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Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Uncle Tom's Cabin | Characters

Character Description
Uncle Tom Uncle Tom is the kind, heroic central character of the novel who sacrifices his own chance for freedom for the sake of helping others. He remains committed to his Christian beliefs no matter how horribly he is treated. Read More
Eliza Eliza is a beautiful, intelligent, and strong enslaved woman raised in Mrs. Shelby's household. Eliza has a son, Harry, by her husband (who belongs to a different master), and she escapes to freedom with him after learning he is to be sold. Read More
George George Harris is Eliza's husband; he has a strong sense of the injustice and inhumanity of slavery and is determined to escape it and make a better life for his family. His intelligence and strong personality serve him well as he boldly makes his way to Canada and then takes his family, including his long-lost sister Emily (now known as Madame de Thoux), to Liberia at the end of the novel. Read More
Eva The beautiful, angelic child Evangeline St. Clare, daughter of Augustine and Marie, mainly goes by the name Eva. Eva has an overwhelming love of God that binds her in friendship to Uncle Tom. Read More
Augustine St. Clare Augustine St. Clare buys Uncle Tom from Haley after Tom saves Eva's life. St. Clare is a wonderfully kind master, but he is unhappily married and tends to escape life's responsibilities through alcohol; he talks about the right thing to do without ever doing it. Read More
Simon Legree Simon Legree is the sadistic slave owner who buys Uncle Tom after Augustine St. Clare's death. He is particularly intent on beating Tom down to what he perceives as the proper demeanor of an enslaved man. Read More
Adolph Adolph is an enslaved mulatto man—meaning he has between three-eighths and five-eighths African American blood—who belongs to Augustine St. Clare and models himself after his elegant master while holding himself above the other slaves.
Albert Albert is Hagar's son—the only child who has not been sold away from her. At 14 Albert is sold to the indifferent Haley at the Washington, Kentucky, auction.
Alf Alf is a well-dressed young man who is happy to buy Adolph as his valet after the St. Clare household disbands, claiming he will break his spirit.
Amariah Amariah is a Quaker who arrives after the standoff with Tom Loker and helps to carry him to his own home so his wounds can be tended to.
Andy Andy is the young enslaved man in the Shelby household who discovers Eliza has run away with Harry; he then works with Sam to delay Haley's pursuit of her.
Antislavery lady An antislavery lady and her son are among the paying passengers on the ship Haley takes to transport his slaves; the woman expresses her opinions even though others do not agree.
Auctioneer in New Orleans Keenly interested in getting top dollar at his slave sale, the New Orleans auctioneer for the St. Clare slaves is all business and speaks in both French and English to drive the bids higher.
Auctioneer in Washington, Kentucky The auctioneer in Washington, Kentucky, where Haley acquires some slaves, treats those being sold as nothing but merchandise.
Bidder against Legree A bidder against Legree in the New Orleans auction buys Susan and tries his best to acquire her daughter Emmeline as well, but Legree outbids him.
Bill Bird Bill Bird is one of the Birds' children; he relates a story illustrating his mother's kindness to all living things.
Henry Bird Henry Bird is one of the Birds' children; he dies before the time of the novel. The Birds kindly donate his belongings to Harry.
Jim Bird Jim Bird is one of the Birds' children; his mother scolds him for climbing on furniture.
Senator John Bird Senator John Bird goes against politics and laws to help Eliza and Harry, much to the delight of his wife.
Mary Bird Mary Bird is one of the Birds' children; her mother scolds her for pulling the cat's tail.
Mrs. Mary Bird Mrs. Mary Bird is an empathetic, highly moral woman who puts her family first, can never tolerate any sort of cruelty, and lets her opinions be known to her husband.
Tom Bird Tom Bird is one of the Birds' children; his mother scolds him for playing with a doorknob.
Blacksmith Haley stops at a blacksmith's shop after claiming Uncle Tom from the Shelbys; he wants to have handcuffs enlarged to fit Tom. The blacksmith tells him it's a shame to fetter such a fine man and says Haley should sell Tom to a plantation where he might not be well treated.
Boat clerk The boat clerk on the boat taking George, Eliza, and Harry on their final leg to Canada assures Marks no one matching their description has boarded; when George overhears this he believes they might finally make it.
Mr. Butler Mr. Butler is the evil cousin of Cassy's lover, Henry; he causes an unfortunate set of events that allows him to get Cassy and her children for himself.
Cassy Cassy is a beautiful quadroon woman—meaning she has one-fourth African American blood—who was raised in the lap of luxury but through a series of tragic events ends up as the enslaved mistress of Simon Legree; she turns out to be Eliza's mother.
