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Watership Down | Characters

Character Description
Hazel Hazel is a born leader, guiding his group to safety and helping them to survive by bringing back does from Nuthanger Farm and Efrafa. Read More
Fiver Fiver is the young rabbit whose visions alert Hazel and others to danger and help them escape harm. Read More
Bigwig Bigwig is the burly, brave Owsla member who runs off with Hazel's group and helps does escape from Efrafa. Read More
Blackberry Blackberry is the buck whose brilliant ideas for floating on the river allow the rabbits to escape from General Woundwort and his guards. Read More
Dandelion Dandelion is the storyteller of Hazel's warren and one of the rabbits who helps to enact Hazel's plots. Read More
Captain Holly Captain Holly is the old warren's Owsla captain who survives its destruction, goes to Watership Down to live, and unsuccessfully attempts to get does from Efrafa. Read More
General Woundwort General Woundwort is the rabbit who rules Efrafa, kills anyone who tries to leave, and fights Bigwig to try to take back his warren's does. Read More
Acorn Acorn is one of the bucks who come from the old warren with Hazel's group.
Doctor Adams Doctor Adams is the man who helps Lucy Cane release an injured Hazel back into the wild.
Avens Avens is one of the guards at Efrafa.
Bartsia Bartsia is one of the guards at Efrafa who is attacked by Bigwig and Blackavar.
Black Rabbit of Inlé The Black Rabbit of Inlé is the rabbit who comes to take rabbits into the next world when it is their time to die.
Blackavar Blackavar is the Efrafan rabbit who is caught escaping and is rescued by Bigwig.
Bluebell Bluebell is the rabbit from the old warren who gets Holly to Hazel's warren by telling him jokes along the way.
Bob the dog Bob the dog is Lucy Cane's dog and chases Dandelion and Blackberry to the warren, attacking Woundwort and his guards.
Buckthorn Buckthorn is one of the rabbits who come with Hazel from the old warren.
Captain Bugloss Captain Bugloss is an Efrafan patrol member who loses Holly's group when they escape Efrafa.
Captain Campion Captain Campion is the Efrafan guard who helps to lead the attack on Watership Down and ends up running Efrafa and helping to make a new warren.
Lucy Cane Lucy Cane is the little girl who lives on Nuthanger Farm and has rabbits.
Mr. Cane Mr. Cane is the farmer at Nuthanger Farm who chases Hazel and shoots him.
Mrs. Cane Mrs. Cane is the farmer's wife at Nuthanger Farm.
Captain Charlock Captain Charlock is the Efrafan patrol member who is run over by a train.
Captain Chervil Captain Chervil is the Efrafan guard who reports Bigwig's conversations with Kehaar and is attacked by Bigwig.
Cowslip Cowslip is the rabbit who invites Hazel and his crew to the warren where a man feeds the rabbits and snares them.
El-ahrairah El-ahrairah is the rabbits' folk hero who has adventures and always has something to teach in stories.
Feverfew Feverfew used to tell stories in the old warren.
Frith Frith is the rabbits' god, the sun.
Groundsel Groundsel is an Efrafan patrol member who ends up surrendering to Hazel's warren.
Hawkbit Hawkbit is a somewhat slow rabbit who leaves the old warren with Hazel's group.
Hawock Hawock is a pheasant in the El-ahrairah stories.
Hufsa Hufsa is a rabbit who unsuccessfully tries to turn in El-ahrairah to King Darzin for theft.
Hyzenthlay Hyzenthlay is the doe from Efrafa who befriends Holly and helps Bigwig plot their escape.
Kehaar Kehaar is a gull who recuperates from a broken wing in Hazel's warren and helps with the plot to get does from Efrafa.
King Darzin King Darzin is a character in the El-ahrairah stories.
Kingcup Kingcup is a rabbit in Cowslip's warren who was killed in a snare, but Cowslip acts as if he is still alive.
Laburnum Laburnum is a rabbit from the snare warren who creates a stone image of El-ahrairah.
Loosestrife Loosestrife is a rabbit in the El-ahrairah stories.
Captain Mallow Captain Mallow is an Efrafan patrol member who is killed by a fox.
Marjoram Marjoram is the Efrafan guard who tells Bigwig how Blackavar is being punished for trying to escape.
Moneywort Moneywort is a sentry in the Efrafa warren.
Mouse The mouse is a creature whom Hazel saved from a kestrel and who helps Hazel by alerting him to intruders.
Nelthilta Nelthilta is a young doe at Efrafa who reports to Woundwort and the guards the plan for does to escape.
Nightshade Nightshade is an Owsla member from the old warren who does not survive the attack.
Nildro-hain Nildro-hain is Strawberry's doe at the snare warren.
Old Snowdrop Old Snowdrop is part of the inner circle around Woundwort at Efrafa.
Captain Orchis Captain Orchis is a member of the Efrafan patrol.
Pimpernel Pimpernel is a rabbit from the old warren who was killed by Cowslip and the other snare warren rabbits.
Pipkin Pipkin is a small rabbit who is part of Hazel's group from the old warren and helps Hazel with his plans.
Jane Pocock Jane Pocock is a classmate of Lucy Cane's who brings spiders to school in a matchbox.
Prince Rainbow Prince Rainbow is a character in the El-ahrairah stories.
Rabscuttle Rabscuttle is El-ahrairah's sidekick.
Ragwort Ragwort is one of the Owsla members from Efrafa who helps to attack the Watership Down warren.
Rat The rat gives Hazel instructions on how to reach the Nuthanger Farm.
Rowsby Woof Rowsby Woof is a farmer's dog whom El-ahrairah fools.
Sainfoin Sainfoin is a captain in the Efrafan Owsla.
Scabious Scabious is one of the rabbit kittens who hears stories from old Bigwig.
Silver Silver is Bigwig's fellow Owsla officer who comes with him to escape the old warren with Hazel.
Silverweed Silverweed is a young rabbit at the snare warren who recites a poem.
Speedwell Speedwell is a rabbit from the old warren who goes with Hazel's group to find a new warren.
Strawberry Strawberry is the rabbit at the snare warren who begs to escape with Hazel's group and leaves with them.
Tab the cat Tab the cat lives on Nuthanger Farm and attacks Hazel.
Miss Tallant Miss Tallant is Lucy Cane's schoolteacher.
Thethuthinnang Thethuthinnang is one of the Efrafan does who escapes with Bigwig.
Thistle Thistle is an Efrafan guard who joins the Watership Down warren when his group surrenders.
Thrayonlosa Thrayonlosa is an Efrafan doe who collides with a bridge and later dies in the night.
Threarah Threarah is the Chief Rabbit of the old warren, which is destroyed for a housing development.
Toadflax Toadflax is a guard in the Efrafan Owsla.
Vervain Vervain is one of General Woundwort's closest officers.
Vilthuril Vilthuril is one of the Efrafan does who escapes with Bigwig.
Willow Willow is a rabbit in the old warren who tries to explain Fiver's visions to the Threarah.
Yona Yona is a hedgehog in the El-ahrairah stories; yona is also the word for hedgehog in the Lapine language.
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