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Wiseguy | Characters

Character Description
Henry Hill Henry Hill is an Irish Italian young man from Brooklyn who grows up working for the neighborhood Mafia. Wiseguy centers on his criminal experience and subsequent arrests. Read More
Karen Hill Karen Hill is Henry's wife, coming from a completely different background and upbringing. She ultimately embraces her husband's criminal lifestyle for the power and glamour it affords them. Read More
Paul Vario Paul Vario is a boss in one of the city's five organized crime families, the Luccheses. He takes Hill under his wing and acts as a protective father figure to him. Read More
Jimmy Burke James "Jimmy the Gent" Burke earned his nickname for his exorbitant tipping. He has a volatile personality and is known for his criminal skills. Read More
Edward McDonald The assistant U.S. attorney in charge of the Lufthansa Airline heist case, Edward McDonald grew up in the same neighborhood as the wiseguys and is familiar with their lifestyle. Read More
Linda Linda is Hill's girlfriend on the side who is constantly upset over the state of their relationship. Read More
Hugh Addonizio Hugh Addonizio, a big gambler, is the former mayor of Newark; he is also doing time at Lewisburg Penitentiary.
Sebastian "Buster" Aloi Sebastian "Buster" Aloi is the capo who runs the Kennedy Airport for the Colombo crime family.
Bill Arico Bill Arico is a wiseguy who is also doing time in Lewisburg Penitentiary and with whom Hill goes into business selling marijuana and pills.
William Arico William "Willie" Arico is a former Lewisburg inmate who robs hotels and wealthy people.
Jerry Asaro Jerry Asaro is a fellow wiseguy and member of the Bonanno crew.
Vinnie Asaro Vinnie Asaro is the Bonanno family's crew chief at the airport. The Bonannos run half the airport's criminal activity, and Burke has to give them some of the Lufthansa heist money out of respect.
Sonny Bamboo Sonny Bamboo is owner of the Bamboo Lounge and Paul Vario's brother-in-law.
Janet Barbieri Janet Barbieri is Louis Werner's girlfriend in whom he confides about the Lufthansa Airline heist.
Tino Barzie Tino Barzie is Frank Sinatra Jr.'s manager.
Frank Basile Frank Basile is the son of Phil Basile and member of Hill's drug ring.
Phil Basile Phil Basile is a friend of Paul Vario's; he allows Hill to be on his business's payroll after his release from prison.
Billy Batts Billy Batts is a friend of Hill's who is released from prison after six years. Tommy DeSimone mistakenly kills him, despite the fact he is a "made" man and therefore considered untouchable.
Larry Bilello Larry Bilello is the cook at the Varios' pizzeria.
William Broder William Broder is the Nassau County assistant district attorney in charge of Hill's case.
Frank James Burke Frank James Burke is Jimmy Burke's son.
Jesse James Burke Jesse James Burke is Jimmy Burke's son; he is named after the outlaw.
Mickey Burke Mickey Burke is Jimmy Burke's wife and a friend of Karen's.
"Fat" Louie Cafora "Fat" Louie Cafora is a fellow wiseguy who is in on the Lufthansa Airline heist. He mysteriously disappears a month after the heist.
Dominick Cerami Dominick Cerami is a wiseguy who heads a gang of professional check cashers.
John Ciaccio John Ciaccio is a man in Florida who owes Casey Rosado money.
Ernie Cobb Ernie Cobb is a college basketball player who is willing to throw his team's games for money.
Robin Cooperman Robin is a clerical worker at an airfreight company who becomes Hill's girlfriend. Her inability to clean up after their drug dealing in her kitchen leads to Hill's arrest.
Louis Delenhauser Louis Delenhauser is the Vario family lawyer.
Steve DePasquale Steve DePasquale is one of Paul Vario's crew.
Helene DeSimone Helene DeSimone is Tommy DeSimone's wife.
Tommy DeSimone Tommy is one of Paul Vario's crew who is involved in the Air France and Lufthansa heists. He is a ruthless killer who ends up murdered himself in revenge.
Dennis Dillon Dennis Dillon is a Nassau County district attorney assigned to Hill's case.
Johnny Dio Johnny Dio is a fellow inmate in Lewisburg Penitentiary for acid blinding a journalist.
Stack Edwards Stack Edwards runs the credit-card scams for Hill and his crew and is also in on the Lufthansa Airline heist. Burke's crew kills him after he does a sloppy job disposing of the truck.
Rudy Eirich Rudy Eirich is the Lufthansa Airline night supervisor who has all of the right keys and combinations to open the vault.
Bruno Facciolo Bruno Facciolo runs the Varios' card and dice games.
William Fischetti William Fischetti is Louis Werner's best friend and owner of a taxi company, in which Louis agrees to invest his airline heist money. Fischetti agrees to tell the FBI what he knows.
Burke Fox Burke Fox is Hill's parole officer.
"Crazy" Joe Gallo "Crazy" Joe Gallo tries to take out his boss, Joe Profaci, in a Mafia war.
Bobby Germaine Bobby Germaine is Hill's stickup man for his marijuana business; his son is the informant who gets Hill arrested by the Feds.
Robert Ginova Robert Ginova is a pornographic film producer and wiseguy involved in Hill's drug ring.
Peter Gruenewald Peter Gruenewald is the Lufthansa Airline cargo worker who helped Louis Werner concoct the plan for the heist. He informs the FBI of their plans.
Carmela Costa Hill Carmela Costa Hill is Henry Hill's Sicilian mother. She initially is glad Hill finds work with other Sicilians in the community.
Henry Hill Sr. Henry Hill Sr. is Henry Hill's father. He is a stern and strict Irishman, disapproving of his choices to get involved with the Varios.
Judy Hill Judy Hill is the eldest daughter in Hill's family.
