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Wolf Hall | Characters

Character Description
Thomas Cromwell Thomas Cromwell (c. 1485–1540) is a blacksmith's son who becomes a brilliant lawyer. He rises to be King Henry VIII's chief adviser and the architect of his divorce from his first wife, Katherine of Aragon. Read More
Thomas More Thomas More (1478–1535) becomes Lord Chancellor after Wolsey fails to meet the king's expectations. Read More
King Henry VIII King Henry VIII (1491–1547) was king of England from 1509 until his death. Read More
Anne Boleyn Calculating Anne Boleyn (c. 1507–36) sets her sights on being queen—and gets her wish. Read More
Cardinal Wolsey Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (c. 1475–1530) is the Lord Chancellor who is given the task of convincing the pope to annul Henry VIII's first marriage. Read More
Thomas Audley Thomas Audley is a lawyer and serves as Lord Chancellor after the resignation of Thomas More.
Thomas Avery Thomas Avery is a man in Cromwell's household whom Cromwell trains to do finances.
James Bainham James Bainham, a barrister, is executed for heresy.
Helen Barre Helen Barre is a poor woman taken into the Cromwell household.
Matthew Barre Matthew Barre is Helen Barre's abusive husband; he deserts her.
Elizabeth Barton Elizabeth (Eliza) Barton is a prophetess who prophesies against Henry VIII's marriage to Anne Boleyn.
Lord Berners Lord Berners is the governor of Calais.
Thomas Bilney Thomas Bilney is a priest known as "Little Bilney."
Mary Boleyn Mary Boleyn is Henry's mistress. Sister of Anne Boleyn, she is the widow of William Carey.
Thomas Boleyn Thomas Boleyn is the father of Anne Boleyn and her siblings.
Antonio Bonvisi Antonio Bonvisi is an Italian merchant who is friends with Thomas Cranmer.
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk The Duke of Suffolk is an opportunist who functions as the king's henchman.
William Brereton William Brereton is a nobleman of the privy chamber.
William Butts William Butts is a physician.
Thomas Byrd Thomas Byrd is a man who wants the money Cardinal Wolsey owes him.
Cardinal Campeggio Cardinal Campeggio is the papal envoy to England.
Carlo Capello Carlo Capello is the Venetian ambassador.
Nicholas Carew Nicholas Carew is a confidant of Henry's who tells Cromwell, "His Majesty's ring fits you without adjustment."
George Cavendish George Cavendish is Wolsey's gentleman usher, or personal attendant.
Eustache Chapuys Eustache Chapuys is the Holy Roman Emperor's ambassador to the court of Henry VIII and the emperor's source of information about the court.
Christophe Christophe is a French boy who becomes a servant to Cromwell. According to a Washington Post reviewer, he is the only purely fictional character in the novel.
Margarete Cranmer Margarete Cranmer is Thomas Cranmer's wife, whom he must keep secret.
Thomas Cranmer Thomas Cranmer becomes the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Anne Cresacre Anne Cresacre is John More's wife.
Anne Cromwell Anne is the elder of Cromwell's two daughters, who both die of sweating sickness.
Grace Cromwell Grace is the younger of Cromwell's two daughters, who both die of sweating sickness.
Gregory Cromwell Gregory is Thomas Cromwell's son.
Lizzie Cromwell Lizzie Cromwell is Thomas Cromwell's beloved wife, who has been married before. She dies of sweating sickness.
Walter Cromwell Walter Cromwell, a blacksmith and brewer, is the abusive father of Thomas Cromwell and two daughters, Bet and Kat.
Richard Williams Cromwell The son of Kat and Morgan Williams, Richard is taken into Thomas Cromwell's household and given his name.
Princess Elizabeth Princess Elizabeth (1533–1603), the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, is a child during the main events of the novel. She will eventually reign as Elizabeth I of England.
John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, is executed for his courageous defense of the Catholic Church.
Henry Fitzroy Henry Fitzroy is Henry VIII's illegitimate, but acknowledged, son.
John Frith John Frith is a prisoner in the Tower; Cromwell visits him.
Stephen Gardiner Stephen Gardiner is Cardinal Wolsey's secretary and, later, Master Secretary to King Henry VIII. He and Cromwell are enemies.
Sir William Gascoigne Sir William Gascoigne is treasurer of Cardinal Wolsey's household.
Margaret Giggs Margaret Giggs is Thomas More's ward.
Thomas Hitton Thomas Hitton is a priest who is burned for heresy.
Hans Holbein Artist Hans Holbein paints Cromwell's portrait.
Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, is Anne Boleyn's uncle.
Isabella Isabella is a woman who worked in the kitchen when Thomas Cromwell was a child.
Jenneke Jenneke is orphan whom Thomas Avery has a romantic interest in.
Katherine of Aragon The widow of King Henry's late brother Arthur, Katherine (also spelled Catherine) is Henry's first wife.
Nikolaus Kratzer Nikolaus Kratzer is an astronomer.
Hugh Latimer Hugh Latimer is a reforming priest who later becomes Bishop of Worcester.
Rowland Lee Rowland Lee is the priest who marries Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.
Lord Lisle Lord Lisle becomes governor of Calais.
Honor Lisle Honor Lisle is Lord Lisle's wife.
Owen Madoc Owen Madoc is Walter Cromwell's neighbor when Thomas Cromwell is a child.
Sion Madoc Sion Madoc is a boatman who gossips about Anne Boleyn's sex life.
Princess Mary Princess Mary (1516–58), the daughter of King Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, is a girl during the main events of the novel. She will eventually reign as Mary I of England.
Humphrey Monmouth Humphrey Monmouth shelters William Tyndale, the translator of the Bible into English, and is imprisoned.
Alice More Alice More is Thomas More's wife.
Cicely More Cicely More is Thomas More's daughter.
Elizabeth More Elizabeth More is Thomas More's daughter.
John More John More is Thomas More's son.
Sir John More Sir John More is Thomas More's father.
Harry Norris Harry Norris is a friend of King Henry VIII and Groom of the Stool, who helps the king in his toilet.
Henry Pattison Henry Pattison is a servant of Thomas More's.
Henry Percy Henry Percy is the Earl of Northumberland and at one point claims to have been promised to Anne Boleyn in marriage.
John Petyt John Petyt, a merchant, is imprisoned and suspected of heresy.
Lucy Petyt Lucy Petyt is John Petyt's wife.
Richard Riche Richard Riche is a lawyer and upstart.
George Rochford George Rochford is Anne Boleyn's brother.
Jane Rochford Lady Jane Rochford is George Rochford's wife.
Margaret Roper Margaret Roper is the eldest daughter of Thomas More; she is married to Will Roper.
Thomas Rotherham Thomas Rotherham is Thomas Cromwell's ward.
Henry Sadler Henry Sadler is the father of Rafe Sadler.
Rafe Sadler Rafe Sadler is Thomas Cromwell's clerk, who has lived as ward with the Cromwell family at Austin Friars since he was seven. He is intelligent and loyal.
Master Patch Sexton Master Patch Sexton is Cardinal Wolsey's fool.
Edward Seymour Edward Seymour is Jane Seymour's elder brother.
Jane Seymour Jane Seymour (c. 1509–37) is a lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn; she will become Henry VIII's third wife.
Mary Shelton Mary Shelton is a Boleyn cousin and one of Anne's ladies-in-waiting.
Mark Smeaton Mark Smeaton is a musician who will be implicated in the case against Anne Boleyn.
Mary Talbot Mary Talbot is the woman Harry Percy marries.
Thurston Thurston is the cook at Austin Friars.
William Tyndale William Tyndale is the translator of the Latin Bible into English.
Stephen Vaughan Stephen Vaughan is a merchant and friend of Cromwell's.
Alice Wellyfed Alice Wellyfed is the niece of Thomas Cromwell and daughter of his sister Bet.
Bet Wellyfed Bet Wellyfed is Thomas Cromwell's sister.
Kat Williams Kat Williams, Thomas Cromwell's sister, is like a mother to him.
Morgan Williams Morgan Williams is Thomas Cromwell's Welsh brother-in-law. He is kind and practical.
Jo Williamson Jo (Johane) Williamson is the daughter of Johane and John.
Johane Williamson Johane is Liz Cromwell's sister. She and Thomas Cromwell have an affair.
John Williamson John Williamson is Johane's husband.
Thomas Wriothesley Also known as "Call-Me-Risley," Thomas Wriothesley is a diplomat who owes loyalty to both Gardiner and Thomas Cromwell.
Sir Henry Wyatt Sir Henry Wyatt is the father of Tom Wyatt, who allegedly had an affair with Anne Boleyn.
Tom Wyatt Tom Wyatt, who allegedly had an affair with Anne Boleyn, claims they did nothing but kiss.
Mercy Wykys Mercy Wykys is the mother of Lizzie, Thomas Cromwell's wife.
Henry Wykys Henry Wykys is the father of Lizzie, Thomas Cromwell's wife.
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