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Wicked | Characters

Character Description
Elphaba Elphaba, the green daughter of a minister and his wife, gets involved with the resistance movement against the Wizard of Oz and eventually becomes the Wicked Witch of the West. Read More
Glinda Glinda is an upper- class daughter of a Gillikinese family who becomes friends with Elphaba at college. She begins to study sorcery and becomes the powerful Witch of the North. Read More
Nessarose Nessarose is Elphaba's armless and religiously devout sister who becomes the Wicked Witch of the East. Read More
Boq Boq is a Munchkinland farmer who befriends Elphaba in college because he wants to get closer to her roommate, Glinda. Read More
Fiyero Fiyero is a prince of the Arjiki tribe in the eastern land of Vinkus who meets Elphaba in college and falls in love with her when they meet again in the Emerald City years later. Read More
Sarima Sarima is Fiyero's wife in the Vinkus. When Elphaba comes seeking her forgiveness after Fiyero's death, Sarima takes her in. Read More
Saint Aelphaba of the Waterfall Saint Aelphaba, Elphaba's namesake, is famous for her piety and retreats behind a waterfall to meditate.
Ama Clutch Ama Clutch is Glinda's minder, or governess, who cares for Glinda and Elphaba during their time in college at Shiz.
Avaric Avaric is a college friend of Boq's; he comes from a wealthy family and is known for his arrogance.
Bfee Bfee is Boq's father and the mayor of Rush Margins; he tells Frex his people should be allowed to see the Clock of the Time Dragon.
Chistery Chistery is Elphaba's pet snow monkey; she tries to teach him to speak and attempts to attach wings to him.
Sir Chuffrey Sir Chuffrey is a wealthy and high-status resident of Gillikin who marries Glinda after college.
Commander Cherrystone Commander Cherrystone leads the Wizard's troops when they come to Kiamo Ko, Fiyero's family home in the Vinkus, and take Sarima and her children.
Cow The Cow is an Animal offered to Nessarose in return for enchanting an ax; the Cow resents being used as a bargaining chip.
Crope Crope is a friend of Boq and Elphaba's at Shiz University; he and Elphaba assist in Dr. Dillamond's research.
Dr. Dillamond Dr. Dillamond is a Goat and professor of biology at Shiz, who is murdered because of his research and outspoken advocacy of Animal rights.
Dorothy Dorothy Gale is a farm girl from Kansas whose house drops on Nessarose, killing her, and whose quest to return home leads her to accidentally kill Elphaba.
Dwarf The dwarf, unnamed in Wicked but called Mr. Boss in the novel's sequels, runs the Clock of the Time Dragon and occasionally works with Yackle.
Eminent Thropp The Eminent Thropp is Elphaba and Nessarose's great-grandfather and the leader of Munchkinland.
Five Five is Sarima's fifth sister, known only by her number, not by a name.
Four Four is Sarima's fourth sister, known only by her number, not by a name.
Frex Frex, whose full name is Frexspar, is a unionist minister and father to Elphaba, Nessarose, and Shell, although he may not be Elphaba and Nessarose's biological father.
Gawnette Gawnette is the Munchkin woman who oversees the playgroup Elphaba joins as a toddler when her family attempts to socialize her.
Saint Glinda Saint Glinda's full story is not clear, but she is the namesake of Glinda the witch and of the mauntery where Elphaba seeks refuge after Fiyero's death.
Miss Greyling Miss Greyling is a human professor of sorcery at Shiz University.
Grine Grine is badly beaten by a mob in Rush Margins after a Clock of the Time Dragon performance portrays him as a cheater with two sets of genitals who has an affair with a mother and daughter.
Grommetik Grommetik is Madame Morrible's clockwork assistant; he kills Dr. Dillamond.
Igo Igo is a sick old man traveling on the Grasstrail Train into the Vinkus so he can die in the grasslands.
Irji Irji is Fiyero's oldest son; his mother considers him too gentle to assume his father's legacy.
Killyjoy Killyjoy is Elphaba's dog; she inherits him from a cook who dies on the long journey through the Vinkus from the Emerald City.
Kumbric Witch The Kumbric Witch, or Kumbricia, is a figure of legend, possibly involved with the creation of Oz, and often associated with sexual imagery.
Letta During a performance of the Clock of the Time Dragon, Letta is accused of having an affair with Grine, a married man, and she is shunned by other Rush Margins residents for this behavior.
Liir Liir is Elphaba and Fiyero's son; Elphaba does not remember his birth and never acknowledges she is his mother.
