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Women in Love | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Spring, early 1900s

    At a wedding, Gudrun Brangwen is attracted to Gerald Crich, and Ursula Brangwen is attracted to Rupert Birkin.

    Chapter 1
  • Some weeks later

    On a train to London, Rupert Birkin and Gerald Crich discuss the impending collapse of society.

    Chapter 5
  • Some weeks later

    The attraction between the four grows at Breadalby. Hermione Roddice tries to murder Rupert Birkin.

    Chapter 8
  • Soon thereafter

    Ursula and Gudrun are horrified by Gerald Crich's treatment of his horse at the railroad crossing.

    Chapter 9
  • Shortly thereafter

    Gudrun binds Gerald to her when he retrieves her notebook from the lake.

    Chapter 10
  • That same day

    Alone on an island, Birkin and Ursula argue their personal philosophies.

    Chapter 11
  • A Saturday in summer

    Diana Crich drowns at the Crich's annual water party.

    Chapter 14
  • The next day

    Ursula's love for Birkin becomes a meditation on her own death, finally resolving into hatred.

    Chapter 15
  • Shortly thereafter

    As his father dies, Gerald Crich takes over the mills and experiences an identity crisis.

    Chapter 17
  • Soon thereafter

    A violent encounter with Winifred Crich's rabbit confirms Gudrun and Gerald's shared cruelty.

    Chapter 18
  • Some time later

    Birkin's proposal to Ursula ends disastrously when her father intervenes.

    Chapter 19
  • Immediately after

    Gerald and Birkin wrestle naked. Gerald confesses his love, but Birkin grows distant.

    Chapter 20
  • Shortly thereafter

    Gudrun becomes Winifred's governess, and her passion for Gerald grows.

    Chapter 21
  • Soon after

    Birkin gives Ursula three rings. They have sex and decide to quit their jobs and be homeless.

    Chapter 23
  • Soon after

    Thomas Crich dies, and Gerald seeks Gudrun in his emptiness. They have sex.

    Chapter 24
  • Shortly thereafter

    Ursula stands up to her father and marries Birkin. Gerald proposes a trip to Tyrol at Christmas.

    Chapter 27
  • Near Christmas

    Ursula, Gudrun, Gerald, and Birkin arrive in Tyrol. Ursula feels she's reached a new world.

    Chapter 29
  • Shortly thereafter

    Gudrun grows close to Herr Loerke. Gerald almost kills Gudrun but wanders off to die in the snow.

    Chapter 30
  • Soon after

    Gerald's death makes a rift between Ursula and Gudrun. Gudrun moves to Dresden. Birkin grieves.

    Chapter 31

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Foreword In the foreword, written in 1919, Lawrence addresses the conditions and criticism surrounding the creation and reception... Read More
Chapter 1 Narrated in the past tense by a third-person omniscient narrator, Women in Love takes place around the time of World War... Read More
Chapter 2 The wedding reception is held at Shortlands, the Crich family estate. Shortlands is "rural and picturesque, very peacefu... Read More
Chapter 3 It is a late afternoon shortly after Laura Crich's wedding. Ursula Brangwen is teaching her students about plant reprodu... Read More
Chapter 4 On a rainy Saturday morning a week later Ursula and Gudrun walk to Willey Water, the lake at Shortlands, the Criches' es... Read More
Chapter 5 Around the same time as Ursula and Gudrun's walk at Willey Water, Rupert Birkin runs into Gerald Crich at the train stat... Read More
Chapter 6 A few hours later Gerald Crich and Rupert Birkin meet at the Pompadour, a café full of smoke and mirrors. Rupert introdu... Read More
Chapter 7 The next morning, Gerald wakes and leaves the Pussum sleeping. He is surprised to find Halliday and Maxim sitting naked ... Read More
Chapter 8 It is almost summertime when Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen visit Hermione at her large country estate, Breadalby. Hermione ... Read More
Chapter 9 Walking home from school one afternoon, Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen are stopped at a railroad crossing to wait for an app... Read More
Chapter 10 One morning Ursula and Gudrun walk to Willey Water. Ursula goes off and leaves Gudrun sketching marsh plants on a bank. ... Read More
Chapter 11 Having left Gudrun sketching on the banks of Willey Water, Ursula finds Rupert fixing a punt, or small wooden boat, at t... Read More
Chapter 12 Ursula Brangwen and Rupert Birkin join Hermione Roddice and Gerald Crich inside the millhouse. The kitchen is full of ca... Read More
Chapter 13 Some days later, Ursula goes to visit Rupert Birkin. He tells her he wants a relationship with her, but not a convention... Read More
Chapter 14 Ursula and Gudrun walk to Shortlands with their parents to attend Thomas Crich's annual party on the lake, Willey Water.... Read More
Chapter 15 The day after Diana Crich's death, Ursula sits at home alone, waiting for Rupert. Toward evening, her amorous anticipati... Read More
Chapter 16 Bedridden and sick nearly to the point of death, Rupert, with fury and horror, contemplates his ideas about women. To hi... Read More
Chapter 17 There is a period of distance between Ursula and Rupert as well as Gudrun and Gerald. Gudrun is preparing to move abroad... Read More
Chapter 18 Gudrun Brangwen decides to accept the offer of employment as Winifred Crich's governess, knowing this also means Gerald ... Read More
Chapter 19 Rupert goes to France for a while, leaving Ursula to feel hopeless, indifferent, and resentful of human beings. One nigh... Read More
Chapter 20 After the farcical proposal, Rupert heads directly to Shortlands, where he finds Gerald consumed by feelings that are ne... Read More
Chapter 21 While Gudrun visits London and contemplates a permanent move away from Beldover, a letter arrives from Winifred Crich. W... Read More
Chapter 22 Hermione and Ursula find themselves alone at Rupert's house, having gone there in response to an invitation to tea. The ... Read More
Chapter 23 The following afternoon, Ursula agrees to take a drive with Rupert. He feels all his efforts at human relationships are ... Read More
Chapter 24 As Thomas Crich's fight against death comes to its end, life loses meaning for Gerald. Gerald is consumed by his father'... Read More
Chapter 25 Several weeks later, with Christmas approaching, the Brangwen family prepares to move out of Beldover because of Mr. Bra... Read More
Chapter 26 One Monday afternoon, Ursula Brangwen and Rupert Birkin go to a secondhand market in Beldover to buy furniture for their... Read More
Chapter 27 That evening, Ursula returns home full of happiness and announces she will marry Rupert the following day. Her mother, f... Read More
Chapter 28 With Christmas around the corner, Gerald and Gudrun depart for their journey to Tyrol. They stop in London for a night. ... Read More
Chapter 29 As the day of departure for Tyrol approaches, Ursula feels she has ceased to exist. Her soul reawakens as she watches En... Read More
Chapter 30 The relationship between Gerald Crich and Gudrun Brangwen devolves into a frightening conflict of will after Ursula Bran... Read More
Chapter 31 When the body is recovered and news of Gerald Crich's death reaches Gudrun Brangwen the following morning, she wonders h... Read More
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