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United States Constitution | Section Summaries


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Section Summary
Preamble The preamble of the U.S. Constitution introduces the basic principles the authors hoped the document would uphold. Those... Read More
Article 1, Sections 1–10 The first article establishes the U.S. Congress and separates it into the Senate and the House of Representatives. ... Read More
Article 2, Sections 1–4 The president of the United States holds executive power and shall serve a term of four years along with the vice pres... Read More
Article 3, Sections 1–3 Section 1 establishes the Supreme Court as the holder of judicial power and reiterates Congress's right to establish s... Read More
Article 4, Sections 1–4 Each state must honor the laws and court decisions of another state. It is up to Congress to decide how those laws are... Read More
Article 5 Article 5 outlines the way constitutional amendments may be made. With a two-thirds vote from both the House and the Sen... Read More
Article 6 Any contracts or debts made by the United States before the Constitution are still valid. The Constitution and the laws ... Read More
Article 7 The Constitution will become valid and will take effect when ratified unanimously by nine states, who will hold conventi... Read More
Amendments 1–10 The First Amendment establishes free speech and forbids Congress from making any laws infringing upon freedom of relig... Read More
Amendments 11–19 Federal courts may not try cases where individuals from one state try to sue another state (e.g., citizens from South ... Read More
Amendments 20–27 The 20th Amendment shifts the presidential term from beginning on March 4 to beginning on January 20. It also establis... Read More
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