Michael Hill Michael is Hill's youngest brother; he was born with a spinal defect.
Ruth Hill Ruth Hill is the youngest daughter in Hill's family.
Fran Krugman Fran Krugman is Marty's wife; she is concerned about his disappearance after the Lufthansa heist.
Marty Krugman Marty Krugman is Hill's friend who tells him about the possibility of a Lufthansa Airline heist. Jimmy Burke eventually murders him for his involvement and share of the money.
Rick Kuhn Rick Kuhn is a college basketball player who is willing to throw his team's games for money.
Paolo LiCastri Paolo LiCastri is a fellow wiseguy who is in on the Lufthansa Airline heist. His body is found dead a month after the heist.
Thomas Lucchese Thomas Lucchese is owner of the Azores hotel and restaurant and boss of the entire Lucchese family.
Joe Manri Joe Manri is a fellow wiseguy who is in on the Lufthansa Airline heist. Since he is the only direct connection to Louis Werner, Jimmy Burke has him killed after Werner is convicted.
Frank Manzo Frank Manzo is one of Paul Vario's crew.
Johnny Mazolla Johnny Mazolla is a junkie horseplayer who lives across the street from the cabstand.
Paul Mazzei Paul Mazzei is a wiseguy who is also doing time in Lewisburg Penitentiary; he goes into business with Hill selling marijuana and pills.
Bobby McMahon Bobby McMahon is the cargo foreman at Air France who is in on the heist.
Monte Montemurro Monte Montemurro is Hill's friend who helps him rob Air France.
Raymond Montemurro Raymond Montemurro is Hill's friend who helps him rob Air France.
Tommy Morton Tommy Morton is manager of the Azores hotel where Hill and Lenny get jobs. He has a strong dislike for them because of their poor work ethic.
John Murray John Murray is the Lufthansa Airline's senior cargo agent who tricks the night supervisor into meeting him to get the codes to the vault.
Bobby Nalo Bobby Nalo is a wiseguy who robs hotels and wealthy people.
Richie Oddo Richie Oddo is Hill's lawyer.
Tony Perla Tony Perla is a local bookmaker and friend of Paul Mazzei's.
Joe Pine Joe Pine is a mob boss from Connecticut who is also doing time in Lewisburg Penitentiary.
Joe Profaci Joe Profaci is a mob boss who is overthrown by "Crazy" Joe Gallo in a Mafia war.
Rolf Rebann Rolf Rebann is a Lufthansa Airline employee who witnesses the heist.
Remo Remo is Jimmy Burke's best friend, whom Burke kills.
Eddy Rigaud Eddy Rigaud is an import-export agent for the Sea-Land Service in Haiti who helps Hill sell stolen cars.
Anthony Rodriguez Anthony Rodriguez is Angelo Sepe's ex-brother-in-law who is in on the Lufthansa Airline heist.
Vinnie Romano Vinnie Romano is a union boss.
Casey Rosado Casey Rosado is Hill's friend who accompanies him to Florida. He is also president of Local 71 of the Waiters and Commissary Workers at Kennedy Airport.
Joey Rossano Joey Rossano is owner of The Suite supper club and is also a horseplayer and gambler.
"Fat" Andy Ruggierio "Fat" Andy Ruggierio is a wiseguy who is doing time in Lewisburg Penitentiary.
Joey Russo Joey Russo is one of Paul Vario's crew.
Johnny Savino Johnny Savino is Hill's friend who helps him rob Air France.
Bobby Scola Bobby Scola is president of the bricklayers' union; he helps procure union cards for Hill so he can receive paychecks.
Angelo Sepe Angelo Sepe is a fellow wiseguy who is in on the Lufthansa Airline heist.
Spider Spider is a kid whom Tommy DeSimone shoots in the foot because he won't dance.
Anthony Stabile Anthony Stabile is one of Paul Vario's crew.
Paul Stewart Paul Stewart is Linda's boss; he owns the Bridal Land shop.
John Sutter John Sutter is Hill's lawyer.
Jim Sweeney Jim Sweeney is a college basketball player who is willing to throw his team's games for money; he ends up winning the game, costing Hill the bet.
Lenny Vario (1) Lenny Vario (1) is Paul Vario's elder brother, a construction union official and ex-bootlegger.
Lenny Vario (2) Lenny Vario (2) is Paul Vario's son; he becomes Hill's partner in crime after Hill comes home from the army.
Paul Vario Jr. Paul Vario Jr. is Paul Vario's son.
Peter Vario Peter Vario is Paul Vario's son. Hill meets his girlfriend Linda through Peter.
Phyllis Vario Phyllis Vario is Paul Vario's wife.
Salvatore "Babe" Vario Salvatore "Babe" Vario is Paul Vario's youngest brother; he runs the card and dice games.
Tommy Vario Tommy Vario is Paul Vario's younger brother; he is a union delegate for construction workers.
Vito "Tuddy" Vario Vito "Tuddy" Vario is Paul's brother; he runs the cabstand across from Hill's house and gives him his first job.
Veralynn Veralynn is the friend of Hill's girlfriend Linda; she dates Peter Vario.
Milty Wekar Milty Wekar is a bookmaker with whom Hill gets involved.
Beverly Werner Beverly Werner is Louis Werner's estranged wife.
Louis Werner Louis Werner is the Lufthansa Airline cargo supervisor who owes Marty Krugman a gambling debt and tells him about the opportunity for an airline heist. He refuses to give the FBI information after he is brought in for questioning.
Kerry Whalen Kerry Whalen is a Lufthansa security guard who is used during the Lufthansa Airline heist.
Judy Wicks Judy Wicks is a courier for Hill's marijuana business; her carelessness leads to Hill's arrest after his phones are wiretapped.
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