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White Fang | Characters

Character Description
White Fang White Fang is a wild wolf who, through a series of different masters, is domesticated and learns to love. Read More
Weedon Scott Weedon Scott is a big-hearted American prospector who saves White Fang from a cruel life and teaches him to love. Read More
Gray Beaver Gray Beaver is White Fang's first master, who domesticates him enough to run him as a sled dog. Read More
Kiche Kiche, also known as the "she-wolf," is White Fang's cunning and strong mother. Read More
Beauty Smith Beauty Smith is the cruel master who forces White Fang to enter dogfights. Read More
Lord Alfred Lord Alfred is the rich lord who died in the Northland wild and whose body Henry and Bill transport in the novel's opening scenes.
Baseek Baseek is an old dog in Part 3 who misjudges White Fang and is nearly killed when he tries to steal White Fang's food.
Beth Beth is Weedon Scott's younger sister, who is kinder to White Fang than the rest of the family.
Bill Bill is a trekker in Part 1 who dies while trying to save his sled dogs from a pack of starving wolves.
Cherokee Cherokee is the bulldog who nearly kills White Fang in a dogfight due to his incredibly strong jaws.
Collie Collie is the Weedon family sheepdog. Although initially distrustful of White Fang when he arrives on the farm, they eventually have a litter of puppies together.
Dick Dick is the Weedon family dog. He wishes to befriend White Fang when he arrives, but White Fang isn't interested.
Fatty Fatty is the first of Bill and Henry's dogs to be eaten by the wolves.
Frog Frog is the second of Bill and Henry's dogs to be eaten by the wolves.
Jim Hall Jim Hall is the deranged convict who escapes from prison and tries to attack the Scott family. He is killed when White Fang attacks him inside the house.
Henry Henry is a trekker in Part 1 who fights off a pack of starving wolves for days before finally being rescued.
Tim Keenan Tim Keenan is the American who brings the deadly bulldog Cherokee to a dogfight.
Kloo-kooch Kloo-kooch is Gray Beaver's wife, who treats White Fang kindly by giving him extra meat.
Lip-lip Lip-lip is the bullying dog at the Indian camp in Part 3 who torments White Fang during his puppyhood.
Mary Mary is Weedon Scott's younger sister.
Matt Matt is a dog-musher who helps Weedon Scott remove White Fang from the dogfighting ring.
Maud Maud is Weedon Scott's young daughter.
Mit-sah Mit-sah is Gray Beaver's son, who first trains White Fang as a sled dog.
One Ear One Ear is the last of Bill and Henry's dogs to be eaten by the wolves.
One Eye One Eye is a grizzled, old wolf and the father of White Fang.
Salmon Tongue Salmon Tongue is a member of Gray Beaver's tribe, who is present when Kiche and her pup return from the wild.
Judge Scott As Weedon Scott's father, White Fang respects Judge Scott as one of Weedon's possessions. White Fang protects the judge and his family, particularly when a deranged convict breaks into the home and attempts to harm the family.
Mrs. Scott Mrs. Scott is Weedon Scott's affectionate mother.
Mrs. Weedon Scott Mrs. Weedon Scott is Weedon Scott's wife. She abides White Fang on the farm but doesn't trust him near her children.
Spanker Spanker is the third of Bill and Henry's dogs to be eaten by the wolves.
Weedon Weedon is Weedon Scott's young son.
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