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Walk Two Moons | Characters

Character Description
Salamanca ("Sal") Tree Hiddle Salamanca ("Sal") Tree Hiddle is the 13-year-old part-Native American protagonist and narrator. Sal takes a road trip with her grandparents to the town in Idaho where her mother died, and she entertains her grandparents with the story of Phoebe Winterbottom during the ride. Read More
Phoebe Winterbottom Phoebe Winterbottom is Sal's 13-year-old friend and neighbor in Euclid, Ohio, and the subject of the long story that Sal tells her grandparents during their road trip. Read More
Gram Gram is Sal's paternal grandmother. She accompanies her on the journey to Idaho. Gram is a spirited, playful woman who dies of a stroke during the trip. Read More
Gramps Gramps is Sal's paternal grandfather and accompanies her on the journey to Idaho. Gramps is a spirited, playful man who is devoted to his wife, Gram. Read More
Mrs. Winterbottom Mrs. Norma Winterbottom is Phoebe Winterbottom's mother, who abandons her family because she is unhappy. Read More
Sugar Pickford Hiddle Sugar (born Chanhassan) is Sal's beloved deceased mother. After a miscarriage, Sugar took a bus trip alone to Idaho to find out who she really is, and died in a wreck near Lewiston, Idaho. Read More
Alex Alex is a classmate of Sal's at the school she attends in Euclid, Ohio. Sal notes that Alex has very pink cheeks.
American Indian person Sal talks to a quarry worker about his identity at the Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota. He tells Sal he is a person, not a Native American, and then concedes that he is an American Indian person.
Ben Finney's mother Ben Finney's mother is in the psychiatric ward of the Euclid, Ohio, hospital, so Sal's friend Ben lives with his cousin Mary Lou's family.
Beth Ann Beth Ann is Sal's moody classmate at the school she attends in Euclid, Ohio. She is Mary Lou Finney's best friend, and she writes in her journal about how she hates literary symbolism.
Mike Bickle Mike Bickle is Mrs. Winterbottom's son whom she gave up for adoption before she married Mr. Winterbottom. When he starts coming to the Winterbottom house in search of his birth mother, Phoebe thinks he is a lunatic with evil intentions.
Sergeant Bickle Sergeant Bickle works at the police station in Euclid, Ohio, and is Mike's adoptive father. When Phoebe goes to the police station to ask for an investigation into her mother's disappearance, Sergeant Bickle is dismissive of her concerns.
Mr. Jimmy Birkway Mr. Birkway is the enthusiastic English teacher at the school in Euclid, Ohio, that Sal attends. He is Mrs. Partridge's son and Mrs. Cadaver's twin brother.
Blackberry Blackberry is a chicken that Ben Finney gives Sal as a gift. Ben names the chicken Blackberry after hearing Mr. Birkway read aloud Sal's description of her "blackberry kisses" on trees.
Margaret Cadaver Margaret Cadaver is the sole survivor of the bus crash that kills Sal's mother, Sugar. She befriended Sugar during the trip, and afterward Sal's father moves to Euclid, Ohio, where Margaret lives.
Christy Christy is Sal's excitable classmate at the school in Euclid, Ohio. She is in a secret club with her friend Megan, and her mother is a journalist.
The egg man Years ago, Gram left Gramps for three days to be with the man who bought eggs from their farm. Gram claims the egg man is the only person to ever write her a love letter; however, she quickly returned to Gramps having realized how much she loved him.
Ben Finney Ben Finney is Sal's classmate at the school she attends in Euclid, Ohio, and the cousin of Sal's friend Mary Lou Finney, whose family he's currently living with. He is always drawing cartoons, and he becomes Sal's love interest.
Dennis Finney Dennis Finney is the rowdy brother of Mary Lou Finney, Sal's friend and classmate in Euclid, Ohio.
Doug Finney Doug Finney is the rowdy brother of Mary Lou Finney, Sal's friend and classmate in Euclid, Ohio.
Mary Lou Finney Mary Lou Finney is Sal's friend and classmate in Euclid, Ohio. Sal and Phoebe visit Mary Lou's house, and Sal finds the chaos and playfulness of the Finney family very comforting.
Mr. Finney Mr. Finney is Mary Lou Finney's father. Mary Lou is Sal's classmate and friend in Euclid, Ohio.
Mrs. Finney Mrs. Finney is Mary Lou Finney's mother. Mary Lou is Sal's classmate and friend in Euclid, Ohio.
Tommy Finney Tommy Finney is the rowdy brother of Mary Lou Finney, Sal's classmate and friend in Euclid, Ohio.
Tom Fleet Tom Fleet is a teenage boy who tries to intimidate and rob Gramps when he, Sal, and Gram stop to swim in the Missouri River. When Gram is bitten by a poisonous snake, Tom Fleet becomes extremely helpful, tending to her wounds and waiting at the hospital to make sure she is OK.
Gloria Gram claims that in their youth her friend Gloria had romantic feelings for Gramps. Gram says Gloria is a lot like Phoebe Winterbottom because she lived in a fantastic and fearful world of her own imagination. After Gram's death, Gloria visits Gramps, but he talks the whole time about Gram, and Gloria leaves.
John Hiddle John Hiddle is Sal's father, Sugar's husband, and the only surviving son of Gram and Gramps. He is an extremely thoughtful, kind, and hard-working man.
Man at Lewiston Overlook When Sal goes to Lewiston, Idaho, alone, she stops at an overlook. She speaks to a man at the overlook who points out the wreckage of the bus below—the bus that Sal's mother died on.
Megan Megan is Sal's excitable classmate at the school she attends in Euclid, Ohio. She is in a secret club with her best friend Christy, and her father is a traveling businessman.
Moody Blue Moody Blue is a dog owned by Sal and her parents in Bybanks, Kentucky. Sal was upset when Moody Blue started rejecting her puppies when they were six weeks old; her mother explained that Moody Blue was weaning the pups so that they'd be able to survive on their own.
Mrs. Partridge Mrs. Partridge is Phoebe and Sal's neighbor in Euclid, Ohio. Elderly and blind, she is Margaret Cadaver and Mr. Birkway's mother; she is the person who leaves the messages on Phoebe's front porch.
Grandfather Pickford Grandfather Pickford is Sal's maternal grandfather. He is stiff, formal, and very concerned with being proper and respectable.
Grandmother Gayfeather Pickford Grandmother Gayfeather Pickford is Sal's maternal grandmother. She gave Sal's mother the Indian name Chanhassen, which means maple sugar.
Sadie Sadie was a beloved beagle owned by Gramps in his youth. Gram consented to marry Gramps after she heard how well he treated Sadie.
Sheriff in Lewiston The sheriff in Lewiston, Idaho, is waiting for Sal when she climbs back up out of the gorge where her mother's bus wrecked. After hearing Sal's story, he takes Sal to the graveyard where her mother is buried.
Mr. Winterbottom Mr. Winterbottom is Phoebe Winterbottom's father. He works in an office and doesn't seem to love his wife until she leaves.
Prudence Winterbottom Prudence Winterbottom is Phoebe Winterbottom's 17-year-old sister.
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