Aunt Chloe Aunt Chloe is the sensible, God-fearing wife of Uncle Tom; she holds together their family as well as the Shelby household and is revered by all for her incredible cooking and Christian ways.
Clergyman A clergyman on the boat carrying Haley and his slaves says enslavement was predestined by God and should not be challenged.
Coarse-looking fellow The coarse-looking fellow at the tavern where George encounters Mr. Wilson says slaves should be kept down by beatings and lack of education.
Michael Cross Michael Cross is the Quaker with a speedy horse who follows the party helping George's family escape; he warns them they are being pursued and then assists them after the stand against Loker.
Cudjoe Cudjoe is the "black man-of-all-work" who tells Mrs. Mary Bird about Eliza and Harry's arrival.
Madame de Thoux Madame de Thoux, who turns out to be George's sister Emily, was bought by a man from the West Indies who set her free and married her; George Shelby meets her on the boat trip home after arriving at Legree's too late to free Uncle Tom.
Aunt Dinah Aunt Dinah is the Birds' paid servant who helps Mrs. Mary Bird care for Eliza and Harry.
Old Dinah Old Dinah is the stubborn head cook of the St. Clare household with whom Miss Ophelia tussles as she attempts to bring organization and accountability into the kitchen.
Dodo Dodo is the mulatto (three-eighths to five-eighths African American blood) slave Henrique St. Clare treats cruelly while Eva shows him kindness.
Dorcas Dorcas is the woman to whom the Quakers take Tom Loker when he is shot; she nurses him back to health and leads him to convert to Quakerism.
Little Eliza Little Eliza is George and Eliza's daughter; she apparently looks just like Eliza did as a child, which creates much delight for her grandmother Cassy.
Emmeline Emmeline is the beautiful 15-year-old quadroon (one-quarter African American blood) whom Simon Legree buys to become his mistress. After Cassy protects and ultimately escapes with her, Emmeline becomes part of the extended Harris family and marries the first mate of the ship sailing to France.
Fanny Fanny is one of the enslaved children on the Shelby farm who helps to stir up chaos following Eliza's escape with Harry.
First mate The first mate on the ship carrying the Harris family to France falls in love with beautiful Emmeline and marries her as soon as they land.
Phineas Fletcher Phineas Fletcher is the shrewd Quaker who overhears plans to capture George and his family and then masterminds their escape.
Genteel woman A genteel woman on the boat carrying Haley and his slaves says enslaved people are "better off than they would be to be free."
Hagar Hagar is Albert's elderly, feeble mother; Haley coldly refuses to take Hagar when he buys Albert.
Haley Haley is the cold-hearted, crude, swaggering slave trader who forces Mr. Arthur Shelby to give him Uncle Tom and Harry to repay a debt and who tries to capture Eliza and Harry after their escape.
John Halliday John Halliday is one of the Halliday children.
Mary Halliday Mary Halliday is the Halliday daughter who enjoys watching Ruth Stedman's baby and is always very helpful to her mother in the kitchen.
Rachel Halliday Rachel Halliday is a model wife and mother in the Quaker tradition; she is unfailingly good-natured, sets a good example, and keeps a lovely home.
Simeon Halliday Simeon Halliday is an honorable Quaker who easily shows his love for his wife and children and his compassion and moral goodness to all.
Simeon Halliday the second Simeon Halliday the second is one of the Halliday children; when he says he hates slaveholders his father gently corrects him with a Quaker lesson on treating all people with love, mercy, and fairness.
Mr. Harris Mr. Harris is the cruel master of George and many other slaves; he drives George to seek his freedom by refusing to let him see Eliza and Harry, work outside the farm, or show any independent spirit.
Tom Harris Tom Harris is Mr. Harris's son; he learns to treat enslaved people just as cruelly as his father does.
Harry Harry is George and Eliza's son; Haley is determined to have Harry, which leads to Eliza's flight to freedom.
Henry Henry is Cassy's first lover; they have a son and Eliza together, but Henry ultimately leaves Cassy for another woman after being corrupted by his cousin Mr. Butler.
Henry Jr. Henry Jr. is the son Cassy has with Henry, who is taken from her and sold and whom she sees being horribly punished by his owner.
Host The host of the small country hotel where George encounters Mr. Wilson is careful to keep his patrons from getting out of hand or fighting.
Hostess The hostess at the small public house on the Ohio River where Eliza makes her dramatic escape is very concerned about Eliza and Harry's safety and tries to find them passage on a boat.
