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Watership Down | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Richard Adams's Watership Down. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Hazel, Part 1, Chapter 10 o one’s going to leave anyone else behind. Sources: Daily Mail Online, Encyclopaedia Britannica, The Private Life of the Rabbit by R.M. Lockley Copyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc. Symbols Owsla Represents the force that helps keep the warren running smoothly Embodies the deadly power of humans to destroy nature Snare Warren Symbolizes home, the one place where rabbits feel safe and secure Bigwig Brave Owsla member who runs away with Hazel’s group; demonstrates his bravery when helping does escape from Efrafa Fiver Hazel’s younger brother; rabbit whose visions alert Hazel and the group to danger and help them escape harm Hazel Born leader; guides his group to safety and brings back does from Nuthanger Farm and Efrafa to build up the warren Main Characters Adams became a serious fiction writer with the success of Watership Down, which he wrote at the urging of his daughters, who enjoyed the tales of Hazel and Fiver. A lover of nature, Adams researched rabbits to give Watership Down’s characters the behaviors they would have in their real habitats. RICHARD ADAMS1920–2016 Author Hazel’s group works to create a safe warren and protect one another from danger. Survival of the Group In Hazel’s warren, rabbits are valued for their talents and free to choose mates. Individual Freedom Hazel’s group thinks humans are the worst enemy—until they meet General Woundwort. Fear Hazel and his brother Fiver lead a group of rabbits to escape the Sandleford warren’s destruction by human builders. The group faces danger along the way, and in searching for does to join their new warren, they find themselves battling not only for their ideals, but for their very lives. A Harrowing Journey to a New Home THEMES English Original Language 1972 Year Published Richard Adams Author Watership Down Adventure Children’s Literature

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