Our Values

Our core values are guiding principles for how we behave, operate, and make decisions.

Our core values help us be a winning team and create value for people we serve, both internally and externally.

Be a problem solver

Identify and solve the most valuable problems for people we serve, both internally and externally, to have the best possible experience.

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Good teammates identify valuable problems, challenges, and opportunities facing our company. Great teammates take the next step of researching, proposing, and implementing solutions. Dive deep, and try to solve the root of the problem. The most valuable problems to solve are those that occur often, are painful to those who experience them, and happen to a lot of people.

Embrace a growth mindset

Stay persistent and keep learning. Tenacity and curiosity are essential characteristics of people who help us win.

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Always be learning — remain open minded, seek out and embrace new ideas, and never let failure get in the way of learning. Demonstrate grit — persistence, optimism and effort to achieve your goal.

Picture success and plot a course

Know your desired outcome and focus on how to get there. Fast.

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Be strategic. We value strategic thinking, planning and execution to create value and drive growth. Stay focused on what’s important and get things done. Speed matters.


Help, inspire and communicate honestly with each other to build trust within your team and across teams.

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Communicate, collaborate and share frequently and honestly. We succeed or fail as a team. Be the teammate you want to have. Be transparent about your successes, failures, learnings, and progress. A positive attitude and desire for excellence are infectious.

Think like an owner

Seek what is best for Course Hero in everything you do (above self or group).

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Own your responsibilities with accountability and integrity. Be a leader and a decision maker, especially in challenging and uncertain situations. Be entrepreneurial. Have a bias towards action. Do more with less. And take smart risks to create value and growth for Course Hero. Own your successes and failures.