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Women in Love | Characters

Character Description
Ursula Brangwen Ursula Brangwen, a schoolteacher, marries Rupert Birkin. Read More
Gerald Crich Gerald Crich takes over the mining company when his father becomes ill. Suffering an identity crisis, he feels imprisoned by his relationship with Gudrun Brangwen, a feeling that leads to tragic consequences. Read More
Gudrun Brangwen Gudrun Brangwen, an artist, is temperamental and passionate. Her involvement with Gerald Crich leads to his death. Read More
Hermione Roddice Hermione Roddice is a self-liberated aristocratic woman who lives entirely in her intellect. She is obsessed with Rupert Birkin and tries to kill him. Read More
Rupert Birkin Rupert Birkin is a school inspector who marries Ursula Brangwen. He is focused on finding new values to live by. Read More
Alice Alice is a maid at Breadalby, the estate where Hermione Roddice lives.
Bismarck Bismarck is Winifred Crich's giant pet rabbit.
Miss Bradley Miss Bradley is a young athletic woman who is a guest of Hermione's at Breadalby the second time Ursula and Gudrun visit.
Mrs. Brangwen Mrs. Brangwen is the mother of Ursula and Gudrun.
Billy Brangwen Billy Brangwen is the younger brother of Ursula and Gudrun.
Dora Brangwen Dora Brangwen is the shy younger sister of Ursula and Gudrun.
Mr. Brangwen The cruel, controlling father of Ursula and Gudrun, Mr. Brangwen is a handicraft instructor at the school in Willey Green as well as the church organist.
Rosalind Brangwen Rosalind Brangwen is a sibling of Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen.
Doctor Brindell Doctor Brindell is the father of young Doctor Brindell, who dies trying to save Diana Crich from drowning.
Young Doctor Brindell At the Criches' water party, young Doctor Brindell jumps into the lake to save Diana Crich, but Diana drowns with her arms around his neck.
Countess The countess, whose name is Palestra, is a petite, young, fashionable Italian woman who is present at Breadalby when Ursula and Gudrun visit.
Basil Crich Basil Crich is a sibling of Gerald Crich.
Diana Crich Diana Crich is the lively teenage daughter of Thomas Crich. She drowns in Willey Water after dancing on the roof of a boat at her father's annual party.
Laura Crich Laura Crich is the daughter of Thomas Crich and is Gerald's sister. She marries a naval officer in the first chapter.
Lottie Crich Lottie Crich is a married daughter of Thomas Crich. Her husband is Marshall.
Mrs. Crich Mrs. Christiana Crich is the strange, withdrawn, absent mother of Gerald and is the wife of Thomas.
Thomas Crich Thomas Crich is Gerald's father who runs the mining company on values of Christian charity and love. He dies slowly and unwillingly after Diana Crich's death.
Winifred Crich Winifred Crich is the unique, artistic teenage sister of Gerald Crich. Gudrun Brangwen becomes her governess.
Crowther Crowther is the elderly manservant of the Crich family.
Cyclist A cyclist passes by Ursula Brangwen and Rupert Birkin as they are fighting in the road in Chapter 23.
Daughters of Herr Professor Herr Professor and his two daughters are guests at the inn in Tyrol. Gerald dances with one of the daughters, causing Gudrun to realize his nature is not monogamous.
Mrs. Daykin Mrs. Daykin is Rupert Birkin's landlady at his apartment in town.
Doctor The doctor attends to Thomas Crich in his final days.
Fred Fred is the fiancé of the young pregnant woman who receives the gift of the chair from Ursula Brangwen and Rupert Birkin.
Grocock Grocock is a poor miner who comes to the Crich home asking for help.
Julius Halliday Julius Halliday is part of the London bohemian crowd and a regular at the Pompadour. He is also the Pussum's lover. Terrified of her power, he has ordered the Pussum to remain in the country alone after he impregnated her. Halliday is also a friend of Rupert Birkin, with a flat in London where Rupert and Gerald Crich stay briefly.
Hasan Hasan is Julius Halliday's Hindu servant. Halliday explains Hasan was found in the street, starving.
