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Watchmen | Characters

Character Description
Rorschach Rorschach, whose real name is Walter Kovacs, is a violent vigilante who wears a mask reminiscent of the ink blots used in Rorschach psychological tests. Read More
Dr. Manhattan Dr. Manhattan, whose human name is Jon Osterman, is the product of a 1959 radiation accident. Now immortal, he is the primary protector of the United States during the Cold War. Read More
Dan Dreiberg Dan Dreiberg, whose alter ego is Nite Owl, is a technologically minded ornithologist. He and Rorschach were partners before the Keene Act was passed in 1977. Read More
Laurie Juspeczyk Laurie Juspeczyk, whose alter ego is Silk Spectre II, is the daughter of Sally Jupiter. Groomed from birth to be a vigilante, she began fighting crime at 16. Read More
Adrian Veidt Adrian Veidt, whose alter ego is Ozymandias, is allegedly the smartest man in the world. He thinks bringing the world to the brink of nuclear disaster will result in peace. Read More
The Comedian The Comedian, whose real name is Edward Blake, began his career as a masked superhero and then was a government employee during the Vietnam War. His death at the novel's start brings the rest of the masked heroes out of retirement. Read More
Aline Aline is Joey's ex-girlfriend.
Barney Barney is one of Gerald Grice's German shepherds.
Bernard Bernard is the news vendor stationed outside the Promethean Cab Company.
Bernie Bernie is the teenager who reads The Black Freighter next to the newsstand.
Big Figure Big Figure is a criminal Rorschach put in jail 20 years ago. When Rorschach lands in prison, Big Figure is ready for revenge.
Detective Joe Bourquin Detective Joe Bourquin is one of the two detectives who investigate the Comedian's murder as well as the death of Mr. Hirsch and his daughters.
Roy Victor Chess Roy Victor Chess is the assassin hired to kill Adrian Veidt. He dies after biting on a cyanide capsule.
Comic book narrator The comic book narrator is the unnamed main character of The Black Freighter, the comic book Bernie reads by the newsstand.
Derf Derf is the most vocal of the "top-knots," a gang of tough men and women who wear their hair in buns on top of their heads. He kills Hollis Mason.
Derf's girlfriend Derf's girlfriend, also a "top-knot," is addicted to KT-28, or "Katie," a type of illegal drug.
Dollar Bill Dollar Bill is an in-house superhero for a national bank. He dies after an unfortunate incident involving his cape, a revolving door, and a criminal with a gun.
Doomsday prophet The nameless Doomsday prophet who appears in the first half of the book is actually Rorschach, who is not wearing his disguise.
Detective Steven Fine Detective Steven Fine is one of two detectives who investigates the Comedian's murder as well as the death of Mr. Hirsch and his daughters.
Forbes Forbes, an army intelligence official, is Dr. Manhattan's handler during the televised interview.
Fred Fred is one of Gerald Grice's German shepherds.
Professor Milton Glass Professor Milton Glass is Jon Osterman's boss at Gila Flats. An excerpt of his essay about Dr. Manhattan appears after Chapter 4.
Hector Godfrey Hector Godfrey is the cranky editor of the New Frontiersman.
Gordian Knot Lock Company locksmith The Gordian Knot Lock Company locksmith goes to Dan Dreiberg's apartment to replace his locks three times after Rorschach breaks in.
Gerald Grice Gerald Grice is the man who kidnapped six-year-old Blaire Roche. Rorschach murdered him and his dogs.
Happy Harry Happy Harry is the owner and bartender at Happy Harry's, a bar and grill Rorschach visits to find out who killed the Comedian.
Mrs. Hirsch Mrs. Hirsch is the wife of the man who kills himself and his two young daughters because of fear of nuclear war.
Hooded Justice Hooded Justice, the first masked vigilante in the United States, hides his homosexuality through a staged relationship with Sally Jupiter. Nelson Gardner, aka Captain Metropolis, is his longtime romantic partner.
Joey Joey (full name: Josephine) is a lesbian cabdriver who works for the Promethean Cab Company.
The John The John is the man young Walter Kovacs sees kissing his mother.
Sally Jupiter Sally Jupiter, Laurie's mother, was the original Silk Spectre. She now lives in an assisted-living community in California.
