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Quiz on Transformer Connections Quiz

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1. Which transformer connections method is most commonly used in power distribution applications?

2. In transformer connections, what is the purpose of the vector group?

3. What is the phase displacement in a Delta/Delta (Δ/Δ) transformer connection?

4. Which transformer connection is typically used in step-up applications related to power generation?

5. What potential drawback might there be in using a Wye-Wye (Y-Y) connection in a transformer?

6. In a Wye-Delta connection, on which side is the neutral point typically located?

7. How does a Zig-Zag transformer connection differ from conventional transformer connections?

8. Which transformer connection is prone to circulating currents if the transformers are not identical?

9. Which type of transformer connection can serve as both step-up and step-down transformation?

10. In a Delta/Delta (Δ/Δ) connection, if one transformer fails, what happens to the system voltage?