Hired footman The hired footman serves the guests at the luncheon following Laura Crich's wedding.
Host at inn in Tyrol The host runs the inn in Tyrol where Gerald Crich, Gudrun Brangwen, Rupert Birkin, and Ursula Brangwen stay. He does not speak English.
Miss Inglis Miss Inglis is Thomas Crich's nurse. She confirms his death.
Sir Joshua Sir Joshua is a middle-aged member of the aristocracy and a guest at Breadalby, Hermione Roddice's estate, when Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen come to visit.
Mrs. Kirk Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen buy honey from Mrs. Kirk. She tells them about caring for Gerald when he was a boy, claiming he was a demonic child.
Leitner Leitner is a guest at the inn in Tyrol and the younger friend of Herr Loerke.
Leo Leo is the deceased kitten of Winifred Crich.
Letherington Letherington is a poor miner who comes to the Crich home asking for help.
Herr Loerke Herr Loerke is a guest at the inn in Tyrol who becomes close to Gudrun Brangwen. He is an artist who believes art refers only to itself but is more real than life. He is with Gudrun when Gerald Crich attempts to kill her.
Looloo Looloo is Winifred Crich's beloved, but hideous and elderly, dog.
Tibs Lupton Tibs Lupton is the naval officer who marries Laura Crich. He is late for his wedding because he is discussing the immortality of the soul with Rupert Birkin.
Mademoiselle Mademoiselle is the French governess of Winifred Crich.
Man with lantern Newly arrived at the inn in Tyrol, Ursula Brangwen sees a man with a lantern enter an outhouse and is reminded of her childhood.
Marshall Marshall is one of Gerald Crich's brothers-in-law. He is married to Lottie Crich.
Fraulein Marz Fraulein Marz is a young female secretary who is a guest at Breadalby, Hermione Roddice's estate, when Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen come to visit.
Maxim Maxim is a young Russian man, part of the bohemian crowd at the Pompadour, with whom Rupert Birkin and Gerald Crich socialize in London.
Miner with lantern A miner with a lantern directs Gerald Crich toward Beldover when he goes walking at night after his father's death.
Old man on stool At the market, Rupert Birkin and Ursula Brangwen buy a chair from an old man sitting on a stool.
Policeman A policeman takes tickets from the guests attending the Criches' water party.
Herr Professor Herr Professor is a guest at the inn in Tyrol where Gudrun Brangwen, Ursula Brangwen, Rupert Birkin, and Gerald Crich stay.
The Pussum The Pussum (Miss Darrington) is a young, sexually free, artist's model living a bohemian life in London. She has become pregnant by Rupert Birkin's friend Julius Halliday but has returned to London in defiance of his orders. She and Gerald Crich sleep together at Halliday's flat after meeting at the Pompadour.
Captain Rockley Captain Rockley supervises the boat launch at the Criches' water party.
Alexander Roddice Alexander Roddice (Salsie) is Hermione's bachelor brother, who, despite serving in Parliament, is frequently at Breadalby.
Mr. Roddice Mr. Roddice is Hermione Roddice's father. He spends most of his time away from Breadalby, abroad.
Mrs. Salmon Mrs. Salmon lives at the millhouse where Rupert Birkin lives. She is the wife of a laborer who maintains the property.
Simpson Simpson is a servant in the Crich household.
Students at Tyrol inn Among the guests at the Tyrol inn are several students.
Tipsy miner A tipsy miner gives Gerald Crich directions when he goes walking at night after his father's death.
Wilson Wilson works in the Criches' greenhouse at Shortlands. He helps Winifred Crich assemble a welcome bouquet for Gudrun Brangwen.
Woman A woman at the inn in Tyrol brings news of Gerald's death to Gudrun.
Young man at the Pompadour While speaking to Rupert Birkin, the Pussum sends away a young man who comes to the table for her attention.
Young pregnant woman at market Rupert Birkin and Ursula Brangwen buy a chair and then, deciding to forego all possessions, give it to a young pregnant woman at the market.
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