Jake Jake is one of the young enslaved people on the Shelby farm who is fascinated with Eliza's escape but is scolded by Uncle Tom for wishing evil on Haley.
Jane Jane is the quadroon (one-quarter African American blood) chambermaid at the St. Clare house who is described as "pert."
Jim Jim is the man traveling to freedom with George; he poses as George's slave and is not himself being sought as he has been hiding and on the run for quite a while.
Jinny Jinny is the cook for neighbors of the Shelbys, the Lincons, and George Shelby teases Aunt Chloe with remarks about people saying Jinny is the better cook.
John John is one of the three enslaved people Haley buys at the Kentucky auction; he is taken and sold without his wife's knowledge.
John the drover Readers first meet John the drover at the country hotel where George meets Mr. Wilson and then again on the boat carrying Haley's slaves; he is a constant tobacco user and an outspoken opponent of slavery.
John's wife John's wife, learning he has been sold, jumps aboard the boat on which Haley is transporting the slaves and creates a heart-wrenching scene of despair.
Mother Legree Mother Legree tried passionately to convert her cruel son Simon to a Christian life, but he viciously denied her until the end; he is now haunted by her kind, forgiving spirit.
Tom Loker Tom Loker is a well-known hunter of escaped slaves whom Haley turns to when Eliza and Harry make their escape; the burly, violent man is shot by George, nursed back to health by Dorcas, and converted to Quakerism.
Lucy Lucy and her young child are bought by Haley when the boat stops at a Kentucky town; when Haley then sells her son she commits suicide by jumping overboard.
Lucy the mulatto Lucy the mulatto (between three-eighths and five-eighths African American blood) makes friends with Emmeline as they travel by boat to Legree's; Legree has bought her to be the mistress of Sambo.
Lucy's son Lucy's son is 10 months old when he is sold by Haley for $45, leading Lucy to kill herself in despair.
Mammy Mammy, "a middle-aged mulatto woman," is Marie St. Clare's main servant and serves her with decency and obedience even though Marie has separated her from her husband and children and makes constant, selfish demands on her.
Mandy Mandy is a young enslaved girl on the Shelby farm who tries to act as if she has knowledge of events leading up to Eliza's escape.
Marks Marks is the small, shrewd business partner of Tom Loker who abandons him in a cowardly manner after he is shot.
Mericky Mericky is the baby daughter of Uncle Tom and Aunt Chloe.
Mike Mike is one of the enslaved children on the Shelby farm who helps to stir up chaos following Eliza's escape with Harry.
Mose Mose is one of the sons of Uncle Tom and Aunt Chloe; he delights in stirring up trouble with the other enslaved children after Eliza escapes.
Miss Moseley Miss Moseley is a dressmaker who helps prepare Miss Ophelia for her trip to live at the St. Clares'.
Miss Ophelia Miss Ophelia is the rather dour cousin of Augustine St. Clare, raised in Vermont but brought to New Orleans to help manage the household Marie St. Clare is too selfish and "ill" to deal with herself; Miss Ophelia has trouble accepting Southern ideas but gradually gains awareness of her own prejudices and comes to view African Americans as fellow humans.
Pastor of Amherstberg The pastor of Amherstberg provides shelter for George's family when they first reach Canada, and through him Madame de Thoux and Cassy trace the family to Montreal; the pastor travels with them for the reunion.
Pete Pete is one of the sons of Uncle Tom and Aunt Chloe.
Physician The physician who arrives after Augustine St. Clare is stabbed knows there is no hope but does his best to make sure his death is comfortable and peaceful.
Planter A planter aboard the ship on which Legree travels with his slaves tells an appalled young man not all Southerners treat enslaved people so inhumanely.
Prue Prue is a horribly abused enslaved woman in New Orleans who tries to escape her life through alcoholism, fails to respond to Uncle Tom's appeals to reform, and is beaten to death by her owners.
Quimbo Quimbo is one of two vicious enslaved men on Legree's farm whom Legree puts in charge over all workers; Quimbo's cruel hatred for all spills over to his fellow workers, but in beating Uncle Tom to death and witnessing his heroism he is ultimately reformed.
Rosa Rosa is a spirited quadroon (one-quarter African American blood) enslaved by the St. Clares; she enjoys flirting with Adolph and teasing everyone.
Sally Sally is a member of the Shelbys' domestic staff whom Aunt Chloe dismisses as a terrible cook.
Sam Sam is the crafty, self-important Shelby slave who delights in hampering Haley's attempts to catch up with Eliza and Harry.
