes offense at Stephen's remarks in the "Circe" episode, Carr punches Stephen, knocking him to the floor.
The citizen The citizen is a cranky, irascible Irish nationalist and anti-Semite who claims to work for the cause of Irish freedom but mainly drinks and reminisces.
Martha Clifford Martha carries on a secret romantic correspondence with Bloom.
Bella Cohen Bella is the cruel and domineering madam of a brothel in Nighttown, the name Ulysses gives to Dublin's red-light district.
Private Compton A British soldier who takes offense at Stephen, Private Compton eggs on Private Carr, a fellow soldier.
Father John Conmee A complacent, self-satisfied Jesuit priest, Father Conmee walks through Dublin in the "Wandering Rocks" episode.
Father Bob Cowley A friend of Simon Dedalus's, Cowley is a priest who seems to have lost his calling, although he is not a "defrocked" priest who has left or been excommunicated.
Cranly A friend of Stephen's from their school days, Cranly was also a character in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
Myles Crawford Crawford is the editor of the Freeman's Journal newspaper where Bloom tries to place an ad.
Martin Cunningham Alone among the group in the carriage going to Dignam's funeral, Martin Cunningham is kind to Bloom. He also spearheads the escape from Barney Kiernan's pub, thereby rescuing Bloom.
Mr. Deasy Stephen's employer at the Dalkey School, Mr. Deasy is a pompous and anti-Semitic Anglo-Irishman.
Boody Dedalus One of Stephen's younger sisters, Boody is oppressed by their father, Simon, but she is also quietly rebellious.
Dilly Dedalus One of Stephen's younger sisters who is completely under the thumb of their father, Dilly also wants to escape the Dedalus household and pursue education as Stephen has done. She buys herself a book of French grammar.
Maggy Dedalus One of Stephen's younger sisters, Maggy cooks and cleans for the siblings.
May Goulding Dedalus A religious woman, May is saddened by her son Stephen's lack of religion. She dies of cancer before the start of Ulysses and sometimes appears to Stephen as a ghost.
Simon Dedalus Sharp-witted, hard-drinking, and careless with money, Stephen's father has ambitions for his son and looks down on his wife's family.
Mrs. Dignam Mrs. Dignam is the widow of Paddy Dignam and mother of the young Patrick Dignam.
Patrick Dignam Jr. Patrick is the son of the late Paddy Dignam and still a young schoolboy.
Patrick "Paddy" Dignam Paddy Dignam is mourned at the graveside ceremony in the "Hades" episode. He leaves behind a wife and son.
Ben Dollard Ben Dollard is a stocky-chested singer with a low voice. Molly incorrectly but aptly calls him "a base barrel-tone" singer.
Bob Doran Doran is on a once-a-year drinking binge the day the novel takes place. He drinks in Barney Kiernan's pub and talks sentimentally about the deceased Paddy Dignam.
Lydia Douce A barmaid at the Ormond Hotel, Lydia appears in the "Sirens" and "Wandering Rocks" episodes.
John Eglinton An actual historical figure, Eglinton was a Dublin literary critic and essayist. He is part of the company of writers assembled in the library in the "Scylla and Charybdis" episode.
Cashel Boyle O'Connor Fitzmaurice Tisdall Farrell Farrell is a mentally ill man who tries to avoid walking near lampposts.
Nosey Flynn Flynn is an acquaintance of Bloom's who drinks at Davy Byrne's pub.
Lieutenant Gardner A former lover of Molly's, Gardner died in the Boer War in South Africa.
Richie Goulding A slovenly, lazy lawyer, Richie is Stephen's uncle on his mother's side.
Sara Goulding Stephen's aunt, Sara is married to Richie Goulding.
Walter Goulding Walter is the awkward, "skeweyed" son of Richie and Sara Goulding.
Haines A condescending Englishman who speaks Gaelic and studies Irish culture, Haines is a friend of Buck Mulligan. He stays in the tower, and his noisy nightmares drive Stephen away.
Zoe Higgins A prostitute at Bella Cohen's brothel, Zoe reads Stephen's palm.
Joe Hynes Hynes is a barfly and friend of the narrator in the "Cyclops" episode.
Corny Kelleher Kelleher works at the undertaker's and sings at funerals.
Mina Kennedy A barmaid at the Ormond Hotel with whom Boylan flirts, Mina is friends with Lydia Douce.
Barney Kiernan Barney Kiernan owns the pub in which the "Cyclops" episode is set.
Ned Lambert Lambert is a mourner at Dignam's funeral and a jury member at Bloom's trial.
Lenehan Along with Boylan, Lenehan bets on the favorite, Sceptre, in the Gold Cup horse race.
Vincent Lynch One of the joking, drinking medical students in "Oxen of the Sun," Lynch goes with Stephen to the brothel in "Circe."
Bantam Lyons An enthusiastic bettor, Lyons mistakenly thinks Bloom gives him a tip for the Gold Cup horse race.
Thomas W. Lyster An actual historical figure, Lyster was the head librarian of the National Library in Dublin. He is the "Quaker librarian" who takes part in the Shakespeare discussion.
Professor MacHugh Professor MacHugh is part of the group in the newspaper office in "Aeolous."
The man in the macintosh An unknown mourner at Dignam's funeral, the man in the mackintosh is mistakenly identified as M'Intosh and listed that way in the newspaper account of Dignam's funeral.
M'Coy M'Coy is a coroner's assistant who asks Bloom to put him on the list of attendees at Dignam's funeral.
Gerty MacDowell A slightly vain and self-regarding young woman, Gerty tries to make up for a perceived imperfection in her looks by dreaming of romantic love.
John Henry Menton Menton is a stiff-necked lawyer who appears to dislike Bloom.
Buck Mulligan Malachi "Buck" Mulligan is a joking, overbearing medical student who lives with Stephen in Martello Tower. He is based on a friend of Joyce's, Oliver St. John Gogerty.
W.B. Murphy Murphy is a middle-aged man who tells tall tales at the cabman's shelter in the "Eumaeus" episode. He might have served time in jail.
City Councillor Nannetti An actual historical figure, Nannetti is an Italian-Irish politician and newspaperman who meets with Bloom about placing an ad in the "Aeolous" episode.
Narrator in "Cyclops" episode The anonymous narrator dislikes most people. He despises the patriotic citizen and Bloom the peacemaker.
J.J. O'Molloy A lawyer who likes a drink, O'Molloy defends Bloom during his hallucinated trial in the "Circe" episode.
Larry O'Rourke O'Rourke owns a pub near Bloom's house.
Jack Power Power airs his opinions about suicide in the carriage on the way to Paddy Dignam's funeral, inadvertently slighting Bloom, whose father killed himself.
Mina Purefoy Mrs. Mina Purefoy is in labor for three days before she delivers a son. Bloom goes to the maternity hospital to check on her in the "Oxen of the Son" episode.
Tom Rochford Tom Rochford invents something like an abacus that shows whose turn it is to be onstage in a music hall show.
Cyril Sargent An awkward and not very bright pupil, Sargent prompts Stephen to think about mothers' love.
The blind stripling The blind stripling is a young man who works as a piano tuner. He appears in several episodes, tapping his way through the street.
Mrs. Mervyn Talboys Mrs. Mervyn Talboys complains at Bloom's trial that he sent her erotic photographs.
Rudolph Virag A Hungarian Jew who later changed his name to Bloom, Rudolph Virag was Bloom's father. He committed suicide by poison in 1886.
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