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Richard Adams

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Watership Down | Epilogue | Summary



The epigraphs in this section come from Shakespeare's play, All's Well That Ends Well, and Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass. All is well that ends well in this story. Groundsel is the Chief Rabbit of the new warren and has Strawberry and Buckthorn as advisors. He doesn't mark any of the rabbits and doesn't have a regular Wide Patrol. Captain Campion also sends some rabbits to join his warren, led by Captain Avens. General Woundwort is gone but not forgotten, as a legendary warrior and a way to scare young rabbits into doing what they are told.

The Black Rabbit of Inlé comes for Hazel, who has come to the end of his life. The Black Rabbit calls his name and asks him to join his Owsla, reassuring him that the warren will be fine without him. Hazel leaves his body and goes with the Black Rabbit, who leads him to look down on the warren and see that it is at peace.


This section shows how a democratic warren that allows for individual freedoms and strengths can flourish. The survival of the group depends on loyalty to one another, along with personal freedom. Rabbits who are not ruled out of fear are healthier and more reasonable, so the decisions that Campion and Groundsel make are much better ones for their warren and for the success of the new warren. They have abandoned Woundwort's rigid, cruel system of control in favor of one that allows for room to roam and grow.

Hazel's ending here is that of a hero because the Black Rabbit not only calls for him but asks him to be in his Owsla. Hazel is the embodiment of El-ahrairah, who is loved by Frith and respected by the Black Rabbit because of his use of tricks to help his people survive. That is what Hazel has done, and his reward is to leave his life to go to another position of leadership in the afterlife.

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