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Wiseguy | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1943

    Henry Hill is born.

    Chapter 3
  • 1955

    Hill begins working at the cabstand.

    Chapter 1
  • 1960

    For the first time, Hill is arrested.

    Chapter 2
  • Later in 1960

    Hill joins the military paratroopers.

    Chapter 2
  • 1963

    Hill returns to New York City.

    Chapter 4
  • 1965

    Karen meets and marries Hill.

    Chapter 5
  • 1966

    Hill commits his first hijacking.

    Chapter 7
  • 1967

    For running a wire room, Hill is arrested.

    Chapter 9
  • 1969

    Linda meets Hill, and they begin dating.

    Chapter 11
  • 1972

    At the sentencing, Hill gets 10 years in prison.

    Chapter 12
  • 1978

    Hill is granted early parole.

    Chapter 15
  • Later in 1978

    Hill takes part in the Lufthansa Airline heist.

    Chapter 16
  • 1979

    Hill is arrested on drug charges.

    Chapter 19
  • 1980

    After turning on his accomplices, Hill and his family join the Witness Protection Program.

  • 1984

    Paul Vario is sentenced on drug charges.

  • 1985

    Jimmy Burke is sentenced to life in prison for murder.


Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Introduction In May 1980, a man named Henry Hill joins the Federal Witness Protection Program. He faces a life sentence in jail for a... Read More
Chapter 1 Henry Hill's introduction to life in the mob is almost by accident. In 1955 at 11 years old, he applies for a job at a c... Read More
Chapter 2 Hill learns from Johnny Mazolla how to cash counterfeit money and begins to learn about other moneymaking schemes as wel... Read More
Chapter 3 Hill's working-class neighborhood is a haven for thousands of Italian American immigrants and Eastern European Jews look... Read More
Chapter 4 Hill returns to New York after a few years, having spent the last few months of his army time in the stockade after gett... Read More
Chapter 5 Despite Vario's advice to him, Hill has no money saved. He is continually caught between being flush with cash and in de... Read More
Chapter 6 It takes Karen a while to figure out what line of work Hill is really in. In America wiseguys and the Mafia aren't yet w... Read More
Chapter 7 In the early 1950s, a golf course in Queens is converted into an airport, and within a few months all of the wiseguys kn... Read More
Chapter 8 In 1967 Kennedy Airport releases its first accounting of cargo thefts: $2.2 million in the previous 10 months. Despite m... Read More
Chapter 9 The FBI descends on the Air France cargo building when the heist is discovered a few days later. By that time, Hill has ... Read More
Chapter 10 Killing is just a routine fact of life to the wiseguys. Hill notes "murder was the only way everybody stayed in line." B... Read More
Chapter 11 By the time he is 26 in 1969, Hill and Karen live in a rented house with two cars and a wardrobe of expensive clothes. H... Read More
Chapter 12 Hill takes a trip to Florida with Jimmy Burke and Casey Rosado. When they go to a bar to collect a gambling debt, a figh... Read More
Chapter 13 Karen cycles through reactions upon hearing the news of Hill's 10-year sentence: move in with her parents, commit suicid... Read More
Chapter 14 For the next two years, Karen visits Hill in prison once a week, but by his third year the visits dwindle to one a month... Read More
Chapter 15 After Hill's release from prison, he has little money to his name, because he has had to pay so much to his lawyers and ... Read More
Chapter 16 Two months after Hill's release from prison, he hears about a possible heist for Lufthansa Airlines on a tip from a carg... Read More
Chapter 17 Within days, the dream score for the men begins to turn into a nightmare and becomes the beginning of the end. Hill does... Read More
Chapter 18 The news presents the Lufthansa Airline heist as entertainment. Meanwhile, over 100 agents from the FBI are on the case ... Read More
Chapter 19 On the day Hill is finally arrested, his friends and family are driving him crazy and he is doing cocaine to stay awake ... Read More
Chapter 20 The narrative jumps back in time to relate the law-enforcement events leading to Hill's arrest. The Nassau County narcot... Read More
Chapter 21 Hill's arrest turns out to be a bonanza for the assistant U.S. attorney Edward McDonald, since Hill is the kind of guy w... Read More
Chapter 22 After Hill's second arrest, Karen and her children are taken to the FBI office, where the assistant district attorney ex... Read More
Epilogue The Federal Witness Protection Program gets its money's worth out of Hill—his testifying gets the convictions of Paul Ma... Read More
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