Sambo Sambo is one of two vicious enslaved men on Legree's farm whom Legree puts in charge of all workers; Sambo's hatred for all spills over to his fellow workers, but when he beats Uncle Tom to death and witnesses Tom's heroism he is ultimately reformed.
Sambo at the slave warehouse Sambo at the slave warehouse where the St. Clare slaves are held before the auction mocks Adolph for his genteel manner and tries to ingratiate himself with the whites.
Scipio Scipio is the enslaved man Augustine St. Clare holds up as an example of how to "break" even the most belligerent slaves with kindness, freedom, and Christianity, as opposed to the cruelty and oppression advocated by Marie St. Clare.
Mr. Arthur Shelby Mr. Arthur Shelby is the kind master of Uncle Tom and many other slaves who nevertheless allows slavery to separate families and profit owners.
Mrs. Emily Shelby Mrs. Emily Shelby lives a Christian life and does not support slavery, yet she must live with it as part of her marriage.
George Shelby The Shelbys' son, George Shelby, takes his mother's Christian viewpoint toward slavery, loves Uncle Tom with all of his heart, and frees all the enslaved people owned by the Shelby family as soon as he is able.
Mr. Skeggs Mr. Skeggs is the keeper of the slave warehouse where the St. Clare slaves are held the night before they are auctioned off in New Orleans.
Slave buyer on boat A slave buyer on the boat Haley has his slaves on convinces Haley to sell him Lucy's son and promises the child will be treated well.
Slave buyer in New Orleans A slave buyer in New Orleans has a conversation with Alf, another buyer, about how spoiled the St. Clare slaves are.
Slave buyer in Washington, Kentucky A slave buyer in Washington, Kentucky, talks with Haley and reveals his discomfort with splitting up enslaved families.
Slender young man A slender young man on the boat transporting Haley and his slaves fervently appeals to Haley to stop the cruel practices of slavery.
Mrs. Smyth Mrs. Smyth is the Canadian who poses as the aunt of Harry, who has been dressed as a little girl, during the family's crossing to Canada.
Solomon The concerned hostess at the public house on the Ohio shore where Eliza stops asks Solomon about a boat to take Eliza and Harry across the frozen river.
Alfred St. Clare Alfred St. Clare is Augustine's twin and the opposite of him in every way, including his belief in treating slaves cruelly.
Father St. Clare Father St. Clare is the father of Miss Ophelia who is concerned about her move to New Orleans.
Henrique St. Clare Henrique St. Clare is Alfred's son who upsets Eva with his cruel treatment of slaves.
Marie St. Clare Marie St. Clare, the spoiled and selfish wife of Augustine and the negligent mother of Eva, is a hypochondriac with firm ideas about the need to keep enslaved people in line through punishment.
Mother St. Clare Mother St. Clare is the mother of Miss Ophelia and is against her daughter moving to New Orleans, "an awful wicked place."
Baby Stedman Baby Stedman is the healthy, happy son of Ruth Stedman and the apple of her eye.
Ruth Stedman Ruth Stedman is the small, cheerful Quaker woman who joyfully celebrates all good news.
Stephen Stephen is one of the Quakers who arrives in the wagon to rescue everyone after the standoff with Tom Loker.
Baby boy Stuart After Cassy gives birth to a son with Captain Stuart, she cannot bear to raise the child in slavery; she uses laudanum to kill baby boy Stuart when he is two weeks old.
Captain Stuart Captain Stuart is the kind man who falls in love with Cassy, buys her from Mr. Butler, and tries but fails to buy back her children.
Susan Susan is the Christian enslaved woman who is separated from her daughter, Emmeline, at auction; the man who buys Susan tries to buy Emmeline as well but is outbid by Haley.
Mr. Symmes Mr. Symmes is the man Eliza recognizes as a Shelby neighbor after she leaps across the Ohio River with Harry; he directs her to the Birds' house as a safe refuge.
Topsy Topsy is a wild young slave Augustine St. Clare buys for Miss Ophelia to civilize; Eva's sweet Christian love ultimately transforms Topsy.
Van Trompe Van Trompe is a former slave owner who pledges to keep escaped slaves safe at his home in an isolated area of Ohio; Senator John Bird takes Eliza and Harry there.
Mr. Wilson Mr. Wilson owns the factory where George invented a useful piece of equipment before his cruel master forbade him to continue working there; Mr. Wilson helps George by giving him money during his flight to freedom, and he begs George to stay safe and trust in God.
Young gentleman A young gentleman, appalled by what he sees of Simon Legree while they travel by boat together, talks with a Southern planter about the horrors of slavery and says planters who support slavery in any way are as much at fault as the cruel Legree.
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