Lion Known as Brr when he first appears as a cub in a biology lab at Shiz, the cowardly Lion is a member of Dorothy's party who visits the Wizard, hoping the Wizard will give him courage.
Lurline Lurline is a Fairy Queen of legend, believed to have discovered Oz; her daughter is believed to have started the Ozma line of monarchs.
Malky Malky is Elphaba's pet cat when she is a member of the underground resistance movement in the Emerald City.
Manek Manek is Fiyero's cruel younger son; he tortures Liir and is killed by an icicle after he tries to drown Liir during a game of hide-and-seek.
Melena Melena is Elphaba, Nessarose, and Shell's mother; known for her promiscuity and wealthy family, she fears her daughters' abnormalities are punishment for her indiscretions.
Milla Milla is a friend of Glinda's at Shiz; she marries Boq after college.
Madame Morrible The sinister and fishlike Madame Morrible heads Crage Hall, Glinda and Elphaba's college at Shiz; she works for the Wizard and attempts to manipulate Glinda and Elphaba into becoming his agents as well.
Nanny Nanny is the caretaker to Elphaba and her siblings; she finds Elphaba after Elphaba disappears to Kiamo Ko in the Vinkus.
Princess Nastoya Princess Nastoya leads the Scrow tribe in the Vinkus; she is an Elephant who chooses to live under an enchantment and pass as human for her own safety.
Dr. Nikidik Dr. Nikidik takes over Dr. Dillamond's classes after the latter is murdered, but he has far less sympathy for Animals.
Nipp Nipp, one of Nessarose's ministers, assumes the role of Prime Minister of Munchkinland after she is killed.
Nor Nor is Fiyero's daughter, taken captive with her family by Commander Cherrystone and kept as a slave by the Wizard after the rest of her family disappears.
Oatsie Manglehand Oatsie leads the Grasstrail Train, a kind of wagon train that takes people from the Emerald City into the Vinkus region in the west of Oz.
Ozma Ozma is thought to be the daughter of Lurline, the fairy queen who founds Oz and leaves Ozma as the ruler; Ozma is believed to reincarnate herself in each succeeding monarch.
Ozma Tippetarius Ozma Tippetarius is the Ozma incarnation who rules Oz when the Wizard comes, though she is only a toddler and her father is really in charge.
Pastorius Pastorius is the father of Ozma Tippetarius; he serves as Ozma's Regent until the Wizard arrives and takes over Oz.
Pfannee Pfannee is a friend of Glinda's at Shiz; she is very wealthy and enjoys teasing Elphaba.
Pinchweed Pinchweed is a financial speculator traveling with Elphaba on the Grasstrail Train into the Vinkus.
Scarecrow The Scarecrow is one of Dorothy's companions; he hopes the Wizard will give him a brain. Elphaba briefly hopes Fiyero survived his attack by the Wizard's forces and has disguised himself as the Scarecrow.
Sheep Nessarose receives two Sheep when she agrees to maim a woodcutter with his own axe, but the Sheep refuse to speak after they lose their rights as Animals.
Shell Shell is Nessarose and Elphaba's younger brother; he goes on many missions of intrigue designed to help undermine the Wizard's power.
Shenshen Shenshen is one of Glinda's wealthy, snobby friends at Shiz.
Six Six is Sarima's sixth sister, known only by a number, not by a name; she resents the work she must do on Sarima's behalf.
Three Three is Sarima's third sister, known only by a number, not by a name.
Tibbett Tibbett is friends with Boq and Elphaba at Shiz; he loses his mind after taking part in a sex show at the Philosophy Club during his college years.
Tiger The Tiger participates in the Philosophy Club sex show that causes Tibbett to lose his sanity.
Tin Woodman The Tin Woodman, also called the Tin Man and Nick Chopper, is one of Dorothy's companions; he wants the Wizard to give him a heart. He may be the woodcutter damaged and cursed by Nessarose in exchange for the Sheep and Cow.
Turtle Heart Turtle Heart is a Quadling glassblower who lives with and loves Frex and Melena for a summer, possibly fathering Nessarose.
Two Two is Sarima's second sister, known only by a number, not by a name.
Unnamed God The Unnamed God is the deity of the unionist religion.
Wizard The Wizard of Oz, known only as the Wizard in Wicked, is the tyrannical ruler of Oz; Elphaba attempts to resist his rule, but he may be her biological father.
Yackle Yackle is a mysterious old woman who sells Nanny a medicine that causes Nessarose to be born without arms; she appears again as a host at the Philosophy Club and as the mother superior at the mauntery where Elphaba lives for a while.
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