Knot Top messenger The Knot Top messenger is the man at Happy Harry's who tells Dan Dreiberg about Hollis Mason's death.
Sylvia Joanna Kovacs Sylvia Joanna Kovacs, also known as Sylvia Glick, is Rorschach's mother and a prostitute.
Lawrence Lawrence is one of Big Figure's bodyguards in prison.
Gloria Long Gloria Long is Dr. Malcolm Long's wife. She resents her husband's dedication to helping others.
Dr. Malcolm Long Dr. Malcolm Long is the psychoanalyst assigned to Rorschach after Rorschach's arrest. Initially optimistic about his patient's recovery, he soon takes on Rorschach's outlook of gloom and doom.
Hira Manish Hira Manish is one of the artists who unknowingly designed the octopus-like creature that kills millions of New Yorkers.
Mr. Mason Mr. Mason is Hollis Mason's father.
Hollis Mason Hollis Mason is a former police officer and the original Nite Owl. After retiring his costume, he writes a memoir about his days as a superhero and opens an auto repair shop.
Captain Metropolis Captain Metropolis (real name: Nelson Gardner) is one of the original Minutemen and the would-be founder of the Crimebusters. He is in a secret relationship with Hooded Justice.
Michael Michael is one of Big Figure's prison body guards.
Moloch Moloch (real name: Edgar William Jacobi; aka Edgar William Vaughn, William Edgar Bright) is a magician turned criminal mastermind and the Comedian's greatest nemesis for more than 40 years. Rorschach is framed for his death.
Mothman Mothman (real name: Byron Lewis) was one of the Minutemen alongside the original Nite Owl and Hooded Justice. He now lives in a mental institution.
Fred Motz Fred Motz is a mechanic at Moe Vernon's auto repair shop.
Officer Mulhearney Officer Mulhearney is the police officer guarding Rorschach in solitary confinement.
Richard Nixon Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, is serving his fifth term in 1985 when Watchmen takes place.
Mr. Osterman Mr. Osterman is Jon Osterman's father. He encouraged Jon to give up watchmaking in favor of atomic science.
Pyramid Delivery Freight handler The Pyramid Delivery Freight handler hired Roy Victor Chess to assassinate Adrian Veidt.
Doug Roth Doug Roth is a writer and editor for Nova Express, the publication that made public the supposed link between Dr. Manhattan and cancer.
Laurence Schexnayder Laurence (Larry) Schexnayder is Sally Jupiter's husband and publicist.
Secretary Adrian Veidt's secretary is killed by an assassin who appears to be gunning for Veidt.
Seymour Seymour is an assistant at the New Frontiersman.
Mrs. Shairp Dolores Shairp is Rorschach's landlady and a prostitute; she has five children by five different fathers.
Max Shea Max Shea is a famous comic-book writer. Along with other artists, he has been living in seclusion for two years while working on what he thinks is an alien movie.
Sign-painting soldier The soldier painting the sign on Dr. Manhattan's door thinks Dr. Manhattan is joking when he says he's going to Mars.
Silhouette Silhouette, whose real name is Ursula Zandt, was one of the original Minutemen. She was accused of lesbianism and kicked out of the group.
Janey Slater Janey Slater is the former girlfriend of Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan. She leaves him in 1966 after discovering his affair with Laurie Juspeczyk.
Steve Steve is the blond man who makes snide comments about Rorschach at Happy Harry's bar and then gets his fingers broken.
Twilight Lady The Twilight Lady is a former foe of Dan Dreiberg (Nite Owl). She had a crush on him.
Moe Vernon Moe Vernon owned the auto repair shop where Mr. Mason worked.
Vietnamese servant #1 Vietnamese servant #1 works for Adrian Veidt at his Antarctic lair. A Vietcong refugee, he is killed before Adrian's final plan is unveiled.
Vietnamese servant #2 Vietnamese servant #2 works for Adrian Veidt at his Antarctic lair. A Vietcong refugee, he is killed before Adrian's final plan is unveiled.
Vietnamese servant #3 Vietnamese servant #3 works for Adrian Veidt at his Antarctic lair. A Vietcong refugee, he is killed before Adrian's final plan is unveiled.
Wally Weaver Wally Weaver is Jon Osterman's friend/coworker at Gila Flats. He dies of cancer in 1971.
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