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Quiz on Measures of Development Quiz

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1. What does the Human Development Index (HDI) primarily assess?

2. What major criticism is often made about using GDP per capita as measure of a country's development?

3. What does the Gini coefficient measure?

4. What does purchasing power parity (PPP) take into account that ordinary GDP per capita does not?

5. Which of the following are key factors used by the World Bank to classify countries according to income level?

6. Which index is used as a measure of gender development in a country?

7. Which measure of development accounts for environmental damage that occurs as a result of economic activity?

8. What is an example of a social measure of development?

9. Which measure of development is often used as a single indicator of a country's economic status but has some limitations?

10. Which of the following does the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) consider when measuring poverty?