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United States Constitution | Glossary


adjourn: (v) to pause a session that will resume at a later time

appellate: (adj) dealing with appeals or reversals of a decision

apportion: (v) to allot a portion of

appropriation: (n) the amount of money reserved for a particular purpose

concurrence: (n) multiple things in agreement or existence at the same time

emolument: (n) a salary or wage

enumeration: (n) the action of establishing the number of something

impeachment: (n) the charging of a public official with wrongdoing

impost: (n) something imposed or levied, such as a tax

indictment: (n) the formal charging of a serious offense

insurrection: (n) a rebellion or revolt against an authority

ordain: (v) to officially establish or decree something

quorum: (n) the minimum number of people present at a meeting to make the meeting valid or official

tribunal: (n) a court of law

vest: (v) to assign or appoint to someone

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