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White Noise | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Part 1, Chapter 1 The narrator of the novel, Jack Gladney, recites a litany of observations about the arrival of new students on the colle... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 2–3 In Part 1, Chapter 2 Jack Gladney discusses the "day of the station wagons" with Babette, his large and big-hearted wi... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 4–5 In Part 1, Chapter 4 Jack Gladney finds himself at the high school looking for Babette, who is exercising on the stadi... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 6–7 Jack Gladney observes his son Heinrich's hairline beginning to recede, and worries some unknown action on the part of ... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 8–9 Jack discloses that he has long concealed the fact that he does not know how to speak German. This is cause for embarr... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 10–12 Denise and Babette Gladney debate the dangers of chewing sugarless gum, which Denise claims causes cancer. Babette rem... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 13–14 Mr. Treadwell is found alive with his elderly sister in an abandoned store in the mall. They had wandered the mall for... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 15–16 Jack Gladney attends one of Murray Siskind's lectures on Elvis and interrupts him to discuss his parallels to Hitler. ... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 17–18 Denise confronts Babette Gladney about the Dylar medication she found in the trash. Babette asks if Dylar is the name ... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 19–20 Bee's presence in the house makes the family self-conscious, aware of their flaws and strange rituals. Jack Gladney ha... Read More
Part 2, Chapter 21 Part 2 consists of a single chapter; it is entirely dedicated to the event that changes Jack Gladney's life. One morning... Read More
Part 3, Chapters 22–24 Things begin returning to normal, and Jack Gladney finds himself back at the supermarket with Wilder. They run into Mu... Read More
Part 3, Chapters 25–26 Jack Gladney brings a Dylar tablet to Winnie Richards, a neurochemist at the college. She says she will test it, but J... Read More
Part 3, Chapters 27–29 Jack Gladney goes for his second medical checkup since the toxic event, but his numbers are normal. On his way home, h... Read More
Part 3, Chapters 30–32 One night Jack Gladney can't sleep, and he wakes up Babette to talk. He tells her he wants access to Mr. Gray. He want... Read More
Part 3, Chapter 33 Jack Gladney wakes up in the middle of the night to find Wilder standing near the bed, staring at him. Jack follows him ... Read More
Part 3, Chapters 34–35 One night, Jack Gladney searches the trash compactor for the Dylar that Denise threw away 10 days prior, even though t... Read More
Part 3, Chapter 36 Heinrich's mother, Janet Savory, calls Jack Gladney and asks him to send Heinrich to her ashram in Montana. Jack agrees ... Read More
Part 3, Chapters 37–38 Jack Gladney and Murray Siskind embark on a long walk, and Jack tells Murray something feels artificial about his own ... Read More
Part 3, Chapters 39–40 Jack Gladney finds the motel in Germantown Winnie Richards described to him. His plan is to find Willie Mink and shoot... Read More
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