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World War Z | Quotes


Don't worry, everything's going to be all right.

Dr. Kwang Jingshu, Warnings

Dr. Jingshu's final words to his daughter as he nonchalantly advises her to go abroad with her husband and daughter echo those that his compatriot, Dr. Kuei, told him on the phone. Jingshu knows from their long friendship that Kuei's words are ironic and the situation is dire.


Call it stagnation, call it rigidity, call it an unforgiveable herd mentality.

Jurgen Warmbrunn, Warnings

Warmbrunn explains Israeli intelligence had learned the painful lesson of not mistaking "the writing on the wall" for the mirror image that is real information. So Israel is more prepared to react than nations where "herd mentality" is in force.


I think they were still high-fiving over getting Red No. 2 out of M&Ms.

Breckinridge Scott, Blame

Breck Scott, who made a fortune on a useless vaccine, has nothing but scorn for the Food and Drug Administration and the larger government. Neither was ready for the plague.


The more those elitist eggheads shouted ... the more most real Americans tuned them out.

Grover Carlson, Blame

Carlson, a former White House chief of staff, explains the breakdown in the media as the plague began. Most media outlets protected their profits by helping keep things quiet. The "PBS-NPR minority" reported accurately, but few listened.


Bumper to bumper, crying kids ... praying that someone up ahead knows where he's going.

Gavin Blaire, The Great Panic

Blaine, a dirigible pilot, describes how people fled the chaos as plague victims swarmed. People ended up gridlocked on highways, in cars, RVs, even cement mixers, but with no idea where they were going or who was leading them.


So much we didn't need! So much shit that only blocked traffic and looked pretty.

Todd Wainio, The Great Panic

Todd Wainio, a seasoned soldier, describes the Army's incompetence during the battle for Yonkers. Every kind of military equipment was deployed, perhaps just to make a good show. But conventional methods of warfare did no good against the zombies.


You have to make your own choices and live every agonizing day with the consequences.

Philip Adler, Turning the Tide

Adler, a German soldier, explains his hatred of his commanding officer, General Lang. Lang couldn't bear the responsibility of difficult choices. He issued orders and then shot himself. Adler despises Lang as a "Fucking coward."


Ever the hero, he was not willing to accept the burden of mass murderer.

Sardar Khan, Turning the Tide

Khan recalls the moment General Raj-Singh, "the Tiger of Delhi," accepted the terrible responsibility of blowing up a mountain pass, packed with refugees, to stop the wave of undead from reaching the Himalayas.


The truth was ... we were standing at what might be the twilight of our species.

Roy Elliot, Home Front USA

Elliot, a filmmaker before the Great Panic, describes the realization that impelled people to lie down and die but inspired him to produce propaganda.


I started limping ... away ... a hundred Gs on my ass .... this frantic race of cripples.

Christina Eliopolis, Home Front USA

Eliopolis, a war-tested pilot, conveys the desperation of trying to evade moaning ghouls as she flees, ankle broken, through a bayou. Despite the danger grim humor and determination mark her attitude—the attitude of a survivor.


People wanted so badly to anthropomorphize the walking blight.

Barati Palshigar, Around the World, and Above

Palshigar works for Radio Free Earth. She explains the undead are an enemy like no other. The desire to see them as still human can be psychologically devastating.


If we had only chucked the politics and come together as bloody human beings.

Terry Knox, Around the World, and Above

Knox watched the crisis from the International Space Station. Now dying from his long stay in space, he thinks bitterly of lives lost to corruption, distrust, and greed.


They had no limits of endurance. They would never negotiate, never surrender.

General Travis D'Ambrosia, Total War

General D'Ambrosia explains why militaries around the world had to write "the book of war ... from scratch" to subdue around 200 million zombies whose only goal is to infect everything living.


God was speaking to me ... 'No more sinning ... no more souls resigned to hell.'

Father Sergei Ryzhkov, Total War

The priest who leads Russia's return to authoritarian religion describes the moment he felt called to relieve infected soldiers of the sin of suicide—by having priests execute them in a rite called Final Purification.


Maybe that's the best epitaph ... 'Generation Z, they cleaned up their own mess.'

Mary Jo Miller, Good-byes

Once a typical suburban wife, Miller now helps manage a safe compound and is bitterly proud of its residents' achievements.

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