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Walden Two | Chapter Summaries

See Chapter Summaries Chart

Timeline of Events

  • Wednesday afternoon

    A group tours Walden Two with Frazier.

    Chapter 3
  • Wednesday evening

    Frazier comments on the importance of avoiding crowds.

    Chapter 6
  • Wednesday evening

    Frazier describes the community's work ethic and labor credits.

    Chapter 8
  • Thursday afternoon

    Frazier discusses the conservation and farming aspects of the community.

    Chapter 10
  • Thursday evening

    Frazier expresses his hope Walden Two will create a "Golden Age."

    Chapter 11
  • Thursday evening

    Burris questions his own bookish way of learning.

    Chapter 11
  • Friday morning

    The group learns about the controlled care of infants.

    Chapter 12
  • Friday morning

    Frazier discusses reinforcement methods of altering behavior.

    Chapter 14
  • Friday morning

    Frazier explains the educational system to a group.

    Chapter 15
  • Friday afternoon

    Frazier discusses the community's family and dating practices.

    Chapter 17
  • Friday afternoon

    Rogers expresses his fascination with Walden Two.

    Chapter 18
  • Friday afternoon

    Frazier describes the Walden Code.

    Chapter 20
  • Saturday afternoon

    Burris struggles with whether to accept Walden Two.

    Chapter 26
  • Saturday evening

    Castle accuses Frazier of being a fascist.

    Chapter 27
  • Sunday

    Burris, Castle, and Frazier discuss government.

    Chapter 28
  • Monday morning

    Frazier takes Burris to the Throne.

    Chapter 33
  • Monday afternoon

    Burris resolves to return to Walden Two.

    Chapter 35
  • Much later

    Burris finishes the manuscript of his story at Walden Two.

    Chapter 36

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Skinner introduces the narrator, a professor named Burris. A former student, Rogers, and his military friend Steve Jamni... Read More
Chapter 2 This chapter focuses on the preparation for the trip to Walden Two and the initial meeting with Frazier. The professor, ... Read More
Chapter 3 This chapter centers on Frazier taking Professor Burris and his group on a tour of Walden Two. As they peruse the buildi... Read More
Chapter 4 While the group tours a gallery space, a young woman approaches Burris, probably mistaking him for an inhabitant, and wh... Read More
Chapter 5 A discussion of human physical appearance dominates this chapter. Burris, very taken by the physical beauty of the women... Read More
Chapter 6 We are introduced to the "Walk," a wide, curving corridor that follows the contour of the hillside against which one of ... Read More
Chapter 7 As the group eats dinner, Frazier explains the dining process and implements at length, showing off the ergonomics of th... Read More
Chapter 8 This chapter focuses on the labor and economics of Walden Two. Frazier outlines the concept of "labor credits." The aver... Read More
Chapter 9 Burris enjoys flirting with Mary over breakfast alone. They share some humorous banter, playfully criticizing some aspec... Read More
Chapter 10 Frazier explains and demonstrates the economic success of the community as avoiding "the goat and loom." Although utopia... Read More
Chapter 11 Castle and Burris talk with Frazier while awaiting the rest of the group outside the theater. Frazier defends the modest... Read More
Chapter 12 Frazier takes the group on a tour of the children's building, starting with the nursery. They meet Mrs. Nash, who is in ... Read More
Chapter 13 The group moves to the area for children one to three years of age. Like the babies, they are also in rooms in which the... Read More
Chapter 14 As the group sits outside under a tree, Frazier shares the conditioning methods behind behavioral engineering. He claims... Read More
Chapter 15 While the group visits the rooms of the older children and the areas such as workshops and laboratories, Frazier shares ... Read More
Chapter 16 While the group is walking outside, they see a teenage boy and girl playing with a baby. The group learns from Frazier t... Read More
Chapter 17 As the group sits on leather cushions on the floor of an empty studio, Frazier delivers a lengthy explanation of the fam... Read More
Chapter 18 This chapter brings the rather quiet background character of Rogers to the forefront as he lauds Frazier's genius and th... Read More
Chapter 19 After falling asleep and waking with a start, Burris finds his colleagues already dining in the Swedish Room and making ... Read More
Chapter 20 On the roof of one of the common rooms, Burris's party relaxes in deck chairs and on cushions as Frazier defends his con... Read More
Chapter 21 While having a relaxing smoke, Burris notices his desire for cigarettes is waning. He is approached by Steve and Mary, w... Read More
Chapter 22 While having a morning shave with Burris in the washroom, Castle shares his suspicions about Walden Two. He thinks it is... Read More
Chapter 23 As the group eats dinner at a large table in the dining area, Frazier attempts to clarify, mainly to Castle, how Walden ... Read More
Chapter 24 The group's discussion with Frazier continues outdoors. Castle is interested to know if success at Walden Two relies on ... Read More
Chapter 25 Burris's lingering suspicions about possible unhappiness with Walden Two lead him to perform a somewhat covert observati... Read More
Chapter 26 Unhappy with the failure to uncover any secret problem with Walden Two, Burris launches into a study with the set purpos... Read More
Chapter 27 Burris, Castle, and Frazier watch some members of Walden Two meet others in a convoy of trucks just below the community.... Read More
Chapter 28 In their bedroom on Sunday morning, Burris asks Castle if he thinks Frazier is really a fascist. Castle is uncertain, bu... Read More
Chapter 29 Frazier, Burris, and Castle meet in Frazier's room after the weather changes the group's plans. The ensuing heated conve... Read More
Chapter 30 Frazier, Burris, and Castle stroll about the community on the Walk, past the music rooms and reading rooms. They observe... Read More
Chapter 31 After supper Frazier takes Rogers aside, and the others in the group go in their own directions. Burris and Castle go of... Read More
Chapter 32 While walking with Castle to breakfast, Burris thinks about Castle's unwavering attitude toward Walden Two and Frazier. ... Read More
Chapter 33 Burris and Frazier walk through the woods to a precipice called the Throne overlooking a quarry. Here, Frazier looks out... Read More
Chapter 34 Burris and Frazier descend the hillside and hear the sheep bleating. The commotion is caused by a sheep that has escaped... Read More
Chapter 35 The group eats their last meal together before leaving Walden Two. In his thoughts Burris is critical of Castle and impr... Read More
Chapter 36 Burris is at Walden Two, and it is apparent he has been there for a while. He has been writing the book Walden Two while... Read More
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